From 3D To 4D And 5D: Our Decision

Unusual things have been happening to many of us for the last 3-4 days, then it tends to sleep, then it breaks into tears or apathy occurs, diseases worsen. In relationships with loved ones, the situation sometimes becomes completely unbearable.

Almost daily, with short breaks, we are irradiated with the highest and longest doses of frequencies that a person can withstand.

The work continues individually with each of us, calculating the strength of the frequencies. The course of this process depends on the purity of our physical and Subtle Bodies, thoughts and emotions. From the very bottom, feelings, that have been dormant for decades, or hundreds of years and have been hidden in the depths of our Soul, are out.

To purify and finally get rid of emitted and accumulated negative energy, it is necessary to work out and transform it into Light, with the help of practices and meditations, nutrition and conscious living of every moment.

The faster we accept and transform the experience that we have received in our life, and are still receiving, the faster we’ll get rid of it, the easier will be our life.

The more we hold on to everything old and obsolete, the tougher the lessons of fate will be.

The frequencies with which we are irradiated will continue to elevate. Now they are just above 40 Hz, but we already see what is happening to our lives, and in the world.

Everything that hinders our ascent is swept away from our path.

We are a Soul, and we came here to gain new experiences, fulfill a mission, and then use our best practices in other spaces and dimensions.

Therefore, we do not need to pull with all our might, forcibly, those who have already made their decision to stay.

Otherwise, we’ll get bogged down even deeper with them. They will also go this way, but much later. It is better to devote more time to ourselves and those who indeed want and are ready to ascend, and for this do not stop their intense inner work. Give a chance to those who seek it, and leave alone those who are satisfied with everything.

We need to get to the 100 Hz mark, at which, by forecast, the planet’s field will be stabilized by the end of 2022. And sooner or later, we will have to drop the heavy load that we are pulling. The main task is to keep up with the frequencies of Earth; otherwise it will go further without us.

We need to take a final decision whether to go with Gaia, or not. After the time comes, the Creator will “close His ears”, and will not hear a single prayer of repentance and frantic appeal for help. The final process will begin, not sift, but the extirpation.

It’s impossible to say today, I haven’t woken up yet. It’s time to decide whether to prepare our emotions, thoughts, and body for the Transition, or to stay. In that case, we’ll simply miss the time to transform and expand our consciousness.

Every lived day is one step forward. The choice of the Soul is holy, and the Creator respects the free will and choice freedom of everyone. But it would be unfair not to warn us about the end of an entire epoch and civilization.

The ancestral lines are being closed. Low-vibrational people quickly quit Earth through illnesses and accidents, leaving astral and embodied parasites without energy supply.

Think about it. Our Soul has already made a decision, but it cannot always break through our inflated Ego. Don’t look for excuses, facts and extenuations, don’t waste your precious time.

Truly colossal transformations are waiting for us. We need to realize the full scope of what is happening now on Earth, in the Galaxy and the Local Universe, as DNI narrates daily.

We are now moving into a completely new dimension in the Universe. After the Transition, we will help others to ascend to higher realms. After all, we will have a unique experience. We all came here solely for this. Only the strongest, most experienced and brightest Souls are here.

We are not this body or even this Intelligence. We are part of the Source and carry its Spark within us. We are admired, watched and followed by space friendly races, waiting for our choice. It’s time to make a decision: to carry the Light and be the Light, and or still play the victim.

And in conclusion, important new info, received on July 26, 2022, at 03:17 PM CET.

On July 25, 2022, the Karmic Council adopted an official resolution on the end of the 3D Earth’s evolutionary cycles of Kali Yuga and Cosmic Night.

Why did this very strange decision take place? After all, the de facto Kali Yuga and the Cosmic Night have already ended, and their programs were deactivated earlier. The answer is precisely that it is only de facto, but it is also necessary de jure.

Of course, this decision only fixes a previously accomplished fact by Cosmic Law. But it’s not all that simple. Such an official decision was required for the following reasons.

During Kali Yuga and the Cosmic Night, on Earth, in many spheres was a mess. Various extraterrestrial civilizations implemented their programs and scenarios here. They came at their own discretion and without any admittance, or permits, by the right of might. The power elite they nurtured did the same.

The decision of the Karmic Council will very soon lead to the official removal from Earth of many scenarios, forces, programs that do not meet the goals of the Transition.

In particular, it concerns a Global Predictor. This is not only a backup copy of the old, 3D Matrix, the former World Order, a virtual copy of the Earth Logos, but also an artificial Matrix inside the Universe’s Matrix.

The Artificial Intelligence installed in it was created by the Black Archons of Atlantis. With its help, today, they control and run States, their heads, and entire continents from the astral and on physical plane.

It’s a global system of mankind’s enslavement, masterpiece and a genius of Black Magic art and creativity. During Kali Yuga, it was neither permitted nor forbidden. Formally, the basic Cosmic Laws were not violated. Using this, the Black geniuses turned Earth into a concentration camp.

The made-up Matrix was embedded, like a chip, of a microcircuit, into the Earth’s Subtle Body. The Karmic Council’s legal expertise concluded that the Global Predictor was installed into the planet’s Matrix without permission, and in the New Era it is illegal. That is why it was necessary to make an official decision on the end of Kali Yuga.

And what usually do with illegal buildings? The owner gets an order to immediately demolish his illegal structure. If he doesn’t, it will be leveled forcibly.

This order came into force on July 25, and the deadline for execution is September 22, 2022. Thus, Dark Forces couldn’t use this energy structure in a karmic duel with Light Forces, scheduled for December 22, 2022, at 00:48 AM (see – Scrubbing, Disclosure News, 25 July 2022).

**By Lev