Lord Melchizedek: Alchemical Transfiguration

Alchemy in truth is changing a lower form of existence, into a much higher, purified and exalted one.

In Ancient Times, it was known how to transfigure from the density of matter, and thus the physical form, into the resurrected LightBody form through a process of intense alchemy where the soul powers were utilized. Thus, Buddhist monks were known to be able to shed their physical bodies at will, for after all it is but a vessel for the soul to use, and is mortal, while the soul is immortal. Thus, the yogis of India were/are known to be able to bilocate and are able to become visible and invisible, as were all the Great Masters who ever walked on earth.

I received the following message this morning from Lord Melchizedek and the High Order of Melchizedek which I am being guided to share with you:

“This is a time of huge transition, transfiguration as the Illumined Portals open and the immensity of it all, will start to reveal itself on all levels of humanity now. It is the complete splitting of the Old Earth and New Earth. Thus, the duality of the Old Earth is now being transfigured into Oneness and Unity Consciousness, and thus New Life and New Beginnings, AS ONE.

“The Illumination now being released expands the heart center even more, as the heart and third eye (All Seeing Eye) merges and the Cosmic Communication centers open in humanity, which were deliberately shut down in Atlantis, by those who wished to gain control over humanity. This has now been released and transmuted.

“There is a mass awakening of souls, wave upon wave, and there will be a huge shift to heart-centered, loving ways of life, which is unprecedented. Souls will literally wake up and feel how during their sleep state they went through a huge transformation which will become evident through each living moment. They will just wake up and find themselves changed to the core.

“The energies streaming in are so powerful that they will lift all who are ready to let go of the old completely, into a much higher vibrational frequency band and thus existence as the New Earth is now fully anchored in the 7th dimensional state already, and the souls who ascend into the 5th dimensional state thus will thus find their Light bodies now activating as never before. Thus, huge physical changes as well.

“The Key to the new life is Love – unconditional and transcendent love, and this will indeed become the norm, the new way of life and living!

“At times there may be a sense of disorientation, fatigue, yet is this Alchemy in the highest form, as you are being changed from a dense and slow and low vibrational state and life, into the 5th and in the next few years, the 7th. Thus, the shift into a totally different, much higher frequency LightBody, and life. Duality now alchemized into Oneness, Unity, Harmony, Balance, Wholeness.

“As the dormant faculties of the All-Seeing Eye awakens even more, you will now be able to see what you could not see before, to hear what you could not hear before, and the access knowledge and wisdom which could not be accessed before!

“Allow this Alchemical Process!

“Allow yourself to be transformed alchemically from one state to another, from one form of life to a completely different one, from a very dense physical form, into the much Lighter, brighter, and more fluid, LightBody form and into a Light-Love-Wisdom filled existence and multi-dimensionality!

“It is all happening, and it meant to be!

“I have Spoken!” (Lord Melchizedek and the High Order of Melchizedek)

You will find that you step totally out the time-restriction and inventions of time, of the third dimensional state.

The Multi-dimensional state is now becoming a new way of life, and indeed we will be able to travel cosmically with our soul and indeed in our transfiguration, return to the truth of who and what we in truth are and live this with great love, inspiration, as we co-create a totally new existence in the New Earth.

We are arriving!

Judith Kusel


4 Replies to “Lord Melchizedek: Alchemical Transfiguration”

  1. Harrrie

    Regarding the Finch comment.

    Judith sells her books at her site for US dollars, $20 for one and $30 for another.

    As for the readings price, it is comparable to others I have seen. Of course some are less expensive and some are more expensive.

    But her articles, which she sometimes contributes more than one a week, are free.

    When I’m am overwhelmed, over worked and stressed, tired and hoping for a break, I frequently think about charging more money. It’s a balance thing. We know right now our society and our lives run on money. So we equate balance with time and money. And time is money whether you are working or not.

    So if I become ill or have an accident and can’t work for a year, I’ll be mighty glad I charged $300 an hour before my unemployment, to take care of my family and me.

    That money needs to pay for inflation, many kinds of insurance, all taxes, a pension for old age, and all the other bills we are familiar with.

    And who knows. Perhaps Judith has sick or disabled family members to take care of. Or perhaps there are tribes or villages she supports. Or maybe there are volunteer groups she works with and she can’t work a paying job all the time.

    Honestly, why would Finch complain?
    To make Judith look bad?

    If you don’t want to pay $280 for a soul reading for a kid, don’t buy the service. It’s the same as everything else. You buy an expensive diamond or you don’t… what does it’s value mean to you?

  2. Harrrie

    Beautiful. Very encouraging and inspiring. It’s great that we will be helped when the Cosmic Communication Centers open, and we wake up changed to the core with love and beauty. And more energies will stream in and help us to further rise in vibration and release our light body to be utilized by us for all our hearts desire.
    This is beautiful. Thank you.