Riding The Cosmic Waves

For the first time in a very long while, neutron counts (cosmic rays) are below normal according to the observatory in Oulu, Finland.

This is because the several coronal mass ejections (CMEs) which have exploded from our Sun (including one that launched off yesterday) have swept away these rays most of which arrive from outside of our solar system.

However, because CMEs still proliferate inside of our solar system along with solar flares at low to medium “C-Class” levels as well as the particle plasma surrounding our magnetosphere, we are still navigating the “waves” on the “COSMIC SEA”—especially since we are also soaring through the “Photon Belt” and will be doing so for at least 2,000 years as we “ride the waves” of the first of its twelve vortices and as, accordingly, our planet Earth/Gaia receives increasingly greater amounts of LIGHT for cleansing and illumination of planetary and individual cellular records.

It is important to realize that “The Land of Pure Bliss”, Nirvana, “The Buddha (“Enlightened”) Mind”, “Heaven on Earth”—all begin within our HIGHER SELF/ SOUL/SOURCE FREQUENCY that resides in all aspects of creation.

Thus, the “New Earth”—the “Golden Age”—although it is said to begin soon (read HOLY SCIENCE by Sri Yukteswar), is rooted in planetary collective consciousness.

As has been quoted before, Yeshua Ha Messiah once taught that “By your faith be it unto you.”

We can apply this to many things including the peace, health, love, and abundance of the new era to come.

Upgrades to DNA within each of our cells will continue as Earth/Gaia is leveling-up, being “en-lightened”, and having “Her” DNA and atomic and subatomic energies updated evidenced by “Her” changes in vibrational frequency and amplitude (“Power”—“Schumann Resonance”).

Our entire solar system “sea” of powerful waves of LIGHT is also being “en-lightened”.

Astro Physicists have been reporting for many years about the brighter LIGHT glowing from the other planets in our “cosmic neighborhood” which ride the “Cosmic Sea” along with us.

We can think of these “waves” as the flares, winds, CMEs, and other events occurring, and our physical vessels, emotions, and thoughts as the “surf boards” we are learning to “ride” more expertly.

We “balance” our “surf boards” in numerous ways as we glide up and down, being “splashed” with particle plasma and receiving its downloads of HIGHER KNOWLEDGE inside of every aspect of our “being-ness”—nervous system, organs, glands, tissues, cells, molecules, etc.

We “rise” higher and higher due to the “waves”, and we become further crystallized and release more carbon.

Like the famous sculptor Michaelangelo who said that what he created was already within the clay and that he was just releasing it from bondage, we are already LIGHT and are being made to realize this in the “re-birthing” process.

Today’s “waves” of solar winds are traveling at 12:45 PM (EDT) at 499.5 km/s, and the “waves” of solar flares are at “C.1” level, and as mentioned above, the magnetosphere is surrounded by incoming plasma particle density.

These “waves” may increase in the hours ahead and through tomorrow and a few days beyond as we celebrate the “Galactic New Year” on Monday—the 25th—and the “New Moon” on Wednesday—the 28th. Relax and enjoy “riding” the “Cosmic Sea”.

**Dr Schavi M Ali