The Unification of the Holy Trinity Within

Since the Planetary artificial axial tilt (vertical collum) of 23.5 degrees was fully corrected on the 2nd, which was an 8-8 date, we are completing a MASSIVE MULTIDIMENSIONAL MERGING of ALL REALMS/ REALITIES/ HARMONIC UNIVERSES/ MULTIDIMENSIONAL SELF’S INTO ONE.

The Crystalline Core and Staff (vertical collum) of Earth is now fully aligned an locked into the Core and Heart of Andromenda, Lyra and Source, and no longer are we feeding our life force into any phantom Matrix systems. The inter-dimensional Gateways, Stargates and The New Diamond Grid continue to power up, open and activate. The Lyran Stargate which is at the Core of the story of our Fall in this Harmonic Universe, is undergoing full repair, reconnecting us with our HOME and Cosmic Consciousness.

This is deeply interconnected with the Healing and reunification of the Holy Trinity of our inner masculine, feminine and child as ONE. No longer divided, apart and separated but all merged as ONE within the Self. Shortly after a powerful personal experience of my own inner masculine and feminine energies birthing the Divine Child, the Christos-Sophia, our re-encrypted and upgraded Androgenous Divine Blueprints, from within the Holy Union, the first thing I saw when turning on social media was this picture of the Holy Family. I knew this was a powerful and beautiful confirmation of the completion of this very challenging process for us Collectively.

This is also now fully aligning our Merkabas, vertical, horizontal and diagonal alignments, spin rate, and our life force can now fully flow up our and down our spinal and central collum unhindered, as we BEcome THE LIGHTSHIPs & Stargates that we are!

We do not require ANYTHING outside of us. No technology, no tool, no substance, no other. We surely are being tested to make sure we have learned all we needed to, and integrated ALL OF OUR SELF!

All of our inner technology, history/ tribal records, Blueprints, and therefore Organic Ascension Realities, are all held within the film strip of our DNA.


That’s us ALIGNIng WITH our TRUE NORTH (TRUTH) and correcting our own inner artificial axial tilt (vertical connection to Source/ Truth) as we no longer suppress our Truth, no matter what the consequences! Our Truth has to become incorruptible, the same as us. All else comes from here as we also no longer allow and take on, the FALSE PROJECTIONS of others, that then project ARTIFICIAL/ FALSE REALITIES out onto the HOLOGRAM! That includes ours, and of those around us too, naturally. Once we can truly see ourselves clearly and re-member our TRUE SELF and essence, do we see others clearly too. That’s when we know God and that we are here atONE WITH SOURCE in all-ways, and that we came to embody God Source Consciousness. This is our 360 degree crystal clear vision coming online fully now! We regain crystal clarity, which results in us projecting out Crystalline clear Realities! A Diamond Consciousness, heart and mind, are the pure prisms through which our Consciousness shines..


ALL held withIN the film strip of OUR DNA & Morphogenetic field/ Blueprint.

ALL IS SET!! We keep powering and charging up & WE’RE READY to go!


This process started on the Solstice, 21.12.20, although time is truly a funny thing once we have GOne QUANTUM! We may feel like we’re losing our minds as many Multidimensional layers and truths are merging through and within us as ONE. Many of us have been purging deeply their core wounds, especially around the topic of betrayal by those closest to us or/ and a lack of support. I myself had to feel ALL the anger, frustration etc from many aeons that I have been holding underneath a layer of understanding. Whilst it is obviously part of our Multidimensional integration to understand why people are or do the things they do, we simultaneously can’t enable others, or our own, self/ destructive behaviours. This is where it all went wrong in the first place and the victim-victimizer games started playing out, where One protected their unacknowledged shadows onto the other, that other accepted / allowed these FALSE PROJECTIONS and didn’t stand in their Truth. These shadows is what have created entities, attachments and demons that then created a life of their own. I’ve shared more about this in my previous video updates. That’s how ultimately we have gone off course. Also, if we don’t fully acknowledge our own feelings and allow them to purge, then we can’t fully heal them.

As we correct the way we perceive Reality, we also correct our PROJECTIONS, which are based on the beliefs and thought forms we hold. So no matter what you believe in (lol) in regards to whether we live on a flat Earth, if this is an artificial simulation or not, ALL comes back to the Consciousness we hold, as this is what projects our Realities. Those of us that hold the Original Source and Seed Codes, and Organic Blueprints within their DNA to ensure our Ascension and the rehabilitation of our Blueprints, are literally holding the Blueprints for New Earth/ Organic Ascension Realities within their DNA.

This merging of Realities/ Timelines/ the Multidimensional Self is a really intense process that the forerunners are assisting in this now through their own Embodiment. I have been feeling at the edge of exhaustion just making it through the days, on most days. In my own experience it’s been a feeling of EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE unfolding and happening, although this is mainly and internal process, not much as such has to happen outside of us at all. It’s truly ALL WITHIN. I have had to balance a lot of things in my Reality, also having my daughter and her stepsister stay with me for the past two weeks and all of us in the kitchen/ living room of my mum’s one bedroom apartment. So no quiet me/time or space to myself as such, all whilst doing all that needs to be done on my own with no help. In the time I get to myself I try and relax a little as well as doing my part in getting us HOME, working with the field. So it’s very much about Multidimensional integration and being in all worlds at once and thankfully we now have re/gained the BALANCE and mastery that was missing, also connected to the shifts in the planetary magnetic field.

As this happens a lot of emotions are coming up from the collapsing Timelines/ Realities, memories, beliefs, thought forms. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s important we don’t attach or cling onto (anything) any specific beliefs. We have to question EVERYTHING as we have been lied to on so many levels. So unlearning is truly the highest form of learning. Also, as all the Timelines merge into ONE Organic Creatrix experience, it can appear as confusion of the mind, one moment we believe one thing to be true, the next moment that truth shifts and changes. THATS A GOOD THING!! That’s Multidimensional integration. Just allow it all to flow through you and keep dropping into your Heart and listen to its quantum intelligence that goes beyond what is logical, allow your brain to be the receiver and transmitter, it’s not a hard drive! Logic is going right out the window. We can know truth and not be able to explain it. What we’re accessing is Cosmic Consciousness and Intelligence, that is not of the mind, it’s not intellectual, but deeply rooted in the Heart and in Source. That also includes our mind and heart merging as ONE, as they come to Harmony, Balance, Unity and Coherence, but multidimensionality isn’t linear or logical in a 3D sense at all!

Right now it’s all about us RE-MEMBERING our True Self and what really happened. We have to remember the massive amount of lies and disinformation that we have been indoctrinated with, and that’s also very, if not more relevant, when it comes to spiritual beliefs, teachings and practices.




We are to become empty of the artificial ego minds false projections and beliefs, so God Source can full-fill us with Cosmic Consciousness instead, and not allow the separated ego to continue to project false Realities anymore because IT’S ALL GONE!! ANY MOMENT NOW WE ARE GOING TO COMPLETE THIS FULL RESET OF THE ONE CONSCIOUSNESS & OUR REALITIES! And from what I can see it goes beyond anything that has every been prophesied. Our TRUE history and tribal records are being fully re-membered now, which bring the Organic Ascension Realities fully online, all projected out from within us, out into the hologram. Continue to withdraw your energetic consent/ attention/ energy from the clown show/ fallen Realities!!


I’ll try to share more as and when I can, but as I’ve said before, this last step is very much an inside job. I’ve been guided to go very VERY deep into the self, field and subconscious of the Collective to resolve it ALL and do my part to get us HOME. It’s beyond words and massive of what is unfolding and I feel we can ALL FEEL IT!!


Just let all expectations to any specific outcomes go. Keep dropping your mind into your heart for them to become ONE as there is the most beautiful unification and balancing occuring between the two, as well as our right and left brain returning to its whole-brain state, as they merge and find coherence and harmony.

Keep trance-ending all fears as truly they are false evidence appearing real.

SEE THROUGH THE ILLUSIONS TO DISSOLVE THEM! That’s all that is needed now, to keep remembering none of this is real. Keep letting go of all that is false to merge with your One True Self, keep calling forth, filling yourself and all of Creation with more and more Pure Source iridescent opalescent Diamond White Light! For us to FULLY AWAKEN from the dream, and dream all new world’s into being, as we become atONE with the Zero Point Field. In the timeless NOW.


BE THE UNIFICATION of The Holy Trinity within,


Eternal Love & Blessings,

**By Ramona Lappin


5 Replies to “The Unification of the Holy Trinity Within”

  1. Julie (Jules) Nanos

    Truly lovely and spot on. Ascending the polarity/duality requires walking through the dark halls of the mind – cleaning out the cob webs, facing fears head on, feeling the feelings – seeing the ‘role’ that I’ve played in each “now” moment. Understanding that perspective is truth for each individual. Respecting my perspective, understanding that I am a part of the divine. I am a part of Source Energy. I am love. As gut wrenching as this process has been that is just as beautiful as it has been. There has to be balance. It’s the name of the game. The freedom in facing the fears and identifying the false projections! Treating my Earth Vessel with the utmost respect. Sugar free, gluten free, non-gmo, no artificial sweetener nor dye, no yeast, organic, free range, hormone and antibiotic free. Double purified water. Iodine and Potassium Iodide supplementation taken with Sea or Himalayan salt along with other essential supplementation. Energy healing (Reiki). Healing botanicals. No alcohol, drugs or cigarettes. Respect for this gift I’ve been given.
    When necessary, in this state of convergence I have put myself in a safe place. I have separated myself from those that I do not resonate with. For me, I’ve found that meditation, healing, writing out past hurts/harms and recognizing what they are for what they are. Dissolving polarity/duality – refusing to play the game of the false Matrix.
    My purpose is to heal those that seek it. To heal Gaia. To heal myself. To know myself. I truly love myself. In doing so to I love all perspective. To respect all perspective. I do not expect that everyone will be on this path. I respect that not all are awake.
    You’ve given me freedom. My roommate is indoctrinated. I’ve tried to put into words what is so very difficult to do. His response? A religious reference as history and it is the truth. I have no desire to disagree with him or persuade him to see what I see. I honestly don’t know where to begin. I’ve been on this path since I was born. I’ve been a seeker since birth. My life was altered on July 3, 2021. That day I decided to take care of my Earth Vessel and walk again. I began meditation, practicing astral projection and energy healing. A friend turned me onto Gaia. I watched Galactic Messages over and over. It truly resonated with me.
    I am so happy to have read your post. Great Love and Respect, Jules

  2. Carol schrader

    I too have been experiencing all of this it’s very deep so thank you for sharing

  3. Diamond Black

    Utopia Atlantis
    Utopia, everything is awesome. Abundance of anything and everything, You get real comfortable, Comfortable makes ya lazy, Lazy lowers your awareness. Awareness regresses to ignorance. Ignorance allows the shadows to slip by, Shadows start consuming the light, light fades to darkness, Darkness takes over. Lets see if the same mistake is made again, or will you never forgive and never forget so it DOESN’T happen again.
    I have already encounter “them” hundreds of times, and the light forces. I know them well, the $nakes & vulture$ and they will perch and wait once again for one to “get comfortable”.