Ashian: The Galactics Are Always Here

Jennifer: Greetings Galactic!

Ashian: Greetings Earthling!

J: Well, we’re in great form today!

A: We would hesitate to say that we are always in great form! Great form on earth is a far more fleeting, transient affair – for now.

J: For now? I love it, go on, do tell…!

A: As the enegies rise, you will find that even though you have denser emotions to transmute, simply by allowing them to be, and honouring the story they have to tell you, you release the pent-up, trapped energy (for example, this energy can be found in ‘bad habits’, physical pains, fears and addicitons).

But we digress… we wish to speak of the joy that awaits. Now, while that will actually flood your systems one glorious day – your so-called Event or Ascension – there is an incremental process that is ongoing. You are downloading more light, transmuting more carbon to crystaline every day, and so you are increasing your joy baseline every day. That is one reason why many of you feel you are more easily irritated at present.

The distance between your innate knowing of how you feel and the exploding shadow side of the portion of humanity that is not doing this clearing work is very disconcerting, it throws you off balance. That is why all Light workers agreed to clear on behalf of humanity, to speed up the process and as the greatest act of love for the Divine.

J: Funnily enough, that all makes sense.

A: We are pleased!

J: So I have been asked to ask you about your thoughts on positive Galactics and possible false flag, fake alien attacks…

A: The so-called positive Galactics have been with you even longer than the negative ones. We seeded your species, so we have an obligation to protect and watch over you. We have never left, you have simply become less able to see us as your vibration dropped. Now, as your vibration increases, we are coming to the foreground of your consciousness and your vision. You yourself have – apart from your interactions with me – seen ships in the sky. Perhaps you will attach that to this post?

J: Yes, of course.* But just to butt in there, that’s quite a revelation for you. You don’t normally discuss such things.

A: It is necessary. There is much disinformation out there, and far too much fear. Sadly, your comment, though aimed at helping, has upset many people.

J: Oh, I’m so sorry, it was never my intention. As I’ve said so often, as a channel, you just show up and try to let the truth speak through you.

A: Oh, Jennifer, you do not have to apologise to us, for we know of your purity and intention; why else would we collaborate with you? We say it only to acknowledge the confusion it has caused within our … shall we call it a community? Yes. That fits nicely.

But the truth is that such an incident, should it be staged – and we emphasise ‘staged’ – would only serve to awaken the rest of humanity to the truth of the current situation. There are both positively and negatively oriented, or polarised, galactics. The abominations carried out by the negatives were in alignment with the Divine contract for this planet, to experience the fall into the shadow to the fullest, deepest expression, and then to pull back out through that, transmuting the negativity into the positive energy of love.

J: Good grief, you’re dropping bombshells today. Not because this is new information, but because it’s not the sort of information you generally share.

A: We choose today to clarify these matters. To assure our community that we are here in peace, in love, and as your vibration lifts, not only will you see us in your skies, but our presence on your planet will become more obvious, until you reach a point where the energy we carry will become the energy you carry too – your Ascension moment – and then you will know the truth of what we say.

We have no wish to convert or convince anyone. The legacy of our sharing is your indication of whether we are positively or negatively polarised; you will feel it within you. Always trust your intuition. It is your soul speaking to you, quietly through delicate whispers, never loud shouts.

J: I wish I had something intelligent to ask here, but I’m so stunned by what you said that I’m going to leave it here. Thank you for sharing this with us and for your loving guardianship.

Actually, before I go… my life was saved from what would have been a fatal accident with a car by a disembodied voice telling me to run decades ago, when I was returning home from university. I had thought that was Arch Angel Michael at the time: was that you? Are you angels? Or are angels you?

A: Dear Jennifer, you are on a roll. Yes, that was us. And the short answer to your questions is that we carry the energy you associate with angels, and are often mistaken for angels. But they are a different frequency and hold a different sacred role from us.

When the true history of humanity is written, the intervention of angels and galactics, both positive and negative, in all key moments on your planet – both personal and global – have had angelic and galactic components.

J: Ok, I’m definitely leaving it there. Thank you so much

A: It is always our pleasure and our honour.

**Channel: Jnnifer Crokaert


3 Replies to “Ashian: The Galactics Are Always Here”

  1. Douglas A James

    Yes the organ sales market terrible …
    Great info and it seems the energies are pushing us all forward preparing us for the main solar flash so our bodies can handle the influx of the pulse…amazing isn’t it …Dyson spheres in place now per cobra to attenuate the energies we must be getting close my friends as we journey back to Source!! 1 dimension at a time of course let’s get to 5D !! VOTL!!

  2. david k gates

    Something that just dawned on me…….and it isnt a pleasant subject.
    While watching a streaming movie ( I dont do TV) a commercial came on about a young man, on his driver’s license, decided to donate vital organs if he is killed.
    A month or so ago there was a story about a funeral home selling body parts……and they have been in business for decades!
    THUNDEROUS CONCLUSION— they have TRICKED us into giving them, the Dark Ones, free body parts and organs to help FEED those that consume human flesh!!!!
    Under the lying and deceitful guise of caring about us so much……..

    WOW……………MORE and MORE will be exposed as we put the puzzle pieces together