Cooperation and Encouragement

In your youth, the biggest lie that your mentors ever told you was one that they, too, had been raised to believe. It’s a lie that seemed to make sense to them and, at the time, it probably did to you as well.

We are emerging from the Old Reality, where abuse of power was rampant. If a person or an organization gained a power advantage over others, they would often use that to make gains for themselves at the expense of others. Now that we are entering the New Reality – one which is based upon heart-centered consciousness – people who abuse power will eventually be seen, not as winners in a competition, but as undesirables or even sociopaths.

The lie which now comes to light is this: That it’s ‘bad’ to have personal power.

However, we are here on earth in order to find our way back to that from which we originally came. In order to make the journey back to God consciousness, we have to keep adding to the power of our minds and our spirits until we reach our final destination. Personal and spiritual growth will continually add to our personal power.

There is nothing bigger or more powerful than Infinite Being, acting as the One Creator of the universe. One day, you will become one with that in your realization and your mind and spirit will, by definition, be bigger than the universe. Between now and that final stage in the evolution of your consciousness, you will experience continual, balanced growth in mind and spirit.

The truth that each of us now needs to face is this: You are here on earth for the purpose of spiritual growth so you will grow in mental and spiritual ability. That means more personal power and, with it, a greater ability to help others.

Your mind will grow in understanding, in intuitive wisdom, and in its ability to serve all forms of life in greater and more meaningful ways. Your spirit will grow as you help others to grow in their situations and their abilities.

The purpose of becoming a big-minded, big-spirited person is to be of big service to others.

Then, in the manner of the New Reality’s heart-centered consciousness, you improve the world for the benefit of everyone. Life is no longer about competition. There are no winners and losers any more, just people who grow by continually doing better than they did before and by encouraging others to do likewise.

Trying to pull a person down for doing a better job is no longer productive. In fact, in the New Reality, it is counter-productive. Everyone should encourage everyone to do everything as well as they possibly can. Genius should be accepted and encouraged, as it benefits everyone. When Mozart was just 5 years old and already composing, would it have been better to see him as a pretentious brat or as a genius to be encouraged? The answer is obvious and, to this day, the world enjoys the fruits of his creative efforts.

The Shift to heart-centered consciousness on planet Earth is not an option. It is happening regardless of anything anyone says or does. It’s a cosmic event that is bigger than the planet and bigger than our solar system. The Shift is happening and the New Reality will continue to emerge until it becomes simply, the Reality.

Heart-centered consciousness creates a movement away from the old attitude of competition. Tomorrow’s world will be built on the New Reality ethic of cooperation and mutual encouragement.

When the world becomes filled with mutual respect and support, you’ll be able to wake up every day knowing that each new day will be better than the one before.

**By Owen Waters


2 Replies to “Cooperation and Encouragement”

  1. Geoff Turner

    Boring. Don’t copy other people ideas and present them as something new that comes from you.

    Your message is old, tired and very very boring.

    Bring something new to the table or don’t sit at it at all.

  2. john

    ”knowing that each new day will be better than the one before” so looking forward to this. much love to all.