This is It, Be Ready

The final death of our old artificial and negative ego Self, and birth of our new One True, Diamond Avatar Self, and Organic Ascension Realities, is completing! The FINAL PUSH is finally here! Or rather THE FINAL ignition and EVENT!

The energies of the past three days and weeks have been very tough on many of us, as well as expanded our Consciousness to a new level of awareness. Feeling tired and exhausted, depressed, anxiety, nauseated, dizzy, overall not well, loss of feeling of time / time speeding up/ stationed in no-time, deep clearings as well as massive downloads, Heart and Mind expansions and Activations are being received. Especially our lower chakras are Transmuting a lot, also as they connect to the lower three dimensions that require most clearing. Our bodies are crystallising and detoxing especially the AI, and we can sure feel it!

With the new downloads and information being re-membered, some harsh Truths are being revealed, as we see ever more deeply the bigger picture of what all of this has been really about and what’s been going on! May this be personal or Collective revelations. This brings much needed clarity but easy it is not. Ascension, Bliss, Divine Union/ Love, Paradisian/ Edenic, Abundance, Freedom and Sovereignty keys and codes, as well as natural DMT are releasing in waves, making it an easier process, as well as making us feel trippy, and as if in between world’s as we merge Heaven on Earth within.

We have plenty of solar flares popping off with an ongoing C-class Solar Flare BASELINE, solar winds, geomagnetic storms on and off and had some electron and proton influxes. The moon seems to have been flipped (more info in the comments below) and has changed position, I believe it is because all of the planets are shifting potion and rotational axis as all is being realigned at Cosmic level. There are also some big solar filaments that could erupt at Earth in any moment. We have all the solar support we need to turn us from homo sapiens to our luminous, Divine HUman and Diamond Rainbow Avatar Self!

For this our negative, artificial ego self has to be fully dissolved, trance-ended and integrated, it has to be fully eliminated along with all things artificial, as this is what has created the Matrix and AI, as I have been shown. No mind would ever think of creating something like this unless their Heart wasn’t connected and leading the way, especially concerning creative endeavours! And I speak on this at a Cosmic level of Consciousness. There exists a micro and macro of everything. AI didn’t just invent itself. Our inventions and Creations have to come from the Heart as it is our Soul expressing itself through us. Only a mind disconnected from its Heart and Soul, from Source, would invent something that artificially mimics that which is organic and pure. It’s the mind that got lost without the Heart. Disconnected from its Source and then started projecting in its paranoid state all these demons, monsters and evil people and things along with the AI onto the screen. This now dissolves as we FULLY RE-CONNECT & MERGE OUR HEARTS & MINDS AS ONE again! As this happens through us, as we shift in Consciousness, from ONE stuck in a victim-victimizer game to become the hero of our own Reality, the artificial Matrix hologram also disappears as we correct that which has been inverted and artificially induced.

You have to imagine its like we’re all somewhat stuck on a bad psychedelic trip, a Collective Psychosis. Where we’re stuck in these lower Realities as part of a dream, an illusion, but a paranoid one where we have co-created lots of demons and evil things, as we started to project our unacknowledged shadows, insecurities, pathologies, fears, pains and wounds onto others and the hologram, instead of facing them. As we resolve this, as we heal and bring coherence to the One Consciousness, the monsters simply disappear along with the negative thought forms and beliefs that created them!

We have a MASSIVE amount of light codes and downloads streaming in these past days as we are reconnecting to the Sirius – Andromenda – Lyra – Source Stargate fully now, and with it comes much clarity as part of these powerful DNA and Plasma Lightbody Activations taking place. I was shown today the confirmation that the New Diamond Avatar Blueprint is the Triple/ Trinity Diamond Sun Body with 72 strands of TRIPLE HELIX DNA that some of us received an Activation for today! This has been shown to me a few weeks back but I wanted to feel more confident before I shared this. The highest quality DNA Blueprint we have known so far was the Double Diamond Sun Body with 48strand of double helix DNA but the new Multidimensional Diamond Avatar has access to Cosmic/ God Source Consciousness, the full Embodiment of God Consciousness in HUman form. Our atoms are also changing from a 6-6-6 composition to that of 13 protons, 12 electrons and 13 neutrons, turning our Carbon atoms Crystalline.

We are also receiving very powerful Planetary Brain, Core, Diamond Heart, Crystalline and Diamond Grid Activations. EveryOne seems to be in place for the Final Event to unfold, taking the old artificial Matrix hologram fully offline, and bringing the new Diamond Grid fully online, dissolving the artificial Holographic Matrix overlays and simulation for good. The whole AI network, materials, signals, black, goo graphene etc along with all negative, parasitic, artificial and inorganic entities, beings and energies. As many of us have been guided to pull way back to allow this sacred Transformation to arise and happen through us as well as get this done.

I am being guided to focus part of my work on the 12th Stargate in Montsegur, France, with link in from Kauai, Hawaii, as well as two other locations. Bi/Tri/ Multi-location is real! Especially as there is NO-TIME, you are ultimately in all places in every now. But you have to operate from the Zero Point Field which allows Multidimensional access. Today a beautiful Crystalline Dome was put on top of Montsegur to protect it from any interference and to help amplify the energies anchoring there, reconnecting us with The Lyran Stargate. Many of us are having very high protection placed around them to allow us to finish the job in as much peace and possible but interference has been an issue, as is part of our dark arts training. Part of us learning to master our mental and emotional bodies, as part of fully aligning in our Cosmic Consciousness Embodiment. This is part of the reconnection and healing of the improved 12 & 13 Dimensional Stargate System, Cosmic Quantum Tree of Life, connecting us directly back to Source through Andromenda, the Pleiades, Sirius and our Sun.

This is allowing us to bring the New 13th and Multidimensional Diamond Grid System fully online any moment now, and imminently so, which connects us directly to Source. So it’s streaming the full spectrum of Pure Source Light into the different Grid Points throughout Earth as well as the Core of Earth, which is completing it’s Pole and Magnetic Core shift. The Crystalline Core of Earth is her Cosmic Seed Atom, her Heart, and directly connected to ours, it is also the Void of Creation and her womb from which all births and returns to, a process of consistent alchemisation. She is what connects all the different versions of Earth throughout the Dimensional layers.

For the past few days we also have the living Crystalline waters returning and running throughout Gaja and her Grid systems, returning liquid light currents and infusing all with Pure Source flows, rejuvenating, regenerating and Healing all. This is also assisting the plasma flowering throughout Gaja which is helping heal ALL OF CREATION BACK TO PERFECTION, and sacred geometries. The waters on this planet have been pretty dead, they are now becoming alive again, just like us!

The message is also that the Lions Portal is already open and stays open! We have trance-ended time and these portals do not close anymore, together with the Sirius Portal as they are now ONE. This is allowing us FULL Multidimensional access to the New Creatrix field and Cosmic Consciousness, as we connect directly with the Godhead now, as we remember that we are God, that no-thing lies outside of us, having cleared all remaining illusions of separation, which also clears the associated Realities and it’s all recorded in our DNA. We are now fully deleting ALL ARTIFICIAL MATRIX TIMELINES, that includes future ones!

I’ observing so many attempts to try and still divert the Timelines and even highjack The Event to try and get people hooked into another Phantom Matrix, dressed up as Ascension. It’s really wild the things I’ve been shown, so as always, take what resonates and leave the rest. For example, some speak of Timelines 1,000 years into the future, or Realities that still include some level of AI such as artificial Medbeds, but especially the split in Timelines is a trap as I’m being shown. It’s AI trying to trick a portion of HUmanity into another artificial Matrix but pretending it’s Ascension, so they can feed of their life force for another few hundred years and noone would be any wiser until right about the end. I can assure you that no matter what they/ anyone tries, it is not being allowed.

Since Monday some of us we have been going into the deepest and darkest, most forgotten places in the lower astral realms and Phantom Matrix pockets, shining Love and our Source Light into these very dark, love forsaken places, which was really tough work. We are returning ALL lost beings and Souls back to Source, and showing them what true Love really feels like as the Cosmic Mother oversees their return to the light. No being, no part of the One Consciousness, is any longer going to feel lost, forgotten, unloved, alone or left behind! Because the Cosmic Mother loves ALL of her children, no matter what! This has brought on this MASSIVE final purge of fear, all memories connected to the past.

Another challenging Truth that was confirmed to me is that ~ 95% of the population are actually Holographic inserts and not real, they are not organic. We are literally imagining them onto the screen so we can play out this movie with enough extras. But it’s very relevant especially when considering how many you believe it takes to create change. I posted about this before also in connection to what Dolores Cannon and others have said about background people and NPC’s. Just know that it isn’t the people close to you. And what I see is them disappearing along with the Holographic overlays and false memories, because it’s pretty much all based on lies and illusion and it goes beyond what even I thought was the case. There is a whole other Organic Reality, free of anything artificial, beyond what we have been able to see. The future where we belong and THE last CURTAIN SHALL FULLY LIFT NOW, for the real Truth be RE-MEMBERED by all!

All connected to our DNA now fully activating and bringing God Source Consciousness fully online! This also brings our many magical gifts and abilities online which are also being re-membered! It’s all about us RE-MEMBERING the REAL TRUTH and our TRUE HISTORY and COSMIC ORIGINS, because this is what brings the New Organic Creatrix field fully online. It’s us RE-MEMBERING, not being told (!!) an old version of the FALLEN TIMELINES which will just keep recreating more of the same old wars, separation, divide and misery! So please be very discerning and aware of what you take in and feed your sacred life force towards. Many of us feel a big need to pull right back and away from what is basically a war of information, one big massive Psy Op. Yet at a higher level it is always us testing us! Because there truly is only ONE of us here and ALL OF THIS IS NOT REAL! We are imagining ALL OF THIS, all we have to do is awaken and RE-MEMBER again for the false to fully collapse now!

Like us Awakening from a bad dream. We will remember what happened but it will no longer keep repeating on our screens.

The msg that keeps coming in is:


I have to say I was feeling a little nervous earlier today about what’s about to unfold. But I know it’s going to be even better than we can imagine. So we keep embracing the uncertainty in child like wonder.


How that will exactly play out, we shall find out!

The most important thing right now and all-ways, is to really TRUST OURSELVES, our power, gifts, abilities and the messages we receive! That’s what heals our Morphogenetic field and fully ignites our DNA. That’s how we know what we need to know when we need to. That’s how we co-create NEW EARTH and BRING IT FULLY ONLINE NOW, ALL from WITHIN! It doesn’t happen by us waiting to be rescued or told what’s happening or when. YOU are supposed to RE-MEMBER and write your own new script as you fully and directly connect with Source. That’s what Ascension is all about, it’s not about waiting and being a spectator. We came to make it happen by re-membering! And most importantly, THE FUTURE IS STILL UNWRITTEN!

Bringing online ALL NEW ORGANIC REALITIES NOW is a labor of LOVE and absolute dedication to Truth and being the living Embodiment of that! It’s hard work as many of us know, it’s not for those that rather escape from their fears, pain and trauma, but for those willing to face it all head on, and love it all up! Only then can we truly heal.

It’s my birthday today (14th) and I have ordered some big ass Miracles for us, so let’s see what happens! Because we’re all more than ready for all new horizons to becomes visible!

Keep holding the vision! Keep holding the Frequency! Keep believing! Keep shining your own unique fractal of Source Light! Keep remembering that we co-create the future in every now moment with every word, thought, feeling, belief and action we take and WE CAME TO MAKE IT HAPPEN and re-member that we can consciously CHOOSE which Realities we want to co-create as ONE!


And keep remembering: “Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream… Merrily merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but A DREAM!”

Eternal Love & Blessings,

**By Ramona Lappin


11 Replies to “This is It, Be Ready”

  1. connie gause

    I have had many attacks, fire started in garage, loud screaming noises in house, in my alley one Nite dark thing showed, i ask and receive protection constantly, clearing prayers, always protected, I am lightworker, attacks are real

  2. Emma

    So 330 million people in USA. 5% = 16,5 million. So 16,5 million people are doing all the work as I presume a hologram cannot work, can only show?!?!
    Does not sound plausible to me.

    In my country of aprox 6 million people, 300,000 people are real, and doing all the work in farming, building, shops, stores, police etc. etc. For now, I dont buy that statement that 95% are holograms.

  3. No Eyes

    These “channelings” are from souls able to access their inherent abilities once they are ready for them. They used to be more accurate but many always promised dates and times that can never be verified or come true.
    Many have fallen victims to their own ego’s desires, they now live as a spiritual ego and not a free soul.

    We are being guided to go within and find these answers within ourselves and the apparent decline in channelings and their not so useful information is designed to lead you away from them and into yourself.

    It’s time to remember and go within for answers and leave behind those that may mislead you whether intentional or not.

  4. kathy

    I felt a shift today, more revelations of why I am here at this time . Intuitive and psychic abilities increasing. Follow the Schumann resonance and solar flares , our DNA are being upgraded and activated, physical symptoms particularly in the CNS. Stay strong , have faith.

  5. Karen

    I have been perusing messages searching for one addressing this strangeness, exhaustion,woziness,shifting, that is unlike anything I have ever experienced and am feeling so strongly for 3 weeks and doesn’t stop but noone around me is feeling or experiencing. Thank you for speaking of your experience with such clarity. Thank you for existing and sharing.

  6. EK

    To The Powers That Be:
    To Whoever Else It May Apply To:
    Why should anybody believe that “this is it”, and “to be ready”?
    How long ago did we stop counting the times they swore up and down this or that is going to happen on this or that date, and when that date came and went with out anything happening, without a single word? And that is all we had to go on, is your word, because we saw nothing, or very little.
    I, at least, have BEEN ready for a very long time for this s*** show to permanently end.
    If you can NOT give an EXACT date, which would be nice…
    Are we talking days, weeks, months, years, decades, CENTURIES?
    Are we still going to be in the same waiting game ten, twenty YEARS from now?
    Will at least most of us live to see it in our lifetimes?
    IF what was posted about waiting for the last thirty years has any truth to it, and it is apparent, because I have been hearing it myself for at least the last five of those years, there is a serious credibility issue.
    How do we know this is nothing but a bunch of hopium BS?
    I am trying really hard to be optimistic that it will all happen as they say, to trust the plan, but there are days it is becoming a challenge to even be cautiously optimistic.
    Thank you for allowing my venting.

  7. Ruth

    Belated happy birthday Ramona💕 & thank you for your love for humanity. We are tired of lies, separation & division.We are the light, we are the truth, we are love.Namaste! Ruth

  8. Chickenlegs

    The number of protons gives us Aluminium. You can’t have 13 protons (+) and 12 electrons (-) and have a neutral stable atomic structure. This isotope doesn’t make sense.

    1. Judith Annette Thomas

      well…since 1985 for the ‘monetary system’ but high school actually, i am 71.