The Pleiadian Collective: Sheen And The Shift

Friends Of Light!

Many Of You Are Joining In Consciousness With Complete Awareness Of This Process!

In Truth, You Have Always Been Together As One Light!

Now You Have Met Strangers Who Are Your Beloved Friends From Many Stars!

The Celebration Of SHEEN Will Carry You Through The Remembrance Of Your Creation!

The Sacred Akashic Of Your Soul Will Unfold With Bliss As You Stand Face To Face With Those You Love!

In The Moment Of The Shift, Many Will Be Meditating On This Event!

Others Will Be Looking At Clouds In Hopes They Will Be Crafts That Are Cloaked!

Still Others Will Be Fully Aware Of The Awaited Celebrations, But Not Understanding In The Next Breath, All Will Transform!

In Words That You Will Understand, We Will Break This Glorious Arrival Of Spirit, Light And Matter To The Words Of Earth.

Knowing That The Invisible And Etheric Matters Will Blend As One Visible And Tangible Experience, Will Bring You The Joy Of Your Soul In The Greatest Vibrational Frequency Of The Ages!

Let Us Begin!

Breathe Deeply And Open Your Heart!

The Shift To SHEEN Will Be In The Blink Of An Eye.

In 5-D You Will Look Around And Take In Beauty And Sound From All Directions.

You Will Hear Music More Beautiful Than Heard On Earth.

You Will See Large Animals Walking Around To Be Petted.

You Will Behold The Galactic Federation As They Line Up Precisely In Colorful Crafts And Blink In Tones That Will Send Light Through Your Being!

You Will See Fairies As They Spin And Twirl For You!

Most Of All, You Will Understand The Stories Were Created By You! The Peace That Will Flood Your Soul Will Be From Knowing There Was Always A Purpose For Every Tear, Every Loss And All Perceived Pain.

You Will See At Last From The Soul’s Perspective And Laugh As You See It Was All An Illusion.

Waking Dreams That You Chose To Arrive At The Beginning Are Now As Energy And The Story Is Gone.

As The Celebrations Continue With Honoring Many Souls For Their Service, Many Will Be Embracing Families From Their Origin.

Mates And Children Will Approach With Great Love! There Are No Words For The Love That Will Be Experienced!

The Souls That You Have Known In This Waking Dream, Will Be Beautiful Friends And Family That You Know Well.

Nothing Will Be Lost!

Love Multiplies And Gives. You Have Reached The Place Of No More Loss!

The Unlimited Capacity And Power Of The Soul Will Be Known.

Many Will Decide To Return To Their Star Of Origin.

The Number That Is Used On Earth, Is Simply A Number To Comprehend The Density Or Dimension.

There Is No Status In The Higher Realms Where You Lived With Families And Friends.

The Star Where You Had Children And Animals.

7-D is the Vibrational Frequency of the Pleiades, Arcturus And Other Stars We Have Revealed To You.

Beyond What You Need To Grasp Concerning SHEEN, Is That Pleiadians Were Created In Elohim In 12-D.

This Will Not Be Part Of SHEEN.

This Is The Beginning Of Souls That Would Venture Out And Choose Homes With A Power To Assist All Other Life.

We Return Now To SHEEN In Teaching.

The Soul Will Have Infinite Choices Of Travel And Homes.

There Will Be A New Earth In Your Experience.

This Earth Is Created Now.

There Will Be A New Way Of Living.

There Will Be No Disease Or Death.

There Will Be Complete Peace And The Understanding That All Life Is The Expression Of Divine Source.

You Will Love Others As Yourself.

Your Life Will Be Full Of Gratitude And Peace.

The Creative Endeavors Of Your Origin Will Activate And You Will Be Dancers, Artists, Musicians, Designers, Teachers And More!

You Will Be Unlimited!

Your Looks Will Be Astonishing As There Will Be No Aging.

You Were Created To Be Healthy And Energetic, And This Will Be Your Experience.

For Those That Refused The Light In Any Way, We Still Don’t Stop!

We Prevail And Cover And For All But A Few, This Will Be All That Is Needed.

As The Earth Begins To Grow Darker And The Destruction Is Felt For Our Beloved Earth, Those Remaining Will Remember The Information And With One Second, They May Choose The Light! So The Expectation Of All Gathering Is To Be The Most Hopeful Outcome.

Believe Nothing Less!

The Old Earth Will Begin To Die, But Do Not Be Sad.

For These Remaining Will Gather And Harvest Again.

The Rain Will Come And The Wind Will Blow.

There Will Be Another Beginning, For Light Never Abandons And Love Will Heal The Dying Planet.

There Is No Place That Love Is Not Present.

God Is That Eternal Love!

The Journey Of Light Will Continue Infinitely!

You Will Ever Expand In Consciousness And Light!

We Bow To Your Endeavors! We Honor All Of Your Perseverance!

We Speak As ONE And Love You Eternally!

The Galactic Federation, Elder IKAI, Goddess AYA, LAKA, NEIOH, KABAMUR And AKATU!

With The Angelic Forces And The Power And Light Of The Fae,

WE Love You So!

**Received by Judith


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  1. unionylibertad

    This is an amazing message…Thank you dear beings of Love and Light of the The Galactic Federation, Elder IKAI, Goddess AYA, LAKA, NEIOH, KABAMUR And AKATU!

  2. Sunny



    GRADUATION ReBirth Mother Gaia