Catastrophic Pharmaceutical Terrorism

What have we become as a race to have let the most brutal monstrous minds take over? Hitler-level psychopaths have appeared all over the medical and political world, telling people exactly what to do or else.

COVID genetic vaccines are medical and pharmaceutical weapons of mass destruction. You must take the shots does not matter if they will kill you or incapacitate you for the rest of your shortened life.

We must give the shots to our children; it does not matter that they are not at risk for dangerous COVID infections but are highly at risk for severe adverse vaccine reactions, including death. It does not matter that there were 86 stillbirths in Waterloo, Ontario, in 6 months. Nothing matters. They are right. You are wrong! And everything wrong needs to be censored.

It does not matter that there are people evil enough in Washington, D.C. that they would require all students aged 12 and older to get the Covid vaccine before returning to the classroom this fall. Students who don’t get their shots won’t be allowed in the school and could face expulsion via the Council of the District of Columbia.

It does not matter that there are 76,789 deaths and 6,089,773 injuries reported in the U.S. and official European databases for COVID vaccine adverse reactions. It does not matter that the FBI and every member of government sworn to protect America from foreign and domestic enemies have abandoned their oaths, allowing the most despicable terrorists to harm and kill so many innocents.

The FBI’s ten most wanted list would need to be expanded terribly, with Gates and Fauci as number one and number two most wanted. Number three public menace is the head of the World Health Organization. But, don’t worry, many saw Adolf Hitler as a savior for a long time.