Saint Germain: Staseed Contracts

Question from Irene:

I had many incarnations before I incarnated on Earth and as I understand they were in higher dimensions than 3D.

I am 66 and if I do not have enough time to ascend before my contract ends what will happen with me and many starseeds like me?

St Germain: It depends on what the starseed has contracted to do in this lifetime. If your soul contract specifies you are to undergo an ascension to fifth dimensional level, then this is what you must do, if not in this lifetime but in the next.

If this has not been the case, if you have no such contract, then you simply return home.

However, some starseeds have contracted to have several lives on earth, in the third, fourth and even the fifth dimension. Personal contracts dictate what will happen with each person.

If you feel you would like more time, Irene, then simply ask for more time.

Questions from JuBean:

Question: How can a person, if they are feeling despair and hopelessness, suicidal, overcome the feeling quickly, and keep higher vibration and mindset?

St Germain: Focus on its opposite. Yes, focus on its opposite. Immediately.

Here is an example scenario. We will use Sharon again.

Me: Oh no! LOL

St Germain: Sharon is feeling hopeless. She lives in a small city where the general level of consciousness is far below that of her own. She speaks to people and there is no satisfaction in conversation with anyone.

So what should Sharon do?

Me: I do this work – I do this service. First thing as soon as I get up. It starts my day off on the right track.

St Germain: Sharon continues with her work. She will talk to anyone who will listen about her extraterrestrial nature possible. Why? Because this is her higher dimensional nature and her higher vibration. She has found people who accept her as she is and in doing so, this keeps her from experiencing severe depression. Sharon also realizes that she is a depressive, due to her parents’ physiology, she does her utmost to maintain her health and now takes amino acids in order to ward off depressive episodes.

Me: Yeah, and it works. I get out in the sun too. That also helps. The other thing I do: I do guided meditations to get pesky demonic attachments off of me and do chakra rebalancing. I’ll link in videos below.

St Germain: Proper energetic maintenance is important as you are constantly being used as an energetic food source. Depression and hopelessness tells me you have a compromised auric field and you require maintenance.

Me: I also did a lot of shadow work because I had to rid myself of the negative thinking patterns I was given by my parents.

St Germain: You are positioned to do a lot for the collective if you will do the work.

Question 3

Question: My mother has dementia and it is so difficult watching her go downhill. How can caretakers for people with dementia and related diseases deal better, emotionally and psychologically, while watching the person’s health decline?

St Germain: I realize that this is a terrible thing to have to experience, along with the feeling of powerlessness you must have at realizing there is not much you can do for her. But I will remind you of the deliberateness of life, nothing is random. Every situation was chosen by the soul in order to experience, including dimensia and a slow decline. However, fortunately this soul has asked your soul to be its aid in this time of her decline, and your soul agreed to be there for this person.

Please write about how you feel. Bring your feelings out into the open and have compassion for yourself as well as for your mother.

Do not take it out on yourself or be hard on yourself, do not blame yourself for what she is experiencing. Do not feel guilty if you feel she is asking more of you than you can give. Be kind to yourself and be kind to her as I know you are.

Having an open heart is difficult on a free will planet in the lower dimensions, where life can be harsh. Understand you’re not alone, but give your heart time to tell you how it feels.

**Channel: Sharon Stewart


2 Replies to “Saint Germain: Staseed Contracts”

  1. Va

    I would say that all of the things she mentioned that she is doing, the looking after her mother is probably the most important one from a soul contract
    I go around giving light and love to all but I know my triggers come from the closest relationship since probably have a soul agreement and lessons to learn

  2. Selma Leal

    Sharon querida, a cada día te admiro más y más… haces un trabajo magnífico y esplendoroso….todo mi amor… 😉