Archangel Raziel: Life in the After Life and the Role of Angels

Dear friends, I am present tonight among you in the name of the Divine Presence I Am, as you sometimes call it. I am an angel, one of those you place in this category angels, I am Raziel.

Is it important for us to give some details? A few details of language, behavior, habit, attitude, in the face of certain events that you are experiencing, so I will be very very clear with each of you, too clear, perhaps even, sometimes.

You are living in a time of fear. You live in an era that is played between non-light and Light. In these moments, in these final moments, because they are at the end of a cycle, in these moments, I would like you to understand that what we call non-light, which in fact does not scatter the totality of the light, continues to try to scare you, dear souls, continues to try to control you. What a pity, but that’s the rule I would say, the game would say other angels, but I know it’s not a game for you. I know that for you, the world that you manifest by your pure Consciousness is not an illusion for you, it seems so real, so serious, so important.

So, I insist that you leave the fear, so that you know that everything that is being prepared, everything that is on the way, all the major events, are all there to shake up an unconscious world. I insist on the term unconscious, in other words, perhaps who does not use his divine Consciousness and who leaves to others the power to use it.

The world you manifest is made of pure consciousness and pure Love. Each of your thoughts, related to your emotional plans, creates around you the circumstances you call reality. This is what you think, the ordered patterns of thoughts that you have that constitute your world, and that will also constitute even the other worlds, that is, those that you will join when you are going to leave this one of the world, when you are going to leave this manifested world around you.

So, in this end times, in this Armageddon, in this end of the cycle – there are many names to the period you are living, the last weapons of shadow, of non-light, are to make you believe that there is no Hereafter, that there are no angels, that you are under the control of external powers that seek only to feed on your belief, of your prayers, of your love. I invite you not to believe in this, because in truth, what creates this is precisely what feeds on you.

These beings, as always, as for all purposes of the cycle, do everything so that you escape the gaze of the angels, so that you cannot be helped either on Earth or beyond the Earth, because, if you really think you are being used by the angels, if you think that the powers of the afterlife of the Light are powers that seek your energy, if you think so, then your consciousness will create a repulsive field, it will oppose divine benevolence.

What does this field of thought nourish? Ask yourself the question. No one is forced to believe in angels and Heaven or in the Light, but to believe in nothing is to create this nothing, in this world and in all the other worlds in which you are going to go.

Those who think that there is no life after death, will go through an intermediate stage where they will be in a kind of vacuum. This will last for a short time, because the slightest prayer of someone who is still on Earth will come to bring to their side benevolent energies that will come to help them, that will come to seek them. But those who think they are nourishing an energy, will find an energy that feeds on them.

Dear friends, your experience on Earth is an experience of Love, an experience of compassion, an experience of the power that also composes you, that is, vis-à-vis this power that composes you, the understanding of being the all-powerful creators of your world, of your truth. And yes, there is no truth, not one thing that can be stated and that is true for everyone. This is not true, no truth is absolute. To say that everyone is going to die is not even true. There are beings on your Earth who are immortal. To say that if you jump ten floors you will die, it is not true. Search in your History, you will see that some have managed without problems.

I’m not saying to try, of course, I’m just telling you that you live in your truth, and you will always live in your truth, that is, the whole world around you, this illusory existence but which seems real to you, I know, will adapt to what you think is true, in the depths of your beliefs, in the depths of your love. Existence, what surrounds you, is made only of that.

What you give power to will have power. What you leave your power to I was going to say again, but here I’m not even talking about power anymore; I’m talking about what you leave out, it will eventually self-destruct what you leave out, and I’m not just talking about political powers, I’m talking about everything. Leave your friends out a little and you will lose them. Leave aside your loves and you will lose them.

What you embrace, what you love, you attract it. You attract similar energies, not always exactly what you want, but similar energies for sure, and what you leave out will eventually disappear, no longer exist in your truth, perhaps in someone else’s truth, but not in yours.

So you begin to understand that many people only have the power you give them, and we are one of those “people.”

If your mind, your consciousness takes away our ability to help you, we will no longer be able to help you. You will form like an energy barrier that will prevent us from helping you, if that is your desire.

God’s desire is for us to help you. And what is your desire really? Will you continue to give in to all those who, in one form of argument or another, continue to tell you that only the visible exists and that the Invisible does not exist? They will eventually convince you that the air around you is unreal, and yet it is invisible.

Choose what resonates in your heart, but understand this, dear friends. We see souls a little lost at this moment, beings who have left this plan and who, no longer knowing which saint to pray and which person to believe, are a little lost in limbo between two worlds.

So, it is time perhaps today, that I explain to you what happens on the day of your departure from the earth plane.

I ask for the accompaniment of the archangel Michael, – Michael, as some say, to express myself with him on this point, because it is a journey that he knows well. You are no longer children, you can now hear our speeches, begin to understand them.

You live in the world of your consciousness. In other words, everything you see is actually the manifestation that seems real to you, of the state of consciousness in which you are. Then, the Hereafter obeys the same rule but in a different density, because it does not obey the rule of the physical body this new illusion, it obeys the rule of the astral, mental, emotional, spiritual body.

The rule is always the same. When you leave this world, you will create the appearance of your beliefs in the Hereafter. If you believe in any god of any religion, he will appear to you. He will be the pure white Light you will encounter. If you believe in the Garden of Eden, you will see a garden. If you believe that your soul deserves damnation, you will see damnation too.

So you will cross, at first, the space of your beliefs after death, as you still call it. It only lasts for a while.

Most of you don’t really have a definite belief. In such a case, it is your Higher Consciousness, your Higher Consciousness will receive you in its All-Light, in its All-Power.

The latter will show you your existence. You will then see the energy, as if you were there, of everything you have experienced. Many memories will come back to you that you have now totally forgotten, but in this reading, which is quite fast, you will see each of your actions, each of your words, each of your thoughts. You will see them by self-judgment, there is no other judgment. It is you yourself who will criticize or congratulate yourself on certain behaviors, the consequences of which you will sometimes see or not, depending on your elevation.

Highly spiritual souls will look at the under-consequences of each of their actions. Quite young souls, having only a few incarnations, are content to observe the quality of love, because you are well in exercises on this plane. You are well in exercise on this Earth.

Dear souls, this review only serves to be able to discuss your life with your guides, with your friends from the Hereafter. This means that after this review, you will move into another space, which will not simply be that of your belief in the Hereafter but, in what I will call the true Hereafter.

So what does the true Hereafter look like? To cities. It’s a bit like what you know a little bit anyway, you know, you often reproduce Heaven on Earth.

These are cities, luminous cities that do not fully obey your usual physical rules of course. They are cities of Light, places where you continue to learn, to live experiences, exchanges, but you no longer have bodily needs here, no need to eat, no need to drink, no need to sleep, except for souls who have had many wounds and left with too many wounds. These will first go through a stage of care where their “earthly” needs will still be satisfied, but with divine food and divine drinks.

So, you will find your friends in the Hereafter. What are they? Who are they?

These are people with whom you have decided to have several experiences of incarnation, several experiences of transincarnation, several experiences in other dimensions, or several experiences as subdivisions of yourself, but the thing being a little complex, let’s say that your friends in the Hereafter are beings that you have always known and will always know, and who are a little bit your team, your real spiritual family; real in the sense that it follows you in all dimensional planes, and that most of the time you move from one dimension to another trying to synchronize as many departures, as many arrivals.

With this family, rejoicing takes place upon your arrival, for every life in the earthly density is painful, difficult; difficult because in a dual world, that is, in a place where, if you think negatively, that is, something that does not go in the direction of Love, Peace and Joy, you manifest it and you live it.

So it’s painful because you’re all the time and constantly, and it’s also the goal of an existence in a dual world, forced to cheer up, forced to regain the strength to move forward, forced to get back on horseback, some would say, and it is this strength and courage that you have come to Earth to seek, just the strength to survive, but the strength to get up all the time. As you recover from these difficult circumstances, you draw from yourself strength, perspective, and experience like no other in many cycles of incarnation.

So it is the courage, too, that you have come to learn, the courage to love in spite of everything, to continue despite everything, to move forward despite everything. What for? Because you are the whole.

So, despite being the one who creates the experience, you will gradually go beyond this field of experience to manifest love where you want, when you want, understanding your creative force, understanding that by getting up you create new circumstances. Then you will not have to get up again, because the truth will lift you up.

The truth, the only one, is that you are your consciousness, and you live your consciousness. It is she who must be worked, and a consciousness is worked in love, in the fact of loving to be able to modify, to be able to change, to be able to move forward. Love remains the key.

In the Hereafter, let us call it that, you will exchange with your friends, with your brothers, their different experiences. You will tell each other a little about your adventures, exchange together for some time, during the necessary time, the time to reinvigorate yourself too, to recover from this dual experience and to enjoy the Peace of Heaven, the Hereafter, the other dimension.

One day, and it is you who determine this day, you will talk to your guide. It was with him that you decided what you wanted to learn on Earth, in one existence or another. So, with him or her, although it’s not really a gendered notion here, you’re going to make a point there too about what worked and what didn’t work, what made you progress in love and what made you back a little bit sometimes. But when this has made you step back, your guide will show you other lives of you, where this aspect will have progressed, because you are the sum of your lives. And while, often, in this review with your guide you find yourself a little miserable, you have the impression of having learned nothing, of having understood nothing, your guide will know how to show you other pieces, other existences.

This means that you leave first with the identity of your last existence, but that at that time, when you go to do this review with your guide, he will be able to show you each of your experiences, at your own pace of acceptance. It will show you how you are ultimately highly evolved beings, who could not learn everything in one experience, in one moment.

This understanding is so strong, this understanding is so powerful, to know that from one existence to another you have progressed, that it is this review that often pushes you to want to reincarnate again, because you have the understanding of the interest of the sum of these experiences.

You will have an understanding of it that you cannot have today, within one body and within one existence. It is impossible that today you are in the total acceptance of hundreds of incarnations. It will come, it will come.

At that time, as your enthusiasm to return to this or other plans will be present, your guide will temper. He will also show you the meaning of the incarnation. In other words, he will sometimes show you how the sufferings have made you evolve, because he wants you to be completely at peace before leaving, completely certain of your decision, not only in the infatuation of someone who realized that all this was ultimately not much, but in the mind of someone who is well aware of what he will do or do again and again.

You can have the advice of very evolved beings, angels, like me, like others. We have the ability to simulate pieces of existence before you are even present here.

We will show you simulations, small pieces of experience, and you will be able to “play” the consequences of some of your choices. We will explain to you how we must not forget Love and this field of experiences.

Some of you will say – would say, will say – I don’t know how to actually say it in our time to us – but some of you will therefore say that it is physics that we do with you, a kind of physics of consciousness.

We will re-explain how your thoughts, your conditioning, will bring the experience.

Therefore, often you have this desire, which we understand, which is to return to Earth with the memory of other lives. This is not possible, because it would make, for the moment, the experience of other incarnate beings on Earth very difficult, very complicated, too upsetting still for the moment, but you are entering an era where it will become possible.

So what can you do to recover your experiences from other lives, your learning from other lives and continue to progress?

Well, in your opinion? It is to us that you entrust these memories, it is to us that you entrust these experiences. You entrust these memories to us as one of the very real things, as very real learnings, and you ask us to be the messengers, the angels of these experiences.

Thus, we are indeed the messengers. We are the ones who, in the end, come back to bring you your experience, your help, your assistance, compared to what you have known in other lives. We can sometimes bring a little more of the experience of your existence, but not so much.

In this way, our role with you is to help you, yes, but by finally giving you back memories of an experience of the same type that you will have entrusted to us, because returning under the veil of oblivion, you need energies, beings, consciences capable of giving you back these experiences of healing, love, peace and resilience, when you need it. And we are here for that, not to do for you and, ultimately, to give you back what belongs to you.

If you have been a healer, the healing angels will return your healing memories to you. They will be able to amplify this memory with you. In other words, angels will amplify an ability you’ve already had, not a new ability but something you already have. In this way, when you live this experience, you will sometimes feel that the angels are doing great things for you and that they are helping you, but, in truth, they are giving you back what you have lent them.

They continue to spread the message of your consciousness, your lives, your existences in this world, in other worlds, and each time continuing this experience in a different setting, to amplify your capacity to love, that is, your ability to become God, because God is pure Love, pure Consciousness.

In this field and in this moment of another life, of another experience, where you begin to understand what we are for, we will relay with great Love and Joy your abilities, and we will amplify them.

We will amplify them, because, you often entrust your memories as healers to Raphael, you often entrust your memories as hunters of non-light – which still exists in duel worlds – to the archangel Michael.

But you entrust this to lots of other beings, to lots of other memories. To the goddess Athena you entrust justice, righteousness, to Lady Kuan Yin you entrust the ability to manage crying, to manage anxieties, to manage your stress, to ancient gods you entrust their own characteristics. All these invisible beings are able to restore them to you through us, and through other beings of another fraternity.

So, in this story of your life after death, here you are, after seeing your friends, after seeing your guide again, after perhaps deciding to incarnate, entrusting angels with the possibility of intervening on you, like friends that we have been for a long time. You know, – allow me this parenthesis, dear friends – but on Earth, this jewel that is the Earth, the majority of you, you have behind you hundreds of existences, not one, ten, hundreds of existences of other planes, then everything is practically possible for you through us, because you have many memories, you are ancients . Some on the other side of the galaxy call you the Elders, the young-Elders, because your energy, your consciousness is ancient, but you often have the defects of youth in the incarnation, even physically old.

After whether or not you have wanted to incarnate, you will see beings of great evolution. They are beings of pure Energy. They are the princes of God, some would say. They are great sages. Often, you call them the big brothers by the way, the big sisters, the Sages.

They will discuss with you. You will merge with them. While with your Higher Consciousness, with your guide, with the angels, you have decided to exist autonomously, understanding what there is to do, but a little alone, they will show you the wisdom of the Universe.

They will show you – how to tell you? – a bit like on Earth you would say: “they will show you your future”. No, these beings will actually show you other planes of consciousness.

They will not only show you the aim of what earthly love is, and the consequences in the physical material world of enlarging love – which is in any case a compulsory course, but they will show you higher, more intense, stronger forms of Love than you know on Earth.

You will think to merge with them but in reality, you will be in their field of Consciousness, and in this Divine state, will be reborn in you the certainty that the solution can only be common to the whole Plan of Incarnation at the same time.

As a result, you will no longer leave with individual goals, but also with collective goals.

What are collective goals? This is often what you call your mission. Obviously the first function is to learn love, but these great beings, these great Sages, will ask you to help a person or two sometimes, in your entire existence, and that will be your mission. For others, you will have to help, help many people, many. On the other hand, it is not the number that matters, it is the divine Total Plan and your participation in this Total and Divine Plan.

Your mission is not in a profession, is not in a function. Your mission will often be in messages that you pass, in the way you pass these messages. It doesn’t matter what function carries the messages, whether it’s that of a healer or a painter doesn’t matter. Getting these messages across so that the community rises is important.

So perhaps, in relation to this great being of Light who welcomes you at the beginning, you understand a little better now his questions:

  • How did you like it? It’s a bit of a personal question.
  • What have you done for your neighbor? This is a little “missional” question.

Question that belongs to another plan, but this, you will understand later in other aspects.

These Sages will invite you to take the time to rest your soul, to take the time to rest your consciousness, not to leave like this in the craze, in the habit of incarnation, but in something deeper and more sincere.

And do not doubt it, dear souls, each of you has come deeply and sincerely to Earth.

So it is true that, as this council of the Sages is not obligatory, some of you tend to leave quite quickly in a cycle of incarnation. And it is these beings who, very often, have the impression of having been thrown out of Paradise to return to Earth, thinking that finally: “What am I doing there? I have no mission. Of course, you have this personal mission to still learn to love this time, this space. It will be relayed in other channels what love brings into your life, but indeed, you will not really have a “mission” for other people. So what? So what?

By being in love anyway, you will help other people. The universe will use your character. The universe will use your identity to advance other identities, other paths that are both personal and collective.

When you incarnate again, you will, before, see your soul family, your spiritual family, deciding with this family who will go in which epoch to support which plane of consciousness since the plan is collective, and you will decide the trials more clearly. See, all this takes a lot of time, but you will have all the time you need. Evolution in love will be very, very gradual between different planes, between different dimensions.

That’s a little bit of what’s happening on the other side. In the end, for some of you, you will decide to help your brothers, your soul sisters, from Heaven, from the Hereafter, you will no longer wish to forget.

As a result, you will in a way, become their angel, their guide. You will continue to help them from Heaven, to blow them answers, to play a little bit our role of help and assistance, the time to rest sometimes. And then also, because you know that, if it is you who know your brothers and sisters so well, you will be heard more than we sometimes, because you will have known the incarnation, because you will have known this dimension, and you will know, more quickly and easily than we do, to act on the incarnate consciences to change attitudes, behaviors, and give even stronger intuitions.

Some of you will want to incarnate on planets with a lighter, simpler duality. Others will want to work on much more violent exercises, with duality more marked than the Earth. It exists.

And then like that, from dimension to dimension, you will still learn to love, to recognize the illusion from the illusion.

In the story I have just given you, you will have understood that the beings that we are, the angels, we who have only for very little been incarnated, our role is above all that of messenger. And we are happy to accompany you, because we learn through you. Each of your experiences becomes ours, it’s a bit like that too, an egregore. Each of your thoughts directed in the same place will go to the same angel, specialist angels and then others who are a little more generalist like me, sometimes.

See here that we are here to serve and help you. So you see that when some make you believe that we are here to steal, to violate your energies, to put you in plans of involution, to prevent you from moving forward, my God, what a pity! What a pity to lose this chance that you have given yourself to regain your memory! You can make this choice, and if you do it consciously from matter, you will experience its effects.

Dear friends, it is interesting that you are interested in the world of the Invisible, that you question those whom you call your guides, your angels, and who will come, automatically just to this call, because we are your brothers, your sisters, your assistants.

If you have faith in the energy, you call for at the same time as us, we will be able to strengthen your own energy, your own ability to reproduce the energy you call from us.

If you call a healing angel, we will strengthen your healing ability to pass through you. If you call us to solve a problem, we will strengthen the capacity you have to solve this problem, you, in the incarnation, in the form, because it is up to you to live your existence, not to make it live, that is what you are doing on the other side, but to live it fully, completely, with courage in this time; in this time when, again, everything is done so that you cannot have the help of Heaven.

Everything is done to make you escape from Heaven. Thus, it slows down your progress a little. This will only ever slow it down in a lifetime, but it can slow you down a bit.

This can slow down the planetary progression of the Planetary Plane, because there is a plan for the Earth that is evolving, and that continues to progress and is not doing so badly. It is in full transformation, it will soon, very soon, show its dimensional shift, in other words, it will have to adapt to the energy of the new dimension in which you have been for a few years, without even noticing it for many, but your planet is a spirit too.

Everything is spirit, everything is soul, everything is incarnation, everything. Everything is Life, Light, Consciousness and Love, when we become aware of this, when we become aware of being made up of the same matter as the Earth, the same matter as the tree, the same matter as the animal, the bird, the child, the bee, the… All.

Your material, what composes you has been this. Each of the molecules in your body has been in one corner of space or another, in its history. Each molecule in your body contains the entire history of the universe, in which you have decided your incarnation.

And you still feel so weak? Still feeling helpless? You keep saying, “I have no choice.” You have the choice of your conscience. You have a choice in the state you are in, the state you are in. So, choose. Choose consciously, understanding that what is happening to you is who you are, and ask for our help. Don’t forget what we are for.

By explaining a little bit what can happen on the other side of the veil, I wanted today to replace what are the angels that we are, and what we serve.

Then give us a call. We exist for all who believe in us. If not, find the belief you can build on that can help.

Find within yourself the strength and energy to believe and trust, absolute confidence that you can change your plan of existence, and the plan of existence of many people.

Dear souls, the divine Plan at work is to give you, one by one, all the attributes of the Heavenly Father, all the attributes of God, as you call him.

This universal and absolute Consciousness is watching you. It does not judge you. It does not condemn you, because we do not judge an illusion, we simply observe it. But it is used, everything is used to move you forward in consciousness, and I hope you now understand what it means to advance in consciousness, to expand one’s consciousness, to understand who you really are.

How did you like it? What have you done for your neighbor?

Dear friends, deeply and sincerely, I salute the choice you have made to incarnate. It’s not an easy choice, even if it seems to be in my story. It is a choice that is reasoned on your part, reasonable, intelligent, because it is a choice that will bring you a lot of energy in our plan.

Be brave, brave. Assemble. Don’t lend power to those who try to scare you, or make you believe that you have none of power, no ability.

It comes in its time; it comes in its time. It comes slowly and it comes at the speed of your acceptance. So accept yourself, accept us, and be happy, because, yes, we can also be happy on Earth.

Blessed are you. Our help is due to you, and we love you, as brothers and assistants, and sisters of course.

**Channel: Sylvain Didelot

**Translation By


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