Argorians Update: 5D Energies

No matter what is happening on Earth now, no matter what everyday problems earthlings are concerned about, intensive processing of the planet with 5D energies continues 24/7.

The crop circle, appeared on July 16, 2022 in Wiltshire, UK, informs that Earth has already entered deeply into the Solaris – the lower part of multidimensional fractal combining the energies’ exchange between 6D, 5D, and 4D.

Co-Creators, Galactic Committee and Argorians are constantly changing the mode and configuration of quantum flows directed to Earth. They instantly adjust them depending on the current situation and the state of the majority of the world’s population.

On 17th July 2022, near Barbury Castle, Nr Wroughton, Wiltshire, a crop circle appeared, showing that the finished 5D plasma actively fills the entire Earth’s space. At the same time, from it, 6D (the hexagon in the center) terminates the removal of the 3D Hologram, its matter and energy (triangles inside the sphere).

In addition, here is a summary of the work of Argorians’ space fleet, received on July 19th, at 8:00 AM CET, and July 20th, 2022, at 10:06 AM CET.

The quantum streams diagram shows how a high-frequency flows (the red wavy line and the digits on the left) splits and scatters 3D matter in the planet’s power field.

This red stream is filled with the Love energy GREMO, coming from the Galactic center. Entering the Earth’s Hologram, it transforms the planet’s space, saturates it with a giant energy clot of 5D plasma.

The friendly plasmoid race of the Gerios Galaxy observes and runs this process.

To change the environment and transform the aura of the planet, Argorians fill it with bright yellow SFIRO energy, neutralizing side effects, and blue and silver BLISKO energy, which loads into the planetary Hologram the soft of intellectual development and thought process (spheres above the image of Earth).

The down-flowing streams of spheres of different dirty shades are low-vibrational 3D plasma, removed from Earth.

On the protective screen of the vacuum ring above the equator, new species materialize.

To create the necessary environment for them, Argorians, with the help of an ultrasonic transducer, accumulate energy in the 5D ring by concentrated radiation.

With a five-dimensional Time spin, they form a new information field of Earth, and saturate it with 5D Intelligence plasma.

Deep transformation continues in the inner layers of the crust and under the crust of the planet.

The processes taking place there increase the thermal radiation that we observe on the surface in the form of droughts and fires, and in climate changes.

Energy accumulators in inner Earth morph the molecular structure of cells. Under thermal influence, the processed plasma changes the plant world.

This accumulating network creates vortices, bringing energy for the evolution of new life in 5D. Superimposed radiation from Galactic pulsars carries thought forms that cause mutation of the Earth’s biosphere. Into it, through the communication center, by the run of energy fields, Argorians pump the planet with energy with great potential.

The earthlings’ space Intelligence is upgrading. For that, Argorians and friendly plasmoid race from the Gerios Galaxy inject beams of red energy into bodies and organs, splitting and removing 3D substance from them.

Red energy is the basics of the basics: energy fields, Matrix, matter, new highly developed life forms.

It creates the resilience of the outer shell of the planet, enhances the interchange of energies during the splitting of cell cores, and condenses the 5D plasma with a new consciousness and Intelligence for the life support of the planet.

In wave displacement, the plasma, saturated with new knowledge, rebuilds gene structures.

The selection of earthlings and their distribution over 16 timelines according to the level of consciousness (radiated frequencies) is carried out by gravitational impact from the communication center.

The second currents scheme demonstrates how the Galactic core’s radiation, which Argorians relay through the Sun and the Earth’s water environment, transform three-dimensional space and fix a 5D Hologram in the meridian channels of the planet.

This wave structure is built on the incoming flows of the intercontinental vortex.

With its help, seven representatives of the plasmoid race control the deviations of the energy flows, which condense climatic anomalies.

In the planetary Subtle Body, by the synchronized work of energy pendulums, according to the loaded program, sound waves are created, charged neutrino particles.

They increase the vibrational background, and by it dissipate the anomalies noted above.

The build platform (base) consists of nine spheres, adjoining on the flow line, divided into three.

All spheres consist of blue and gold ERMO energy. It creates an environment for 5D matter by initial temporary development programs.

The spheres are located above four transmitting planes (connected rings in the diagram) of maroon-red energy BARLIBO, which receive sound pulses of magnetic fields and form new types of plasma forms in space.

The planes emit the waves of orange-gold ERCADO energy, creating impulses of kinetic power contractions, and forming temporary programs of the planet’s force fields.

The figure of elongated blue tube with a note at the left end is ADONIS, a special space (channel) in the Earth’s energy field.

With its help, Argorians, by vibrational waves of ultrasound, change the life support system of the planet, distribute 5D plasma flows, and strengthen the immune system of earthlings.

This channel receives energy that stabilizes sound vibrations and rebuilds the nucleic acid sequence encoding a transporter protein.

The new genetic structure receives transformative radiation through purification of the lower layers of the atmosphere with partial openings of the ozone layer.

The pendulums in the diagram indicate four pairs of wave flows between the base of the structure and the transmitting planes.

All pairs are anchored and run from the Time space indicated at the top of the diagram by four dark pink dots and vertical wavy lines. They consist of SLESURIS energy, which forms the plasma matrix structures and helps to preserve it. This is facilitated by inclusions of gray-blue BLIKGOR energy of air planes’ magnetic interaction.

The first pair consists of dark brown GASIG energy, which destroys 3D and builds the 5D foundation. The spheres at the ends of the pendulum are the emerald-green energy KEGINO, which transforms matter by magnetic fields’ power.

The second pair is formed by dark cream FERUSARIS energy, which changes the programs of wave structures and accelerates the processes. The dark brown spheres at the ends of its vectors are the accumulated GLAMO energy, radiated by the Nature worlds.

The work of polar separator disks changes the color spectrum of the Earth’s aura, switching it to a new mode.

The third pair is the yellow energy SFAS, which helps to adapt in the space of 5D wave pulses. The spheres at the ends of the pendulum are pink-red with blue sparks GREMO energy.

It impacts on reproduction mechanism in the human body; on the Subtle Plane it is a heat radiator, affects the formation of new life programs, and changes the Nature realms by sound frequencies.

The fourth pair is formed by LIBRESSO, a light green energy of small fluctuations. It stimulates the transition to a higher stage of evolution, boosts the vital centers of the animal and plant kingdom, and stabilizes the fluctuations of magnetic fields and the climate. The blue spheres on its rays are FIRSCO energy, which cleanses the earthlings’ mentality.

The four transmitting planes-rings of maroon-red energy BARLIBO are also functioning as Portals. Through them, Argorians encase the planet in sheaths of four different quantum energies (in the diagram they are indicated by multicolored convex dotted lines).

The first shell is formed by the pink-cream energy GAROL. It removes 3D information structures and loads in Earth the 5D development programs.

The second shell consists of the light green energy FEARO, transforming the thought process.

The third shell of GRISPO blue energy cleanses and changes the space dimensions.

The fourth shell of the yellow energy SFAS facilitates the adaptation of 5D wave pulses during Transition.

A wave channel of violet energy GELUS is located between the energies’ flows. With its help, Argorians weigh the accumulated Intelligence plasma; gauge the strength of resistance to external influences in the molecules of all protein organisms, as well as the ability to withstand the impact of Galactic rays.

Using a different frequency mode (red digits at the bottom), the Argorians’ fleet intensively fills the Earth’s field with GRISAGO energy of the sea wave color (at the bottom of the diagram). With its help, they finish constructing the planet’s 5D life support system.

**By Lev


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