The Telosians: Purification

Peace be upon you, dear children of planet Earth. We talk to you about Peace because it is what you need most right now. Many events happen on the ground of your Earth and you can see that all these events, fires of a large number of forests, floods, land collapses etc. …, which happen on a large part of the continents bring you a certain anxiety.

Indeed, in the face of all these events you have deep within you, this anguish of losing either your home, or seeing your beautiful landscapes destroyed, blackened by flames or flooded.

Dear children of planet Earth know that all this is not meant to scare you, it is important that you become aware of it. All this is the purification necessary for the Earth and its humanity in order to reach the New Earth in the greatest Peace.

We have often told you about the New Earth towards which you are moving fast. Yes, we say “fast” but know that for this to be done in the best possible way it is important and necessary that your planet and your humanity be cleansed, cleansed of all negative feelings, cleansed of all the struggles that are happening between various countries, that they be pressed and rinsed in multiple ways in order to reach the New Earth.

You will say: “Yes the Earth needs to be purified and so does humanity, but can this not be done in a gentler way? »

It is important to know that your planet, and therefore yourselves, are part of a huge galaxy that itself is part of a large universe and that everything in the universes is transforming to rise to a much stronger and more powerful Energy than the one you are currently experiencing.

It is not only the Earth that rises in other dimensions of consciousness, your galaxy too and as we have just said the universe too. This is currently a general purification of the universe. But, you who still live partly in third and fourth dimensional energies, the tremors are strong and powerful around you.

A few months ago we told you that the year 2022 would be disrupted, you currently have many examples. So what to do about this situation that worries you in a certain sense?

We will tell you this: it is important that you keep calm, that you understand that all this is purification, great purification. Without this purification by the elements of fire and water you would stagnate and not advance towards the 5th dimension. For now, everything seems disturbed to you but at the universal level it is a very good thing that is happening: a cleansing of the Earth, its energies, a cleansing of the energy of humanity and of each human being. Do not doubt that everything that touches the ground of the Earth, fires, floods is also, and above all, the purification of your beings deep within you.

We have often told you: the Earth and you are one. Everything that happens on Earth also happens deep within your cells, your atoms, your electrons. So these purifications on the soil of the Earth are your purification. It cannot be otherwise. That is why you are currently feeling the suffering of the Earth which sees its beautiful forests to which it gave life, being destroyed, blackened …But do not doubt that after all this, life will resume its course and we tell you that the trees, the plants that have been charred for a time will grow back with a New energy.

Yes, new trees, new plants will grow on purified soils and they will have a much more powerful energy than they had before. You who have felt these burns deep within you, you will be reborn to energies much more powerful than those you are currently experiencing.

Dear children of planet Earth, do not see these events with terror, see them with thanks in your heart understanding that you and the Earth are flying to a new world of Purity and Peace.

Purification as you have experienced it in your country of France will fade in a few months. Other more political or other events will take place but know that we are watching hard and that we will not let your rulers act like capricious little children.

Dear children of the Earth, we are your brothers of Love and Light and we watch over your happiness in your hearts.

**Channel: Marie-Josée Andichou


6 Replies to “The Telosians: Purification”

  1. 💥

    There’s sew much more to this equation
    We R the KEY
    One Unity Consciousness
    The most POWerful pill
    humanity’s hurdle…
    Quantum LEAP Forward

  2. Afee

    I agree with Neil. The globalists/Kazarians/Draconians/deep state/world destroyers have been revealed and are out of hiding. They wish to intentionally destroy our civilization. I am actually no longer sure how to beat them. I just keep wishing for positivity/intervention and a future paradise to arrive sooner rather than later. Time is running out now.

  3. Neil

    …”not meant to scare you…”???
    The droughts, flooding, wildfires and subsequent destruction of crops and the economy IS intentional AND meant to put you in fear and misery. While friendly forces may be doing their best to mitigate the ongoing disasters, the ‘destroyers of worlds’ are most certainly doing what they do best. Count on that.
    I fail to see how the salting of the earth with toxic nanoparticulate metals equals “purification”, but maybe the channel’s source could address the entire picture next time for the adults in the room. Thank you.

    Geoengineering Watch-
    Wildfires as a Weapon: US Military Exposed:
    The Dimming:

  4. Kyrielle

    Another thing to remember about fire, when a forest burns, the carbon and nitrogen of the existing forest is returned back into the soil. This creates a massive nutrient boost to the soil, often replenishing it of nutrients that had been depleted or imbalanced.

    So what regrows from the remains of a fire is more vigorous, hardy, and healthy.

    The same is also true of floods via silt deposits.

    If we look at our general farming practices throughout the centuries, we have stripped the land of its nutrients. These events are replacing those nutrients. It’s like…what if God decided to fertilize the soil?