Quantum Reality Reset Completion in Progress

We are currently navigating the chaos and void of the Cosmic Womb, that we enter as we fully die upon our old, false self and re-birth as our One True Self! Where we are able to access seemingly infinite possibilities within one moment in no-time. So when tuning into something, we can see a whole Timeline/ Reality playing out and can then decide on whether to ‘access’ it or not.

I’m currently feeling all kinds of things at once and have been unable to focus on writing and sharing my daily summary of yesterday’s Activation yet. I’ll shall so do later today or tomorrow, maybe even in a video Update or YouTube live. The focus was very much on our Multidimensional DNA, Diamond Rainbow Plasma and Merkaba Lightbody, as well as Planetary Diamond Grid Activations, and our Crystallisation process, whilst clearing any remaining density, reversals, lower codings, ALL that is inorganic and artificial. Fully setting our-selfs free of any remaining density, blocks, attachments, anything still connecting us energetically to the old artificial Matrix hologram. Again, each picks up what they’re ready for. We have very powerful downloads, clarity and re-membering returning, as well as Holy Heart Openings continuing. Also, I can feel and see some of us with our etheric Wings and Diamond Plasma Lightbody’s fully healed and ready to fly, literally!

Let me know if you guys have any questions in general or news any tips on how best to navigate these Quantum Reality shifting Ascension Waves, that you would like me to address.

Waves of Divine Love Light and Bliss are starting to roll through us collectively now..

Which are also bringing up some really deep old fears, beliefs and thought forms/ programmming around Love and relationship that are coming up, along with any remaining energies of past heartbreak. They are asked to be trance-ended so we can fully heal and open our Diamond Rose and Krystal Lotus Hearts and Minds again, to allow for this deep healing to ignite our Multidimensional Self fully again.

So we may again fully open to Pure, True Divine Love!

Many of us have been feeling and expressing this deep need to connect with Soul family in the physical. To live and be connected with those of same Soul Resonance and Frequency of Heart-Mind and Soul. As well as having had any remaining fears and worries around opening up our Hearts to new connections, Love and relationship again. We are being shown our own underlying self sabotaging thought patterns and beliefs, that so far have been mostly unconsciously running and co-creating our Realities, so we can fully trance-end and release those that don’t serve us any longer, for good! So we can co-create that which we want to experience now, super consciously, which are deeply committed, devoted, transparent, inter-dependent, free relationships where we are supportive of the uniqueness of One another. And I feel very much that this, as well as our



With the film strip that is held in our Multidimensional DNA, IGNITING ALL NEW ORGANIC ASCENSION REALITIES from deep within us NOW!

Feel, anchor, align, merge and ignite this Frequency of ALL NEW ORGANIC ASCENSION REALITIES from deep within you NOW, and as often throughout your day as you can re-member. As ALL NEW IS COMING ONLINE from inside of us, or rather being fully re-membered!

Eternal Love & Blessings,

**By Ramona Lappin


5 Replies to “Quantum Reality Reset Completion in Progress”

  1. Matthew

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone else experiences intense skin burning and itching (upper arms, shoulders, upper chest and upper back) ? It might just be detox because of my raw food diet (mostly fruits) and this is how acids also leave the body (through skin aka third kidney)..
    But crystallisation and wing development also crossed my mind several times, that’s why I ask.. Any thoughts, anyone ?
    Thx & Good luck on your journeys !!

    1. Izzie

      I do. upper arms, a little bit at the upper back and chest, along my neck up to the back of my ears. It started the one the 16th of this month at around night time before I went to bed. I tried to bear it without medication, then the next morning I woke up very early and had a shower, as hot as I can bear it. Some of it became bearable. Today, my neck and back of my ears are OK, lower neck and both shoulders have very little but bearable kind of itches. I was also thinking of “wings” and crystallization. Or was it because I tried to jump timelines in one of my nightly meditations? I do not know. Please if anyone knows, can we have a truthful explanation or even a “maybe” response will suit very well.

      1. Claudia

        Are you familiar with The Wingmakers material? If not check it out. Can’t be by chance both of you are thinking of wings bc of a rash.

        IF that rings a bell just know it’s your Higher Self reaching out for you.


  2. Claudia

    “The way” I am being cleared expresses itself by me being so pissed off at ALL who are and HOW this process is unfolding. Thanks Ramona. 🙃