How to Train Your Intuition

We all have some degree of intuition. Some of us choose to listen to it and others choose to ignore it. Listening to your intuition can get you through the toughest times in life if you pay enough attention.

If you don’t seem to have intuition, or you rarely get intuitive feelings, you may need to work on training your intuition. There are lots of things you can do about it.

Intuition is the way our higher self speaks to us. It is a way for the superconscious to reveal things to us that we would otherwise not notice on our own.

The more you work with your higher self, the stronger your intuition will become. Here are some of the best ways you can train. Some are simple and yet can make a huge difference.


Meditation is a good way to get to know yourself and what we have inside. It will allow you to merge with your higher self. You can meditate on various topics, but it is also interesting to have conversations with yourself, when you lie down, relax completely and start thinking about your thoughts, to which the answers will automatically jump out at you without thinking about them. Notice that the answer jumps out before you can finish the sentence in your mind – and this is how intuition works. Train it, perceive it, notice how it works and then try to catch it in the physical world in normal operation.

Talk to yourself

Self-talk is a sign of high intelligence and gives you space for your higher self to manifest here. The more you talk to yourself, the easier it is for your higher self to respond. It is a thought that comes as a reaction or response to your thinking and acting. When something annoys you or you have a problem, start talking to yourself and discuss the problem with yourself. Say what you are afraid of and what you are thinking about, or ask yourself how you feel or why you feel that way and then answer it as if there were two of you. Play psychologist and feel free to call yourself by your name. If you can be relaxed about it and give it a completely free flow, it may happen that you suddenly answer everything and solve it for yourself – that was your guide, your higher self. And if you don’t, you’ll definitely feel relieved as you release pent-up emotions, frustrations, and fears.

Pay attention to how things make you feel

Our intuition almost always comes in the form of a feeling. It is nervousness, restlessness, fear, reluctance to go somewhere, reluctance to see someone, reluctance to read something. When intuition says don’t do it, this is not good, very often it manifests as heavy dill and dislike, even though you are otherwise hardworking and inquisitive. Or suddenly you feel that it’s an absolutely useless waste of time and you don’t even know why you’re so terribly uninterested in it. When you want to overcome that feeling by force, it weakens you terribly, you can’t even concentrate. Or they endow you with a sense of fear and insecurity when they see you going where you shouldn’t. On the contrary, it guides you to the right things with enthusiasm, the compulsive thought that you want to do something, say something, go somewhere.

You can also try it on articles, websites and YouTubers. When you come across a horse or a person with a strong destructive energy, your intuition gives you the feeling that you are wasting time, or burdens you with a huge insurmountable dill, or the YouTuber is so annoying that you immediately turn it off, but you don’t know why. because he said nothing to offend you.

However, if you put in the work and research the content, you’ll find that it’s really bullshit and that your intuition was trying to save you a few hours of time so you wouldn’t waste your energy on it.

It also works with books. When you take it in your hand, you suddenly feel that it is a waste of time, or on the contrary, you feel warmth and enthusiasm. Record this feeling and then explore the book. You will find that your gut has told you exactly whether the book is good or not.

Do your research, notice how it works, and then you can intuitively choose the right content for you without wasting your time and energy on nonsense.

If I were to point out a few examples, books that I felt were a waste of time in the extreme and after researching it was confirmed: Bible New and Old Testament, Sensei from Shambhala, Allatra those fat dogs, Influencing reality.

On the contrary, I remember the enthusiasm and warmth of Radical Forgiveness, Life with High Intelligence, or when I found my first big book about UFOs: Contacts in the attic.

It works on humans too. You feel that someone is a waste of time and that you don’t want to see them, but you don’t know why, maybe you’re just going on your first date and you don’t know them at all yet. Or, on the contrary, you feel enthusiasm and joy.

What is good energizes you and what is bad weakens you. Your intuition will tell you immediately. Learn to feel it. It might take you some time, but it can be trained.

Attention, destructive people have it the other way around, they are attracted to destruction and evil, on the contrary, constructive energy irritates them and makes them aggressive. Because of this, you will meet people who will tell you how great this thing is and how wrong you are and how stupid you are if you don’t want to read or listen to it.

It is precisely because they have the opposite polarity, this destructive energy controls them and by contact with further destruction it becomes stronger and has more control over them… Don’t waste your time arguing with them about it at all, it is pointless and you would lose energy.

Trust yourself even if you find yourself swimming against the current – despite everyone who says how great it is – you will eventually see that you knew it right. The majority is not always right, it is often the other way around. Other times, it’s that you’re not mature or ready for the matter, and therefore your intuition tells you not to deal with it – just yet. Because there is a right time and a right place for every person.

Test your hunches from time to time

Try to guess what color the next car you meet will be, what license plate, which scratch card is a winner, what number will fall on the dice. Some people are good at this. Even if you miss, you’re training yourself. Never overthink it, learn to catch the first thought or feeling that comes.

Learn to see things from a distance

Remove yourself from your situation and look at it dispassionately from the outside, as if it wasn’t yours at all. Your intuition can’t work for you if you’re always drowning in worry and deep in your problems. When you learn to have perspective and find peace of mind in yourself regardless of adverse life circumstances, intuition is given space in that silence and perspective. Don’t be biased, weak-minded, sorry, and don’t take personal dramas to heart. Cultivate your inner peace.

Pay attention to your dreams

Sometimes we are sent messages in our dreams and some dreams are prophetic. Pay attention to all the little things and everything that stands out. In the morning when you wake up, try to go through your dreams, to remember what happened in them. If they were very intense, write them down.

Get off the beaten track

every once in a while Take time out and disconnect from your everyday routine every once in a while. This can really stimulate your intuition. It can be little things, like suddenly changing direction and going a different way, suddenly changing plans, suddenly trying something new, making a spontaneous decision.

Some people fight back against the mind-numbing routine with completely crazy stunts, like trying to eat yogurt from the other side. They say that if we do an ordinary thing in a completely different way than we are used to, suddenly that completely ordinary thing will be terribly interesting, it will stick in the memory, awaken a person emotionally and strengthen his receptivity and anchoring in the present moment, so that he feels more alive and more aware. In addition, it also encourages imagination and creativity.

**By Alue Loskotova

**Translated to English by