Greetings Lightworkers & Humanitarians!

We have endured much these many years together; it’s been rough at times for sure. However, the trials of our journey through this testing process have not been in vain.

The waiting and repeated disappointments have tempered the steel of our convictions to be strong and yet pliable for the next adventure. We traversed this process with strength and courage and have been assisted by the Higher Realms as well.

We may not have felt worthy at times and many of us still do not. But we were indeed chosen to experience this GREAT SHIFT and we made the decision to participate also. It was not a decision that we made lightly. It was pre-planned and contemplated before we even came back to Earth. We all chose to be here for this grand moment! Many, many other Souls wished to be here too, but we were specifically chosen after volunteering for this mission.

We do not take this mission lightly. For we have all battled countless lifetimes of hatred and fear to get here now. The experiences we’ve had along the way were preparing us all for what lies ahead. We will be strong, kind, compassionate and full of love. We will share our gifts with the utmost care and consideration. We are of the Earth and come up from the ranks of those who have experienced lack ourselves. This experience will help us to eradicate lack with a swift motion, a flick of our swords. Soon after, we will then be able to lay down our swords and let them rest.

The time is now that we are to step into our new mission and start our lives from scratch! We have been hiding in our cocoons for years now. Gathering our strength and recreating our bodies, minds, and spirits. It is time for us to break out of our cocoons and breathe new life into the New Earth. We indeed are the meek of the Earth, but we are also mighty. We use our Mighty I Am Presence to connect with our Creator, Mother and Father God; the Company of Heaven, Our Galactic families, Gaia and all her Kingdoms and all other Lightworkers and Starseeds. Together, we can do anything!

Our Soul Sparks are here too, and they give us strength and courage. All the lives and times we have experienced are here now, connected to us. We claim our wisdom and talents from all the lives we have lived. Past, present and future time doesn’t exist. We are all connected in the NOW. NOW is the time for us to manifest this New Earth!! Together. Let’s bust out of our cocoons and spread our wings. Allow them to drip dry and then take off together. Shall we? Will you join me?

You are my brothers and sisters, and I am honored to be here, standing tall with all of you!! When I look out over our gorgeous home of Gaia, I see your lights shining brightly. Yes, we have been keeping them dim as we struggled through these changes. But now, let’s step out and blast our love and light for everyone to see.

We will gather together in the future, make no mistake! There will be grand events worldwide where we can share love, hugs and talk about our projects. We will discuss what we are creating in the New Earth. And in so sharing, we will continue to inspire others to listen to their hearts. Then, we will bless them with our gifts and nurture their creative spirits so they may bless others.

Our metamorphosis is now complete! It’s time for our new lives to begin. Are you ready? Don’t worry, we’re in this together and we are supported and loved more than we can comprehend. I’m honored to be here with you, dear brothers, and sisters of the light! Namaste!

With Love & Light,
Dancing Dolphin Diana


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  1. YourChoice

    I am grateful for you sharing❤️…
    You are not alone, please do not ever forget this! Feel blessed you are here in this time of turmoil? We may be the “black sheep” of the family, but that is special to me? What we think is rebelling, is really us being us! No-one has a right telling us how to be, we are not owned! No one can tell us we are “wrong”, it may be wrong to them, but we are not them? My motto is, ‘treat people how you want to be treated’…
    Please do not feel ashamed for you being you! You are me, I am you!
    Please do not ever feel your time here is complicated? We are all one!
    I am going to write you a huge message❤️…

  2. Alhan

    Namasteh my sister..
    I thank God for making me find what I was wondering about..
    Since my childhood, I have felt that I do not belong to this planet and its inhabitants.
    I was feeling something strange..look at my body and said I was surprised, Glory be to God.
    Since my childhood, I feel that I do not belong to my family and we have never been on good terms, especially the mother and then the father.
    I don’t feel like anyone understands me.
    I hated injustice and hated the ideas of the people of the earth, and I found them illogical and rejected, and I was always rebellious.
    Since my childhoodI have been looking at the stars and crying and longing for people I do not know..I look at the stars with a wild and sad nostalgia and I did not know why I always used to tell my earthly parents that you are not my parents until I knew the sincerity of my thought and feeling only seven days ago and I was happy…
    I always found my imagination taking me to a strange paradise and a wonderful world in which all comfort, love and indescribable tenderness.Facebook and I was completely shocked and I was honestly happy with my feeling and I read about the seeds of the stars I always asked myself why I am here and when I will go and I can no longer bear and pray to God day and night to take me from here and I tried to commit suicide more than once and I thought of suicide a while ago until fate led me to that page ..
    I know who I am, who I am, and why I am here.
    It is difficult and painful, my sister. It is very painful. They do not understand here, even though we speak in an easy and transparent way, especially with the family. They are the closest people to us, and yet they hurt us a lot.
    I am ready to be with you and I want to move. But the issue of tolerance is difficult, it has been repeated for a long time and my energy is running out..
    I have a question about the subject of the agreement that we made to volunteer for the mission to go down to earth. I do not remember. I tried again and again, but I do not remember, and also when to return.I miss my father and my country so much.
    I love you all and nice to meet you.
    My name is tunes from Syria
    I am 39 years old, born in July.
    I hope to communicate with you

  3. YourChoice

    I am so ready!!
    I have not known why I am here, for so long I did think I was a test to see how much one could take, I always said, ‘is that it, bring it on’…
    I have never ever been phased with anything, others would be frazzled…
    Now I know why I am here…not as a test/challenge?
    How beautiful, I have finally found my purpose, there is nothing more important than to give/show others love, we are all equal, no one is “above/better”. I could go on and on and on etc… I have only just found my purpose now. I love you all from head to toe, inside and out, every piece of me❤️❤️❤️

    1. sonja zoghlami

      “Votre choix” votre commentaire m’a donné des frissons de bonheur. Je me sentais pareil depuis mon enfance toujours en révolte avec ce système 3D. Maintenant je ne suis plus que dans l’Amour la solidarité l’entraide et toutes les choses positives . Merci à vous et beaucoup d’Amour à vous. De Sonja.

      1. YourChoice

        Hi Sonja, thanks so much for your msg. I am trying so hard to read your msg, I do not know how to read French, I will find a way though. I am very curious as to what your msg says🥰.

      2. YourChoice

        Hi Sonja, I used the translation, my sincere apologies, I hope I didn’t upset you. How weird is it, you are physically so far away, I cannot read your words, I would not know what you were saying if I was to hear your words, however our feelings cannot seperate us, how beautiful this is. I am so happy you replied to me, I was never sure if I was the only one who felt this way?
        Do you love your own company?
        I do, I am not a “snob”, but I cannot be bothered listening to what we say “shop talk” re price of apples etc… I prefer my own company, I love my own company, I love to learn & have interesting hobbies…
        Let’s keep in contact🤗

          1. YourChoice

            Hi Sonja,
            I am curious as to how you would explain, ‘why we are all 1’….
            I hear/read many people say, ‘we are all 1’, however I never hear/read why/how they believe this?
            I am a curious soul…
            Sending love to you xxxxxxx

          2. sonja zoghlami

            Hi! Your choise. I think that since we all come from the same divine source of love we are all united with this source. We are all one being a multitude . Love unites us as one source.
            This is my understanding of we are all ONE. What do you think of my analysis? I traduct this message with google it is not perfect sorry for the erreurs.
            I wish you a good day or a good night depending where you leave.

          3. YourChoice

            Hi Sonja,
            I agree with your analysis, I thank you for replying to my question….
            I live in Victoria Australia.
            Love from your friend, Tracey xxxx

          4. sonja

            Hy Tracey. WWGOALLWEGO ONE. ONE for ALL and ALL for ONE.
            Thank-you for your message . I leave in Sud of France.
            Imagine a concert of John Lennon ( I love him). A million humen listen and love ONE star John. We are millions and millions on Gaia who loves the ONE the first Créateur So the ONE leaves in your heart and your heart is just love .God is love.
            Wouaouh! You leave in a wonderfull land . I love the arborigènes they have a great respect to Gaia. Read you soon Tracey from Victoria

          5. sonja zoghlami

            Hi my friend . C’est bizarre le dernier message que je t’ai envoyé n’a pas passé c’est dommage je te parlais de John Lennon et de sa chanson “imagine” si tu pouvais l’écouter tu comprendrais qui il était. Il dit lui même qu’il se trouvait tantôt dans la boue et tantôt dans l’abondance ceci provenant de Akatu des pleiades .Est-tu une maman ? moi oui et une grand-mère. J’ai 2 grands enfants et 4 petits enfants je les bénis chaque jour. Vers quels êtres de lumière te sens tu le plus proches ? Moi ce sont les pléiadiens et les arcturiens . Je t’envois pleins d’Amour et de lumière et à la prochaine de te lire.

    1. Don Spectacularis


      I’ll admit it’s a dumb abbreviation but it isn’t hard to work out.


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