A UFO Sighting At The ISS Appears To Be A Formation! (VIDEO)

NASA astronauts were working as usual when three triangle-shaped craft were recorded by on-board cameras racing past the International Space Station.

On February 21, 2019, an astronaut aboard the International Space Station captured three UFOs from the spacestation’s viewport. These three mystery objects flew directly by the International Space Station. When we zoom in on these things, we notice that they have a triangle shape. One appears to transform into a butterfly configuration.

What matters is that these objects passed by the International Space Station in a matter of seconds. The mathematical chance of three bits of space debris flying in a straight path near the ISS and seeming remarkably similar is close to ZERO. We don’t know what these things are, but we do know that astronauts are constantly filming UFOs.

Could this be a part of the UFO disclosure?


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  1. John R

    Perhaps the Galactics are harvesting plasma energy from Sol and showering Gaia with same to speed up/quicken the ongoing vibrational shifts, etc