Platinum Fleet: Wave Across 5 Continents

Greetings, Friends! We have some information and joy here!

We’re back after a short break in our direct communications!

According to our Elder Masters, large-scale external containment will soon begin!

The clumsy jerks are like “silly cockroaches” looking for a hole to hide.

They have resorted to diabolical rituals in order to get more ectoplasm for their schemes.

Evidently, they will not be successful.

They’ve spent the last two years draining humanity from this Realm, feeding off fear and chaos like never before.

However, the tap was turned off thanks to our indirect and direct interventions! Hallelujah!

Furthermore, as the Light of this Realm increases, the masked ones continue to blame themselves for their own moral misconduct.

In this technological environment of so many transmissions, many, still, due to their personalities in particular environments far from the “spotlight”, are not able to transmit our messages and, when they insist, they only recycle our previous transmissions.

Certainly, there are many who wish to communicate with us and convey our messages and we have prepared no more two (Europe and Asia) as we mentioned in our previous messages, but also a 14-year-old young transmitter from the African Continent.

This Realm will also experience in the coming months many changes on the physical level, where there will be necessary and important adjustments for the unfolding of the other ascension scrolls.

These agitations will not only be in the external physical environment, but, as we have continually warned, also within each of you that, thanks to your efforts and efforts from Heaven, a quantum for great transformations has been achieved.

And it will thoroughly scour and cleanse the face of this holy realm that, for eons of time, has been seeking this rebalance!

From the “Garden of the Sacred Eden” to the present day, there has never been such an infusion of luminosity that moves from our Galactic Cosmic Center and we, allied Comrades, are privileged to see these entrances and illuminations in the 7 planes of this reality!

You will perceive a “wave” that will come and pass through the 5 continents initiating such adjustments.

This will also unlock the spiritual vision of many and they will come to value their interior much more than their exterior.

This Kingdom, despite its dazzling wonders, was also the scene of situations that touched our hearts in the most diverse ways and we wish to see them, completely, in their original Eden luminosity!

Hosanna, Hosanna!

The Heavens revel in this immediate possibility in this cosmic time!

We hear the bells tolling and celebrate with this one FINALLY! Hallelujah!

Allies, you will also begin to interact more with the Devic Realms of this reality!

There’s a lot that will come and go like in fairy tale books!

You must know that these tales tell the truth that has been hidden!

These sacred realms are ready for this re-connection with many of the surface humanity!

And by the way, we are going to start preparing many of you for contact with us in more remote rural environments!

We need it to be that way, for now.

Our Elder Masters say this is necessary due to the intense vibration in the grid that we would cause if we landed in busier environments at the moment.


We are looking forward to this hug!

We love mountains and rocky environments! “Run for the hills!…”

We hope to see you so much closer, and not just through our on-board computers!

May the Source grace us with such a blessing!

Enjoy the linearity time you still have, Comrades :D, as time dissolves faster than ever!

Hallelujah! Our Arcturian Comrades are excited to “push buttons” to dissolve time as it is perceived and this is shaking up the overlapping dimensions!

This is interesting!

We wanted you to see it from the field of vision we have!

Our devices (ships) are continuously moving between various dimensions and, meanwhile, we are watching how all this transition affects all realms, simultaneously!

Be very careful not to drop a glass of water in your environment, because in an overlapping environment they can cause a tsunami…

That’s enough for now!

There is more information coming from trusted environments.

Be ready, always!

We will be reporting more and more as our Elder Master Teachers authorize!

It’s a direct message, because we missed this contact with you!

We’re happy with the way things are going and the necessary revolutions afoot, as the Child Eaters are captured and taken away from this rising Realm!

Little time left on your human count a for our most direct contact!

In the meantime, as we said before, look for us in the most rural areas!

Makes it easy for us!

Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing, they might try to impersonate us and carry our messages!

Every day, a new domino falls and pushes another one to the next move!

It is the cycle of continual growth and expansion of all our cosmic souls!

Keep taking the steps that need to be taken without fear, understanding that certain setbacks are necessary, and that doesn’t mean loss, but a strategic action!

Know when to stop or back off! Use wisdom!

One step back is sometimes necessary for two long ones forward! Believe!

Borders are being dismantled! Unification is near! Love will prevail!

Heaven has decreed, and so it shall be!

This is not just our will.

This is a DECREE!

Know this, Comrades!

Oh dear ones!

Know that the countless Fountains and endless Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours!

We will return when appropriate!

It’s good to talk to you again!
It always is!
See you around!


**Received by Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL)


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