The Pleiadians: We are Looking Forward to First Contact

Dear Brothers of Planet Earth! I am KALIGAL! Commander of the Pleiadian ship

I think you can perceive my joy, you can perceive my vibration. Yes, we are all dressed for a party, we are all wearing our best clothes, because we want to look good for you. Since we are going to cause some astonishment, some dread, some fear, at least we will be sure that nobody will say that we are in ragged or dirty clothes; we will be very elegant.

Of course, wisdom and evolution have made us abandon many feelings, but we cannot deny that we are also anxious, but it is not an anxiety that is bad for us, it is an anxiety that is good to be experienced, because we are waiting for the big moment, at any moment.

We have been on its surface for a long time. You don’t see us, but we have been walking there for long distances, so that our bodies get a little used to the dense energy of the planet. We certainly won’t be able to stay there long, but we have been able to stay there for a few hours, without it harming our physical clothing, our energy.

We are preparing ourselves. The contact will happen. Of course we will not make contact with everybody; we know exactly, and we see and feel, the heart of every inhabitant of this planet. So we know those who respect us, who love us, and that we will be able, after the first impact… Yes, I’ll speak softly, because don’t think that it won’t be an impact for us either. We are different for you and you are different for us; the impact will be mutual.

Of course, today we have already learned to observe you and see what you are like. I think we already know almost every type that exists on the planet. Not you. You from some pictures or figures (that some insist on saying are our images), you imagine us, but in reality you don’t really know what we are like. Very, very few have seen us and made contact with us, and they have no interest in exposing us, saying that we are this way or that way.

So don’t think that it will be only you who will be a little surprised to see us there, so close, so close, in the distance of a handshake or an action that you usually share on the planet, which is the hug. We are used to living Unconditional Love. It’s not that we don’t have moments of affection, of course we do, but we don’t need to show it all the time, because the one who is next to us knows that we love him unconditionally, we don’t need to show our love.

The demonstration of our love is done with care, with attention, with the harmony of our family, with the joy of our offspring, with the harmony of our meetings. We don’t need to have this close contact, all the time, to demonstrate our love; it is something we are not used to doing. And we admire some of your customs; like hugging, kissing… in a demonstration of love, of friendship, of respect (sometimes even fake), but you are used to it.

So, we have prepared ourselves to live this moment. And I will confess, I really want to experience the action of a hug. That exchange of energy so deep and so beautiful that you do when you are happy and meet someone you love, or for whatever reason. It will be a great learning experience for us.

So, I would say, that each of us has experienced some of your customs. We have tried your food, your drinks. Of course, we make a point of having everything very natural, the processed stuff doesn’t come on our ships. And I can tell you, we have grown many things, and harvested inside our ships, in totally pure environments, without the chemicals you put in your food. And we have enjoyed many flavors, and we will take them with us.

This planet is rich, very rich, it is an absurd diversity of edibles, of minerals, where rare planets in the universe have so much variety. And Father/Mother God has allowed us, that we can take a little bit from here to our homes, to our planets, and show our people, how interesting are the habits that you have.

Of course, we no longer have the need for physical food as you do. We feed on energy, but we can choose to eat yes, and we will have, we can say, more abundance, more variety to experience. I can say, that this planet will be doing school throughout the universe. And we will also bring to you what we have. It will be an exchange, because we also have good food, good drinks; drinks that one glass (we have already tested), would be enough to satisfy the hunger of a family, so rich in nutrients it is. This will be very important to bring health to your people, for those who agree to drink it, of course.Nothing will be imposed. We will make the offer, take it from whoever wants it. But we are sure that everything is being done with so much Love, that many will see in that little glass, the opportunity to kill their hunger, instantly, as if it were a big energy pill, and may even feed their children.

So it’s all an exchange. We are not only taking from your planet, but we are bringing in as well. Technology, lots of technology, that will end the consumption of the planet’s attributes. Clean, advanced technology that will make it so that you don’t have to destroy the planet anymore to have energy, to have clean water, pure water. Technology to destroy your garbage, clean your oceans, clean your animals; and many other things that we will bring as a gift. We will ask for nothing. And I speak here, not only on behalf of the Pleiadians, I speak on behalf of all the galactic brothers, who are here around your planet. Each one will bring an evolution to this planet.

So how can you not look forward to this moment? How can you not look forward to looking at your oceans and see no more garbage floating around? How can you not look forward to all the humans and see them healthy and fed? How can you not look up at your skies and see your air clean, pure, without any kind of pollution? We want to do this soon, quickly.

So we are eager, yes, to start working together with you. We are not going to be the ones bringing in, imposing, and doing everything by ourselves; no, it will be a co-participation; you will be with us learning, learning how to reproduce the technology, learning how to use the technology, because tomorrow we will leave and you will stay here, keeping it working.

We are looking forward to it, yes, and we know it is very close, we have been warned. So it is like we are always, with our clothes hanging out, ready, to put them on quickly and be all nice and neat, waiting for the big moment.

In the hearts of some, I see the same anxiety, and I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that in all these processes, what we hope the most is that we can open our arms and receive a hug, the same way you do among yourselves. Without fear, without any kind of repulsion, just letting your love emanate, which we know is not yet Unconditional Love, but we do know that you know how to love.

And if you are able to give us a hug, we will be sure, without a shadow of a doubt, that you have already learned Unconditional Love; that you have already learned to love what is different; that you have already learned to love what is strange to you. And this moment will reverberate in the universe, and everyone will know: “Humans know. The humans on planet Earth know how to love unconditionally.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

**Translation to English by


11 Replies to “The Pleiadians: We are Looking Forward to First Contact”

  1. Harrrie

    Thank you so very much. I have unconditional love for years now. Come see me too! I found out I’m a Pleiadian. I lived in Lemuria. New friends, you are welcome to visit us and this great planet at any time!

  2. Mogex

    Not the same as becoming one with man, but this is reasonable. I look forward to seeing these pleiadeans. Their technology should produce great wonders.

  3. bibs

    The great awakening is the remnant of humanity that has divided off from the great reset/the globalists and their minions. It means we are the chosen people to make contact and work closely with our star family. We have a bright and abundant future together and I love good food and drinks. I will be spending much time exploring the most beautiful places of this earth and other planets. While enjoying delicious edibles of course. The everlasting celebration of life is upon us!

  4. john

    Clean energy and all the other gifts so as not to harm the planet oh yes please that would be so wonderful maybe gifts to talk to the animals and tell them how much we love them as well as tools to tell all humanity they are loved so much by us and by you and by creator and of course tools to allow them to love themselves, yes please make my job easier that would be fantastic much love to all.

  5. Denise

    Thank you so very much for this message!
    When you first mentioned you could be here for hours on the planet I had a brief flash of me running into one of my brothers on the street and recognition of WHO he was and I became so happy I ran up and hugged him!
    What’s so strange for me is I am NOT a “hugger”, I tend to not like my physical space invaded as people radiate their inner world so very loudly here! Lol
    I’ve known since my Awakening I Am Pleiadian and the thought of feeling Home again was just this burst of pure JOY!!!
    Thank you!!!
    Love and Light to All
    Denise G