Ashian: Walking Between Two Worlds

Jennifer: Greetings!

Ashian: And blessings to all who feel these words.

J: I want to explore how we live between two worlds at present, and the best way of navigating that spaciousness.

A: We love that you call it ‘spaciousness.’

J: To be honest, I was surprised by that myself! Was that you?

A: It may have been!

J: I just looked it up and I was struck by one meaning in particular: the quality of ‘roominess.’

A: Exactly! There is so much compacted stress within the Light worker community at present: apprehensions about when life will change; how long change is taking; tiredness and frustration; a deep sense of yearning; a fear of being stuck.

J: True.

A: We wish to present an alternative model. Both worlds exist: the world you are leaving and the world you are entering. You will not jump on one of our ships to move, the journey is through your own body. You will create your life differently, which will create a different world; new decisions will manifest the 5D world right where you are.

Right now, you are between worlds which offers you possibilities and opportunities to do things differently. You now have room to begin taking decisions that stretch your wings, rather than clip them.

In the old framework of the 3D, you were enslaved by the need for money, reputation, safety… You had to play safe, be ‘sensible.’ Dreams were just that: dreams. Millions on your planet are still making decisions bound by fear, and not just one fear, but many: What if I lose money? What if I can’t pay the bills? What if my family rejects me? What if I can’t afford rent/health care/pension…?

Now, we do not wish to say that these concerns are not still present. We would, however, point out that you are moving towards a time when they will no longer have consequence. In the meantime, there is roominess, spaciousness for you to make more decisions that align you with your joy, your fun, your creative expression, your dreams.

By making decisions that align with your heart’s truth over your mind’s fears, you step into the 5D aspects of you, and you will discover how the universe will rise to meet you. Unforeseen opportunities will appear before you, unexpected connections, synchronicities of global proportions…

We do not suggest these will all manifest at once. Exploring the space between the 3D and 5D takes time, you need to build your confidence in making decisions that align with your soul, your heart, your intuition.

Start slowly, with some matters that inconsequential: do you prefer a cup of tea or a mug of coffee first thing in the morning? How does that feel inside you, when you make a small decision that’s based on listening to what you want? Expand the decisions you make to bigger and more meaningful choices, as your confidence grows.

Also… be prepared that those who are still firmly enmeshed in the 3D will not understand your decisions. Some of your decisions will seem like a failure to them, because you will reject what they have been programmed to value: security and safety. But there is nothing safe about a life built on fear. There is just hardened, unconscious fear that weighs down Truth, Freedom, Love, Expansion.

Allow yourself to evolve gently and naturally into the spaciousness between worlds, where you are not entirely free yet, but the chains are broken and you can claim as much freedom as you choose.

You can align your life with your dreams, with your intuition and knowingness to greater and lesser degrees each day.

What matters is the focus on your fullest expression of Self over fear, boredom, habit or denial. It is a process: embrace it. Embrace YOU, allowing a little more of the true YOU to emerge each day.

J: Thank you.

A: It is our pleasure.

Copyright © 2022 Jennifer Crokaert

2 Replies to “Ashian: Walking Between Two Worlds”

  1. LJ

    This is so spot on!! It resonates so strongly with me and is exactly what I have been experiencing and realizing. It is so exciting when validation and confirmation come through like this. Thank you so much Ashian and Jennifer!

  2. Douglas A James

    What??? So these galactics don’t need $$ but without it we literally die…so yes nesara removes the fear and frees humanity …while in 3d we have to keep playing the game to say we can just stop and move to 5D show me any person who has done it??? All LWs I know keep asking for donations lol…selling books movies etc…