Demystifying Light Language

Light Language is one of the most misunderstood and underrated spiritual modalities. It seems subtle and unassuming, yet it can become one of the most powerful and practical tools in the energetic toolbox of a healer, spiritual teacher or activator.

Once you are willing to open your heart and mind to the mystical sounds of Language of Light, you will see profound and rapid results that work beyond the conscious mind and on deep levels of your energy field.

However, in order to utilise the full potential encoded in Light Language, we need to bring more conscious understanding and intentional use to this beautiful modality. Let’s start by laying the groundwork and explaining what Light Language is, where it comes from, what is its purpose and most importantly: how you can activate this ability in yourself.


The term “Light Language” is used to describe a number of different phenomena which have one thing in common: channelling energy in the form of words or sounds that resemble a language.

Light Language can be a memory of languages that your Soul has spoken in previous incarnations, including the extraterrestrial ones – which means that if you are a Starseed, you have the ability to remember Languages you spoke as an Arcturian, Pleiadian, Sirian, Lyran etc. Light Language can also be the purest form of expression of your Soul’s essence or the energy of a land.

What is important to remember is that Light Language is not one universal language – in fact, there are various types of Light Languages, according to their origins. Which leads us to another question:

Where does Light Language come from?

Having the ability to channel nearly twenty unique Light Languages, I often get asked: when you speak Light Language, does it come from your Higher Self or do you channel something external?

In reality, both options are available.

Whilst some people are able to channel the Language of their Soul, others first activate Languages connected to their Starseed origins. Yet another option is to use Light Language to be able to channel the Land – sing the song of Gaia and her particular regions, an ability that is kept alive by many indigenous cultures.

Galactic Languages follow the same sound patterns, meaning that all the Arcturian Starseeds or all the Sirians would sound similar to one another. After all it is the same energy, only expressed and filtered through our human bodies. If you are curious about the unique sounds of various Light Languages, you can check The Light Language Library, a free resource I have prepared together with my students that contains multiple samples of 13 different light languages.

To sum it up, Light Languages can come from different sources. And depending on the origin of the Light Language, the activation process is slightly different.


You cannot really “learn” Light Language. There is no need for grammar books, memorising vocabulary and no stress about perfect pronunciation. It is an ability that you already have within you, stored in invisible codes inside your energetic field. Activating Light Language is like tapping into a hidden memory – that has always been there, albeit difficult to recall.

However, the manner in which you activate extraterrestrial languages such as Arcturian, Sirian or Pleiadian or languages from Earth’s ancient civilisation of Lemuria and Atlantis, will differ from activating the Language of Your Higher Self and Language of the Land.

Light Language of extraterrestrial origin normally gets activated when you come into contact with energies of Light Beings. In the presence of the strong Galactic energies, combined with intention, memories of your previous incarnations awaken and your language of Light starts to flow.

I have used this process repeatedly as a proven formula of activating languages of hundreds of Starseeds. And of course, I have gone through the same process myself whenever a new light language of Galactic origin activated. I have experienced it multiple times, first with the Arcturian, then Sirian, Pleaidian, Lyran Avian and Lyran Feline, Lemurian, Atlantean, Orion, Dragon and many others. I literally felt an incoming download, then as soon as I opened my mouth, there it was: a new Light Language.

The Light Language of Your Higher Self

The activation of the Language of the Higher Self is a totally different process. This language does not need any external energy as it comes from within. Whilst Starseed and Earthseed Light Languages follow similar sound and rhythm patterns, the Language of the Soul has got a unique sound, different to anybody else’s. It very often comes with melody and singing. It contains the very essence of Your Higher Self.

This is why the Language of the Higher Self does not need activating or downloading: it has always been there. However, the activation of the Soul Language comes in the tedious but rewarding process of ascension. You needed to strip all the layers, densities, karma, trauma, perceptions, stories. It takes diligence and dedication to “going for your own”, digging and digging and releasing heaps of karmic, past-life and this life and ancestral patterns. So if you are knee deep in muddy waters of inner work, take some courage – your Soul is waiting for you ready to express its purest sound in the Light Language of their own.


I asked myself this question for almost 15 years when Arcturian language first started to flow through me.

I couldn’t find the answer anywhere. It was a bit of a taboo subject. The modality was utilised by many spiritual teachers in guided meditations – but never spoken about. I supposed it was adding to their aura of mysticism and maintaining the impression that this ability is reserved just for the chosen few. But I didn’t believe it was.

So I kept asking my Higher Self and my guides. I kept practising and speaking. I kept digging into understanding. I kept “toggling” between dialects and playing “guess what language” or “guess what I am saying” with my husband Aeron, a fellow Starseed.

I developed understanding and inner knowing. I gained awareness which Beings energy is most beneficial in which situation. I started remembering how to master this powerful and delicate art to become useful in day-to-day life in 3D.

So what is Light Language good for? Here are just a few examples of many uses of Light Language:

  • For raising and attuning your own vibration and that of environment or cleansing the atmosphere – just like a Tibetan singing bowl or a smudge stick
  • For identifying your Starseed origins – as the first one that unfolds naturally is usually the one from your last incarnation before Earth
  • For transmitting powerful energetic upgrades or so called Light Codes
  • For healing – frequencies of various Galactic Beings encoded in their Light Language have therapeutic impact on human body, mind and soul
  • For activating ancient memories – people who come into contact with the frequency of a particular Light Language, often experience flashbacks of their past lives, for example in Atlantis or Lemuria
  • For activating supernatural abilities of Starseeds – I often utilise Light Language as a catalyst to help open other people’s abilities such as psychic gifts, channelling, etc.


There is one more purpose of Light Language that deserves its own paragraph.

As humanity climbs the steep but accelerated path of ascension, we face the challenge of establishing a new civilization based on higher consciousness frequencies.

However, as we see dysfunctional systems disintegrate, the challenge of becoming New Humanity is that we have a heavy baggage of experience and conditioning dragging us back down to 3D.

Even those of us who are ahead of the global ascension curve as New Earth leaders, teachers, innovators, and creators have all graduated from the harsh 3D school of life.

We’ve all felt low vibrational emotions, such as competition, lack and scarcity, territorialism, fear, insecurity, addiction, codependency, the need to be right, ego… Our experience and upbringing leave an imprint on even the most advanced and brave Souls. Everything is ingrained in our language and culture.

This is one of the reasons why channelling Light Languages from higher realms allows us to experience pure frequency of 5D and beyond.

It is pure, strong, unfiltered, and unadulterated.

It creates new perception pathways and geometries.

It transmits energy and information from higher realms and anchors it into the grid of this planet.



5 Replies to “Demystifying Light Language”

  1. YourChoice

    I have spoken Light Language. What happened is I was taking a video of a caterpillar, I was speaking to the caterpillar in English language.
    When I played the video I was speaking Light Language, but really I was speaking English when I took the video..
    Do you know why I was hearing English at the time but when I played the video I was speaking Light Language?

    1. Riya Loveguard

      Energy works in mysterious ways. It is difficult for me to comment on an experience that I was not a part of however what I would encourage you to do is to intentionally try and speak this light language again at will. It is available to you. And also monitor if it comes more often around animals. Certain Light Languages, for example Andromedan, have a very strong resonance and connection to the animal kingdom.

      1. YourChoice

        Hi Riya,
        I am so grateful for your reply❤️…
        I was watching you speak different Light Language, I believe the Language I spoke is Akashic…
        The area where I visit is innocent Re untouched, all is natural…also natural spring water.
        I have experienced a lot here, I love every moment, I look forward to what I will experience each time I am there..
        I will write you with all my experiences.
        Riya I am just so grateful and so happy you replied, I could not find how to contact you via your site…
        Thank you with every piece of me for replying❤️❤️❤️❤️

        1. Riya Loveguard

          You are most welcome. The Akashic language is the most powerful language of all – it can literally dissolve karma so proceed with gentleness. You can always reach out to me via my social media platforms!

          1. YourChoice

            I thank you so much Riya, I am sure you will know how grateful I am for you? I truly feel if it was not for your post I would still be wondering why I am here. This is so beautiful, now I know where to focus my energy, with assistance of course…
            I am just so grateful for you, I love you for sharing your knowledge..I will be in touch❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️