Great Quantum Transition: Operation 4th Universe Part 2

The “others” are ONLY conductors, or semiconductors, or resistors, or distorter of the Source’s Light. Nobody can store It in self, like in the box. In such cases, It stops running through, and that causes the recipient’s death.

To survive, the main task of “others” IS TO SHARE IT as wide as possible, to pass on the candle lit by this Absolute Light. The 4th Local Universe is building EXCLUSIVELY by this Light…

Simultaneously with the events described in Part 1 (see DNI, August 16, 2022), Supreme Light Beings performed an operation to transform the Pleroma as an Absolute Reality. It lost its Perfection and devided after one of its Higher Hierarchs betrayed the Source and switched to the Dark Side.

The Pleroma consists of 24 layers or levels. Each has its Guardian (Keeper, Lord) from among the Great Twenty-Four Primary Light Entities (24 Biblical Elders).

The split has persisted throughout history of the former, third Local Universe. The Light part of the Pleroma and its Higher Entities, who remained faithful to the Source and the Absolute, formed their Hierarchy. The other part and its inhabitants, who dimed their Creators, built a Dark Hierarchy.

The forced coexistence of Pleroma and Anti-Pleroma, and their life-and-death struggle became the hardest test for the entire Local Universe and the Absolute. It was part of Its creation, and this was one of the reasons why, in the current situation, It could not just destroy the Universe, and build a new one from scratch.

A complete analogy with a man when, due to karma, his Monad’s manifestation bodies in the core of the Causal Body, physically cannot curl up and unite with the Monad after his incarnation on Earth.

Similarly, it was impossible to zero the Local Universe while there was an Anti-Pleroma with its anti-core – the primary karmic cell (see Part 1).

In the dimensions and spaces, top-down the Pleroma’s 13D, a fierce war for “territories” and spheres of influence unfolded. The Lights built their eons and civilizations, the Darks created theirs, and the Grays engineered a mix of all shades of Light and Dark.

Everything that was bad for the Lights was good for the Darks. The appearance of karma in the Local Universe led to the start of the Light eons’ disintegration. They were devoured by the Highest karma of the Black Co-Creator, who initially by 97.44% consisted of Absolute’s Substance.

Growing uncontrollably, this karmic tumor, which mutated the substance of the Perfect Light, of which the Light eons were made, captured an increasing number of them, turned them into Dark ones, and widened the Black Archons’ cosmic Empire.

Previously, they were all Light Beings, but they degraded so much that the karmic substance (mutated Perfect Light) became their food. And humanity, to which they imposed by force an unrighteous and anti-Divine way of life, only increased karma, which served as a source of life for the Dark Hierarchs. And today, they are doing their best to keep their energy source among those and where they still maintain influence and power.

The disintegration of the Local Universe was avalanche-like. For the first time it was stopped only by the feat of Christ (who by 96.77% consisted of Absolute’s Substance), who descended into the lower Gray eons and ascended from them into the Pleroma.

On his way, he literally burned through everything Black and Gray, thereby creating a Channel for the Earth’s Ascension. This channel gave Gaia and humanity the vital energy of the Light Pleroma, increased the stability of the Light eons, and significantly slowed down the karmic decay of the Local Universe.

From the very beginning, the Black Co-Creator and his Hierarchy sought to capture the Light Pleroma. That could give them full power in the Local Universe. By the way, in the desert, it was his elder brother, the Black Co-Creator, who tempted Christ.

The Light Forces, on the contrary, sought to purify and unite the Pleroma, and restore Its former Absolutized state. And they managed a lot.

The main events that anticipated the transformation of the Pleroma were the cleansing from karma and the re-Absolutization of the Local Universe. After correcting creation defect (see Part 1), these were an important prerequisites for the elimination of dual power in this part of Greater Cosmos. And the Lightwarriors ground team was honored to actively participate in this.

Co-Creators immediately followed the maximum program. Before the start of the Pleroma’s reconstruction, they announced a competition for the best new conceptual model of the Pleroma as an Ideal Reality, and a standard for the entire Universe. All Intelligence forms were invited to present their project.

Lightwarriors were also involved. Of course, their knowledge and consciousness were not enough to elaborate their version to improve what was already perfect before the split of the Pleroma.

Therefore, the Higher Light Hierarchs suggested that the ground team develop not a theoretical, but a practical model of the New Pleroma. To do this, knowing that the Subtle Bodies of the group members include Sublime Substances, Co-Creators put into the Lightwarriors’ Monads the creative microcopies of the Pleroma and Its Crystal (Core).

The idea was simple: what is beyond the control of the Earthly consciousness, the super-consciousness of the group members can do. Microcopies of the Pleroma would naturally morph into them, and these changes in the finished version would be their version of the New Pleroma.

Beautiful and powerful at the same time. That’s how it turned out. After installing a microcopy of the Pleroma, it, indeed, began to self-organize in Lightwarriors.

In parallel, Co-Creators and the entire Light Hierarchy started the full rehabilitation of the Pleroma Matrix. It was a surprise for the ground team to learn that our planet was its carrier and the Keeper of its ideal state. Black Archons disfigured the Matrix, and with the help of the distorted part they built their Anti-Pleroma.

The first step in the rehabilitation, which began from our planet, was the disassembly and purification from karma of the Pleroma’s “Terrestrial” Matrix. To clean it up, Co-Creators took it out of the Earth’s Causal Matrix, and placed into Causal Bodies of the planet’s Light Hierarchs and the ground team members.

All day, Lightwarriors felt the strongest stabbing pains in the area of the first chakra (muladhara), through which the Matrix was partially removed from the Earth and purified in them by the fire of Perfect Light. At these moments, their eyes darkened and consciousness clouded, almost up to complete loss. But by joint efforts, they completely cleansed the Matrix from negativity and karma.

Meanwhile, the Council of the Twenty-Four Highest Light Hierarchs continued to study the received versions of the New Pleroma concept. Then, they elaborated a single project and sent it for approval to two Pleroma’ Supreme Co-Creators.

After a thorough and comprehensive analysis, the both Co-Creators preferred not a generalized version, but only a version of the Light Hierarchy. The latter immediately began its implementation, involving everyone who wanted to help, including the ground crew.

The basis of the New Pleroma was to be the consolidated Core, uniting the Monad’s nuclei of all Light Entities. This ensured joint responsibility, karmic risk mutualization, compliance with the Absolute, and a high degree of protection from traitors, such as was the Black Co-Creator.

The Crystal of the Light Hierarchs, uniting the Hearts, was taken as the basis of the New Pleroma’s core. The ground team members are proud that their Monad’s nuclei are part of this Crystal.

For its upgrade, their Monadic cores were synchronized with the cores of the Monads of the Light Hierarchs.

During it, Lightwarriors experienced an incredibly high heart vibration, which caused tears to flow in streams from their eyes.

When the formation, stabilization and crystallization of the New Pleroma’s core were finished, the op’s participants phase-locked it with the Central Spiritual Sun of the Local Universe and the Hearts of Pleroma’s Supreme Co-Creators.

After that, the working group began to polarize (differentiate) the core according to the dipole scheme – by Feminine and Masculine Foundations. Unlike the original version, now, the New Pleroma unites not one, but many dipole pairs.

During testing, it was found out that the created dipole did not acquire polarity, therefore, it’s unviable, since there was no energy voltage in it. This created a danger of a short circuit in the Pleroma.

It took an additional upgrading the dipole to the state of the battery. While this was occurring, short circuits of electricity were constantly happening around Lightwarriors: or shorting out in the house, or in the car.

The situation was repeated several times on different machines. In all cases, for an incomprehensible reason, the batteries ran flat. Lightwarriors stubbornly charged them again and put them in place, but each time with a violation of the polarity. Naturally, the terminals immediately shortened together, and there was a spark.

Finally, Lightwarriors understood that they were being shown the principle of the Pleroma’s work, as a giant Accumulator of the Local Universe.

To activate the New Pleroma and its nucleus, the Absolute sent a powerful pulse of Its Light into it.

Under its impact, the team members Monad’s cores flashed brightly. At the same time, the body temperature did not exceed 32.8 degrees, but the semi-fainting state, plus of all bodies burning and the off-scale cardiac vibration lasted for a long time.

The next op was the transferring of the information base of the old Pleroma into the New One. This meant that the latter got all the power and authority in the Local Universe.

In this operation, Lightwarriors used the energy of the Kalachakra Temple in one of the mountain ranges. In the course of the work carried out jointly with all the Hierarchs of the New Pleroma, they transferred the entire data system to its Matrix. Traffic went, as usual, through the best conductor and storage of information – super-capacious DNA structures.

After that, they synchronized the Crystal of the Light Hierarchy, the Cores of the New and the former Light Pleroma, and built a transport corridor between them to transmit everything that would be needed in the future.

Then, another major event occurred: two Supreme Co-Creators introduced Their Higher Aspects into the New Pleroma’s Core. This accelerated the start-up and commissioning to gradually bring it to full evolutionary capacity.

Its first action was the creation and activation of a New Central Spiritual Sun of the Local Universe, by cloning the Pleroma’s nucleus.

Its previous version was made on a different basis, and performed only the centering of the Local Universe throughout the split Pleroma. This led to the karmic involution of the entire Hierarchical Vertical through a cascade of Logos and connecting Portals.

After cloning, Co-Creators installed the Matrix of Absolute Light in the new Central Spiritual Sun. The ground team also participated from one of the Power Places, preserved after the Third Atlantis’ death. At the end of the work, they built another Temple of Light there, on a Subtle Plane.

Thus, the Supreme Logos of the Local Universe was created. To activate it, the Absolute singled out a new primary impulse of Life and directed it into the core of the new Central Spiritual Sun, making it another source of Absolute Light (along with the Crystal of the Light Hierarchy and the New Pleroma).

The final chord of the operation was the reorientation and sync of the Monads and Logos of all Intelligence forms (including human ones) with the New Spiritual Sun of the Local Universe.

After repositioning the “angle of inclination” of the Monads and Logos cores, the development of the whole process, associated with the birth of a New Pleroma, came to a head.

**By Lev