Taiwan chip giant warns against global supply devastation if China attacks

The Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is concerned that the recent visit from Nancy Pelosi will prompt a Chinese invasion, resulting in a shutdown of the company’s chip factories.

TSMC is one of the world’s primary suppliers of advanced microchips that are used in everything from smartphones to cars to missiles. Should Pelosi’s provocation result in a shutdown, well, that will spell an immediate end to the global supply of microchips.

“If you take a military force or invasion, you will render TSMC factory not operable,” stated chairman Mark Liu in a recent interview with CNN, adding that “nobody can control TSMC by force.”

“These are such sophisticated manufacturing facilities. It depends on the real-time connection with the outside world, with Europe, with Japan, with the U.S.”

More than half of the global semiconductor market is dominated by TSMC, which provides chips for Apple, Sony, and other major multinational corporations. If China stays true to its promise of taking back Taiwan in the event that Pelosi appears there, then that market could shutter – possibly overnight.

Is Pelosi (and the deep state) trying to start World War III?

If China invades Taiwan and tries to take it back as many believe will soon be the case, then TSMC factories will become “not operable,” Liu warned.

“Beijing, which considers self-ruled Taiwan its territory – to be seized one day, by force if necessary – said it would regard a Pelosi visit as a major provocation,” reported Insider Paper.

“Beijing’s sabre-rattling has increased in recent years, and the possibility of an invasion has intensified under Chinese President Xi Jinping.”

It is in the world’s best interests, Liu says, for TSMC factories to remain online and at full capacity – whatever it takes.

“From materials to chemicals and spare parts, to engineering software diagnosis, and it’s everyone’s effort to make this factory operable,” he added in the interview.

Why a drunken fool like Pelosi is even on an all-expenses-paid Asia tour right now in the first place, especially amid heightened tensions between the United States and China, remains unclear.

“Nasty Nancy is a communist just like her hero Xi,” wrote a commenter at Insider Paper. “This is all for show – if she goes, then it was scripted.”

“Exactly what is Brunhilda doing on an ‘Asia’ trip anyhow?” asked another. “Is she scouting some new stocks to grift?”

Someone else added that it is “an embarrassment” for Taiwan to still be dominating the chip industry, especially if the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ends up taking it over following Pelosi’s visit.

“America should END Taiwan’s dominance in the chip industry,” added another. “Bring it home before it’s too late.”

Perhaps it is already too late, though, as this is something – like many other somethings – that should have been done ages ago to avoid this type of scenario.

“How much did Nancy and her hubby invest in chip makers last week alone?” another commenter wrote, pointing to Pelosi’s controversial NVIDIA investments.

“Nancy Pelosi will be history by this time next year and is getting in as much overseas vacation time as she can and otherwise feathering her own nest on the backs of taxpayers while she still can,” chimed in another.

“If her corrupt greed compels her to provoke a war with China, it will not be good for America, but then again, that’s the story of her entire political career.”

**By Ethan Huff


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  1. Harrrie

    It’s amazing how many articles there are on this site that are blaming the Democrats, Liberals, Left for all the ills of the world. The authors of these anti-left articles don’t realize the Republicans are just as much to blame. It’s crazy to think that only democrats can ruin the US when you see the Republicans standing as the “No” Party for decades. They have been the No Party since before Clinton was president. It is bigotry at its least finest the way Republicans blame and hate the Democrats.

    I’m not saying Democrats have not added to our ills or they are blame free. But it’s impossible both logically and statistically for Republicans to not contribute to the ills of the country and the world. They are in our government too. They are active players in the secret world of kowtowing to the Cabal and Deep State too.

    Blaming one group in government for our problems is cheap and unproductive. It is just more of the same…. negativity, judgment, intolerance, naivete. It’s feeding loosh to the Deep State.