From 3D To 4D And 5D: Scrubbing

At these days, on the Subtle Plane, the new stratification of the planet’s energies spheres occurred. It was accompanied by very intense radiation. Changes in the Earth’s power fields increase the tension of space in all spheres.

Such moments may cause unusual dreams, feelings, visions, and stays. Perception can change on different planes. There also could be pains in the physical body due to inhibiting the assimilation of new high vibrations.

On July 25th, 2022, at 5:50 AM CET, the Siriusians’ tracking station on the Moon transmitted next Earth monitoring data that adds new details and explains a lot.

Our planet has entered a gravitational cyclone (chaotic acoustic range of energies), which caused changes in general physical and mental state. Randomly rotating quantum energies are actively rebuilding the Earth’s information field.

The transformation of its space increases the instability of the nervous system. A powerful effect is exerted on sections of the brain, causing disorientation, emotional intensity, emptiness, pressure and mood swings. These are symptoms of exposure to various mixing incoming energies.

Abnormal weather events continue and also affect the state of health. No need to be scared. This process is temporary, but necessary in setting up the work of the planetary Subtle Body by adjustments that Co-Creators carry out.

The third dimension is already completely closed to everyone. Those who don’t stop the inner work of raising their vibrations will be safely conducted through transmutation and purification of consciousness by the fiery Divine stream.

People who don’t want to change their consciousness, clinging to their exclusivity and isolation from the high energies of the Source, who refused to interact and connect with It, will be more quickly withdrawn from life.

All those who doubt, but have the potential for awakening, will continue their learning through the aggravation of events in personal life and diseases. This is necessary for their enlightenment and acceptance of help from Above, because often, in extreme trials a man opens up to the Creator and turns for His help and support.

Today, the last cleansing stage is open to everyone to go through the fiery scrubbing, sobering and awakening consciousness. For many, this is the only way to enter the new world, based on the Love of all those living in the Love of the Creator who created the cosmic worlds and Souls. They, being a part of His energy, will be preserved only in connection with Him. There’s not much time left.

What can be added to this?

As DNI inform, in recent weeks and days, a particularly powerful stream of high-frequency Light has been pouring onto the planet. Under its influence, many of us began to feel how rapidly the events of recent years recede into the past. It’s like fractals are flashing, memories of where we’ve been or what we’ve done. This is not necessarily a trauma, but just strange memories, something similar to a life review.

Everything is torn apart, under the influence of the dissolving Veil between parallel realities. Multidimensional powerful Light is focused on destroying and scrubbing old structures in our body, upgrading our cells to liquid crystals, transforming our Subtle Bodies.

Energies can cause symptoms of detoxification, as they destroy everything too dense for the new vibrations of the planet and the frequencies it generates in our cells. It may manifest as flu symptoms: headache, muscle tension, pain in the skeleton and joints.

The bone structure is transmuted into a lighter version, since all dense and rigid matter incompatible with the Earth’s high vibration are accelerated morph, up to our cells and DNA.

A hypersensitivity reaction of the vagus nerve is possible. This is the tenth of twelve pairs of cranial nerves descending into the thoracic, cervical and abdominal spine.

It runs the innervation of the mucous membrane of the lower part of the pharynx and larynx, the area behind the ear, part of the tympanic membrane, the external auditory canal, the dura mater of the cranial fossa; the work of the muscles of the lungs, intestines, esophagus, stomach, heart; secretion of the pancreas and stomach.

The effect of high-frequency currents on the nervus vagus can cause a change in voice, hoarseness, problems in pronunciation; difficulty swallowing not only during meals, but also swallowing fluids and even saliva; vomiting and suffocation; indigestion, constipation; pulsation in the head; complications in the heart; urinary incontinence; deafness.

On the part of the nervous system, there may be pulsating intense headache, discomfort, pain and tinnitus; lethargy of the body; irritability; short temper in small things; apathy.

Now it is especially important to rest a lot and drink more clean water, as it is an excellent tool for dissolving toxins, dense matter, and scrubbing them out of the body.

Clouded consciousness, loss of strength, dizziness, nausea (mostly comes in waves), emotional vulnerability and instability, deep traumas emerging from the past – all these are symptoms of release from our 3D body, which is now turning into a lighter version. We are like butterflies breaking free from their rigid cocoon.

At the same time, we can experience sublime states of bliss and joy, which are our original and true nature and state of being. This is our new frequency, corresponding to the vibrations of the New Earth.

It is very useful to be grounded more often. It helps a lot to stabilize the central nervous system, to balance self emotionally. If we feel overwhelmed, we can go out into nature, walk barefoot, or just sit and lie on the ground, swim or be near the water. So we will get a huge support in cleansing and detoxification.

Events are accelerating every day. Higher frequencies of Light, which are introduced to the planet, intensively grind the 3D Matrix and its planetary grid. Three-dimensional energies and matter on Earth are reset to zero. In this Great Scrubbing, each planet, star and Galaxy are interconnected, and affect each other by rearranging themselves.

At such a time, it is extremely important to be a neutral observer, not to fall into the psi-ops of the mass media and power holders, to remain focused on our inner state, which aligns us. Do not react to negative thoughts or external distractions.

We are not our story. Blaming others, pointing the finger means simply giving away our power. We will cope, because we are all shining Beings of Light in human body. Let’s remember this, no matter what happens outside.

**By Lev


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    those week i see many numbers appearing 174, 714, 417……i feel those is super clearing sign.