From 3D To 4D And 5D: Operation Oncotomy Part 1

On July 9, 2022 at 02:34 PM CET, new info was conveyed concerning the Giorgia Guidestones’ demolition three days earlier (see – Disclosure News, News Burst, July 8, 2022, and The Thresher July 8, 2022).

Recall. The four main plates were oriented according to the annual cycle of the Sun’s movement across the sky.

In the central column at eye level there was a via hole oriented to the north – through it at any time of the year one could see the North Star – as well as a slot made in accordance with the position of the Sun during the solstices and equinoxes.

A 7/8-inch hole in the upper roof slab was oriented so that the sunlight penetrating through it at noon fell on the central stone, indicating the day of the year.

The megalithic structure was located in an area known as the Granite Capital of the World, given to it because of the huge deposits of this mineral. The monument itself was located on top of a flat hill. The first two commandments accurately indicated those who created it and why.

But it was all on the surface. On the Subtle Plane, this object was the localization point of the global egregore of Black Archons and their Dark Hierarchy.

Guidestones were made using ancient technologies and served as a working mechanism. Accurate astronomical orientation, antenna plates captured the Life Energy from the Sun, the Polar Star, the Galactic Center and directed it to feed the parasite egregore.

Through the same Portal, part of the processed karma was diverted outside – a sort of crematorium chimney.

After the New World Order Altar was blasted, on the afternoon of July 6, 2022, the authorities pushed over all the other stones by back-hoe. Thus, the Satanic shrine ceased to exist on the physical plane.

A little earlier, the same thing happened on the Subtle Plane. Light Forces dealt Guidestones a powerful blow that destroyed its Thin-material structure.

This and other dramatic events of recent days show to what acuteness the global confrontation has now reached between the Dark and Light Forces, the New and the Old World, engulfed by Armageddon and agony.

From the time of the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe, on Earth, there are still many carriers of his karma, its sediments, and clots of negative energy in addition to that Darks and men continue to radiate.

Higher Light Hierarchy and Galacom decided to remove a huge part of this toxic legacy that hinders the Transition to 4D/5D.

The main and most difficult task was to split the Crystal, in which the karma of Black and Gray eons accumulated.

The Crystal was the Monad of Black Co-Creator. With its tentacles, it, like a cancerous tumor, has deeply rooted in other Monads, their carriers and the Causal Bodies of every person on Earth. Through this channel, karma was continuously drained onto them, which they had to work out all their lives.

The operation was analogous to removing a carcinoma from a human brain. In the Local Universe, an op of such complexity has never been conducted, and has not even been considered theoretically.

Nevertheless, Higher Light Forces successfully coped with the task. To solve it, they used the Monads and cores of the Causal Bodies of Lightwarriors and Ascended Masters.

Through them, as through repeaters of pulsating super-vibrations of Perfect Light, by pointed annealing, the entire karmic substance was burned out of the Crystal.

It was like pouring gasoline on a field where poisonous weeds and edible crops grow at the same time and setting it on fire. And only weeds should have burned out, and no useful plant should suffer.

The octonomy took about three days, during which the members of the ground group felt as if they were placed in a microwave oven, turned on at full power.

In parallel, Higher Light Hierarchs extracted the Primary Cell, Foundation and Energy of the Absolute from the Black Co-Creator’s Monad and transferred them to a new Crystal of the Local Universe, without which it could not exist.

They served like cement for laying stones or calcium for bones.

The Causal Bodies’ cores and the Monads of all earthlings were cleansed from the accumulated energy karma of Black Co-Creator and his eons.

The next step was the removal of its second component – the informational karma. Before that, it was necessary to carry out several preparatory ops.

The first was aimed at splitting the core of the Monad (Crystal) of the former Black Co-Creator, cut it off from the Center of the Local Universe, and place in the vacated space the Melchizedek’s Monad.

Two Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs headed the operation. Together with Lightwarriors, they split the Crystal core, removed the Aspect of the Absolute from it and put it in the dipole’s Monad of Melchizedek and Venus as a source of the Perfect Light in the Local Universe.

Not everything went smoothly. In the midst of the op, the karmic Crystal of the Atlanteans was suddenly de-capsulated.

It was held until the right time inside the sanitized part of the Earth’s Casual Body.

The karmic substance inside the Crystal had its own Intelligence, since it contained part of the causal-Monadic aspects of its creators. Breaking out, some of this toxic dirt fell on Lightwarriors, damaging their Causal and Radiant Bodies.

Simultaneously, data about mass destruction technologies, in particular, psychotropic weapons, developed during the Third Atlantis, leaked from the Crystal into the Earth’s info field.

This content was immediately tracked, read and recorded by special services units monitoring the planet’s info field. For a long time, they have been actively upgrading the means of control and running a human consciousness.

Having decoded the data about psi weapons, they, as per the designer’s drawing, created a new combat prototype, by which they tried to destroy the Lightwarriors’ ground team.

With a help of a man, who did the course in their center, a satellite radio beacon was installed, positioning GPS coordinates in real time. It became a target designator for firing at the group.

For three days, the invisible battle of the highest Black technologies against Lightwarriors continued on the Subtle Plane.

They did not immediately understand what was happened, because this technology was radically different from all they had encountered before.

When applied, the impacted man is first brought into a state of stupor, so that he can’t even move his eyes. Then, there is a seizure and full control over consciousness is established, into which the needed behavior programs are loaded.

In addition, this technology was run not by an operator, but by a robot that was virtually invulnerable. To tracers, slippers and other sensetives it’s easier to track a person than a device.

But Lightwarriors managed to figure out the source of the psy attack, bypass the distracting frequency of the robot and suppress it together with secret remote controllers. They were destroyed by their own blows, returned to them like a boomerang.

Then, by the pulse of the Perfect Light, intensified to the state of plasma, the karmic Crystal of the Atlanteans was destroyed. The remaining toxic substance was taken into the Hearts and Causal Radiant Bodies for processing by Higher Light Hierarchs and Ascended Masters.

There were no more assaults on Lightwarriors.

They once again demonstrated that the best and most effective defense against any energy attacks is willpower and Intelligence.

If to use the power of Thought and Light, control consciousness and purity of mind, then no psy weapon is scary.

The second prep operation, carried out simultaneously at all levels of the Local Universe, was the elimination of the Radioactive Decay Crystal.

Radioactivity – instability of elements’ atomic cores, starting from number 83 in the Periodic Table – is a karmic virus, a disease that arose in our Local Universe after Black Co-Creator betrayed the Source and began to build his Dark and Gray eons.

To destroy the Decay Crystal that has been poisoning the Local Universe for millennia, Karma Lords and Galacom brought in a ground team. In the Temple of Perfect Light, located in a remote mountainous region of Southern Europe, they jointly split the Decay Crystal and restored its original function – the generator of Life Power.

After that, the final and most difficult part of Operation Oncotomy began – the removal of information component of accumulated Local Universe’s karma. How does it differ from the energy ingredient?

The latter was a rust, a scab on the Causal Body, a compact covering that did not let in the Light of the Source from which all the matter and energy in the Universe was created.


How exactly did this program kill?

When we perform a karmic action, we always do it by our free will and choice freedom.

The accumulation of karma – the mutated Perfect Light of the Source – has, like everything else, its limit, a critical mass. If it is exceeded, the Universe can be self-destructed together with its Creator. At the same time, some men form karma, while others sacrifice themselves, like Christ, to slow down the onset of a critical mass.

Karma for the Universe is like a cancer for a person. Karma Lords created this disease to reduce the mass of the individual karmic crystal through the forced suffering of the physical body.

The decision about the disease is made jointly, by mutual consent of the Higher Self of man and the Karmic Council, as an exceptional measure of compulsory purification, necessary for the Soul’s salvation.

After that, Karma Lords select a zone or area in the man’s Causal Body core, from which a scab of the mutated substance of Perfect Light is cut off. It’s like cleaning a very dirty glass that does not let in the Sun’s rays.

The cut-off “rust” is dumped to the lower levels (Subtle Bodies and physical corpus). As a result, a person became ill with cancer or another cleansing disease.

The malady starts in the place or organ where the karmic avalanche was projected, and locally directed. The dose of karma is strictly calculated, but often it’s taken to the maximum, and the result of such purification is the death of the physical body.

According to the Law of Karma, it is considered to be written off at the moment of its discharge from the Causal Body, in which the info-energy accumulates, forming events in a person’s life. After the reset, the corresponding amount of karma is removed from his individual karmic account.

That is, the body is still suffering and sick, but the Soul has ALREADY been cleansed, because the energy component of karma is evacuated from the Causal Body.

At the same time, the information ingredient of karma is annihilated, i.e. the program of the Universe and the Absolute’s self-destruction, created by man. Unlike the energy part, this software is erasing not immediately, but gradually, by the vital power of a person and the Perfect Light coming through the purified core of his Causal Body.

The removal of accumulated karma’s information component meant, first of all, the erasure of this program from all structures of the Local Universe. For this purpose, Higher Light Hierarchs and Ascended Masters shaped a plan and began its implementation together with the ground team.

To create the erasing beam, they used the energy of Perfect Light from the Pleroma’s Core. Lightwarriors were assigned the role of carriers of erasable files containing info-karma, a complex polymorphic virus developed by Black Co-Creator and spread by people who committed karmic actions.

This supreme virus has infected the entire structure of the Local Universe. During the cleansing op, the systemic information not damaged by the virus in the form of separate files was temporarily overwritten on the Lightwarriors’ DNA. After the backup was completed, THE INFECTED LOCAL UNIVERSE’S EVOLUTION PROGRAM WAS DELETED.

The sensations that Lightwarriors experienced are indescribable. For several days they were dying from a wild headache and eye pain. Moreover, the group members were not allowed to sleep, because recording on their DNA and working with them was possible only when they were fully conscious.

Why did the eyes hurt? When booting the DNA, which was used as an ultra-capacious hard drive, it is through the ocular nerve that all information traffic passes.

At the end of this stage of Operation Oncotomy, the cumulative karma of the Local Universe was discharged. What is it?

It includes several components. This is the total karma of humanity, which consists of the sum of the individual karma of people living on Earth; the karma of Earth (its Logos), and all earthlings who have ever lived and sinned on it; the karma of Galaxies, generated by their Intelligence.

The karma of the Local Universe is the totality of all of the above, i.e. deviation from the Ray of the Ideal Creation, the inability to conduct 100%, not distorted, the Source’s Perfect Light.

Each person with his Monad is a part of the Crystal of the Universe, and makes his karmic contribution to it. How was this Crystal purified?

**By Lev


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