From 3D To 4D And 5D: Blind Spot

Psychologically and energetically, this is a very difficult and tough time FOR ALL OF US. And the reason is not only how quickly we learn and begin to CONSTANTLY emit high vibrations to match the continuously raising vibrations of Earth and the Sun.

Another important reason is systemic: BLIND SPOT, or the transition period from the 3D Matrix to the new, 5D, one.

There are a number of stages at this distance. The initial, consists of preparation, which many of us will soon terminate. We are approaching the equator on the path of changing Matrices and the start of a New World.

At the first stage, global processes of purification, displacement of energies, information and evolutionary programs of the old 3D World and its Matrix begin, and their gradual replacement with new, 5D, substances and energies.

The most important stage is ahead – the point of systemic bifurcation, which will determine what the New World will be like, and how the 5D Matrix will materialize in it. And, first of all, on what evolutionary basis: of Dark Forces or Light Forces?

The bifurcation point is preceded by a phase of global zeroing. We all feel this process well and see it in the world around us.

This is followed by the Blind Spot period, which in 3D has its duration. It began on June 22, 2022, and depends on many factors, external and internal. Any forecasts are conditional.

What does the Blind Spot phase mean and how is it characterized? This term (synonyms – deadlock, stand-off; standstill; stalemate; dead center; dead-spot) is taken from Earthly science, and it is used here intentionally. So, what is it? No matter how distant the analogies may look, they can explain a lot.

In mechanics, it’s one of the extreme positions of the piston in the cylinder of a steam engine or internal combustion engine at the time of its reciprocating motion. When the piston stops in the dead center, an external impact is required to start the movement.

That is, this is the position of the parts of the machine when it seems to freeze for a moment in immobility: the forces acting from opposite sides are balanced. To prevent the mechanism from stopping, special flywheels are used, which, continuing to spin by inertia, shift it from the dead center.

In sports, this is the state of the body during intensive exercise. It occurs a few minutes after the start of hard muscle work that causes an unpleasant shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, dizziness, increased pulsation of blood vessels in the head, the desire to stop working.

With insufficient warm-up and excessive intensity of the training start, there is a discrepancy between the oxygen needs of the muscles and the ability of the cardiovascular system to adequately provide it to the body.

As a result, from the very beginning, decomposition products and, above all, lactic acid accumulate in the muscles.

To avoid the Blind Spot condition, it is necessary to gradually increase the intensity of the training session.

When the Blind Spot has come, it can be overcome by great willpower. If physical work continues, this state will be replaced by a feeling of sudden relief, which is most often manifested in second breath. It means that the body has adapted and can satisfy the working muscles with the necessary energy.

In psychology, Blind Spot is a period in a person’s life when he is bogged down, does not move forward, and not move back either. It’s like he’s stuck at a crossroads. Some believe that this has its advantages, at least in a person’s life there is stability, calmness, a certain confidence in the future. For others, it means stagnation in career, personal growth, achievements, etc.

Many people are experiencing complete apathy now when they don’t want to do anything, or even live. There’s nothing fatal with that. It is caused by being in the Blind Spot, global zeroing, including man’s individual transformation.

Other examples can be given. What is important for us to understand in this regard?

The processes in our life, the laws of Nature and the change of the Matrix are largely identical.

When the piston stops in the Blind Spot, an external action is required to start the movement. It means that when the Matrices (World Order) change, complete equilibrium and zeroing will be achieved, from which the System (World) will not be able to get out on its own, at the expense of its internal resources and energy.

To exit the Blind Spot and move to the next point, 5D Matrix (New World), external impact will be required. Let’s just remember this for now.

In the scenario of current world events, Blind Spot is the time to clarify who will run the Earthly house. It’s the setting up of the EVOLUTIONARY FORCE that will be dominant in the New World, on the renewed Earth, in accordance with the Absolute’s Will.

This is exactly what is happening right now before our eyes, during the hybrid Third World War of Dark Forces against Light Forces. And we all have to read from the same page.

**By Lev