Guarding Yourself Against Other People’s Destructive Energy

Have you ever spent a day with someone who gave off all the wrong vibes, only to find out at the end of the day that they have rubbed off on you? If you know these difficulties, it means that you have higher energies than the average population, so it makes sense for you to protect yourself from low energies. When you are often surrounded by destructive people and don’t protect yourself, it wears you down and various mental and health problems arise from it.

When you spend time with someone toxic, the entire time you’re with them, their destructive energy upsets and drains your energy. You’re getting less and he’s getting more. That is why these people look for you repeatedly, because they feel great after meeting you. When it comes to protecting yourself from other people’s destructive energy, you need to be able to focus on your own.

Definitely don’t try to waste your efforts trying to turn a destructive person into a constructive person, because such an effort is always doomed to failure. Why? Because every person has energy according to how they think and unless they start thinking differently, their energy will not change. And the only way such a person could start thinking differently is that he has to make a decision himself and he has to start working actively and diligently on himself. Which is a task that is not yours at all, nor is this important decision yours. Cutting ties with those who are highly toxic is probably the best thing in any situation, as it saves your energy, nerves, health, and time at the same time.

Be careful who you let near you, especially your inner circle. Choose your friends wisely. Here are some ways you can protect your energy so that no one steals it from you:

Limit the amount of time you have to spend with them

This is basically the best way to protect yourself, because if there is no meeting or communication, your energy will not be stolen. For example, if this person is your co-worker, you limit your meetings to work only and no longer see each other outside of work.

Realize that any meeting with someone somewhere is an investment of energy and time. Consider if the person is worth it to you and if he is beneficial to your life, if you feel good with him. If not, you won’t miss it.

Focus on your own energy

It will happen that you meet someone new and you don’t even know that they are actually stealing your energy, or they will do it so badly that you won’t be sure and you will have a hard time rooting it out. When meeting new people, watch your energy, which, if attacked by something destructive, starts sending out signals. It is often sudden fatigue, headache, but mainly psychological symptoms such as despondency, reluctance, reluctance to do anything, in worse cases feelings that the world is bad, nothing makes sense, demotivation, depression.

If you suddenly find yourself mysteriously nervous, like a thorn, or becoming biting and nasty, even though it’s not in your natural nature, and the other person may even be nice to you and seem fine, it means that your the organism tries to defend itself at the energy level against foreign unpleasant energy, and in such a case, leave. If you don’t, the problem will get worse.

There are many among us who at first play the saint, but their pretense never hides their destructive energies. So focus on the signals your body is sending, because they are much more accurate than your logical judgment.

If you’re new to it, you’re just starting out, and you’ve never done it before, a simple guide is to take stock of what happened after the meeting, after you’ve said goodbye.

Are you well, happy and energized? – He was a good person.

Are you tired, grumpy, have a headache and don’t want to do anything? – That was a destructive person.

Once you learn this, move on to the next phase of remembering your symptoms and trying to track them down during the encounter as well. Then, over time, you will get to the stage where you can feel it at the very beginning of the meeting, because you will already know what to look out for. This ability is therefore mainly the work of life experience and observation.

Ground yourself Walking

outside barefoot in the morning dew, or often going barefoot to hug trees, will charge you with powerfully constructive energy. This will make you healthier, more vital and have a stronger aura. If you don’t know how to do it, here’s a guide: How to properly absorb energy from trees?

You can also draw energy from cold water (step into a shallow stream in the summer or take a cold shower), from natural crystals (take it in your hand), but also from constructive music or laughter.

When someone drains you, this is how you can pump yourself back up. Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely prevent any kind of energy theft, the system will always prepare you for situations in which you sometimes lose energy and you do not notice it. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt functional habits and procedures, thanks to which you can pump back the lost energy.

Never try to get your energy back by stealing it from other people (quarrels, blackmail, gossip). If you find yourself doing this, stop immediately. There are much better resources.

Visualize energy protection

For example, it can be white light meditation. This is a form of meditation where you use your third eye to imagine a white light emanating from within you, surrounding you and gradually filling your entire aura. This will protect you for the whole day.

Or you can imagine a portal in the sky from which a white light descends and envelops you.

You can also ask your guardian angels to be with you, guide you and protect you.

You can find more instructions and procedures on how to protect and cultivate your constructive energy in the book Guardian Angel . Find methods that work for you, that are easy and accessible to you, so that you can immediately reach for them whenever you need them.

**By Alue K. Loskotová

**Translation to English by


3 Replies to “Guarding Yourself Against Other People’s Destructive Energy”

  1. Claudia

    Thanks for asking Rob:
    Sounds like your “problem” is there for a reason, maybe even serving you well.

    Since you’ve obviously done a lot of thinking around it I’d suggest to try a NEW perspective to look at it.

    This is great. Talking to you makes me realize sth much bigger. “Giving = receiving” is what I’m getting. But I’m too aware of that so next comes I’m being shown “who” I’m talking to. And that encourages me to tell you this:

    Look for the opposite. Look for the good inside the bad. Be like as in “brainstorming” = allowing for really wild ideas because they come in big chunks only.

    Also BE like a brainstormer too, a little crazy and not heavy on your mind. The intellect is needed later, to digest/unfold what’s come in.

    A problem ALWAYS is the solution too, especially in “toxic” relationships.

    After all I suppose the answer you’re seeking IS on it’s way to you anyway.

    “Ask&it’s given”.


  2. Rob D

    Ok interesting article and topical for me some advice please if anyone can help.
    Unfortunately I have someone extremely toxic in my life, a very negative person who is around me on a daily basis (not my wife, really don’t want to say exactly but yes a family member).
    This person is extremely negative, always complaining, whinging about how hard life is, doesn’t want any help prefers to play the victim card and seek attention etc etc but basically I really don’t like being around them for any length of time as I feel a lot of the above – drained, frustrated, sometimes angry etc. and now I can start to see it affecting my son who is 3 years of age and quite sensitive as well.
    What is the advice in this situation please? I try to look at it from a reflection point of view and think ‘if there are things I don’t like about this person perhaps the reality is these traits are in me and it’s me I need to change in order to no longer be affected by this person.’
    Or is it a matter of taking on board the advice above and really just acknowledging that perhaps it is this person and their issue nothing to do with me? that I would be best to limit time where possible around them (which is really tough).
    Some days I think it must be karma from a previous life that I’m in this situation because it can be very difficult but that’s not a healthy way to look at it for any length of time.
    Thanks in advance for any input.