Christed Extraterrestrials

All is energy and the Shift or Ascension process, is really a vibrational frequency shift, as we ascend in octaves of Lightbody changes, until we match that of the 5th to 7th dimensional frequency band.

Here the Universal Law of Resonance is coming into play: The higher your own vibrational frequency band, the more you will attract that which resonates with your own energy fields, at all levels. That which is not of that resonance will simply disappear out of your own resonance fields.

Now there is so much talk about the Christed Extraterrestial races landing on earth and then freeing us. Not so. Indeed they have always been here, and never left.

I work with them and I am always told, that we need to raise our vibrational frequency bands, so that we reach that state of resonance were they not only can freely interact with us (as many are 7th to 12th dimensional and not visible to the naked 3D eyes). What this literally means is that we need to become a vibrational match and then the Law of Resonance becomes operational.

They can, however make themselves visible to humans through projecting holographic images of themselves to those of the lower dimensional state. The same applies to their ships which most times are not visible to us.

When I was working up north and activating the energy fields, Lynette, who was with me wanted to find a sacred altar on the mountain top we were standing on. We saw the spacecraft hovering over us and I said: “It is here. We will find it.”

We were guided to take the path furthermost away from us and to my delight I spotted a dolmen next to the road. Then guidance came to continue on the path, when my attention was drawn to a tall, blond and handsome man appearing as if from nowhere to the right, some distance away, where there was no path, only rocks and he seemed to just glide over them!

He then stood right in front me and I looked into his eyes and immediately knew who he was. Then I was shown the ancient altar we were looking for and then he disappeared. Just like that!

Lynette who had now turned back to find me saw him too and when he disappeared, we looked at each other and she said: “He was from the ship!” and identified him, even as I had done, even though I did not tell her that.
Indeed, he had holographicly projected himself to guide us!

I have come a long way since April and indeed the message I have received clearly, that as we ascend, and our vibrational energy fields rise through the Law of Resonance they will be able to walk with us in our new Lightbody form, even as we do with them.

This does not mean that one cannot tune into them at soul level and interact with them. I am talking about the higher dimensional Beings, 5th and beyond who adhere to the Law of One, the Christed Ones.

I am always told that we incarnated to transfigure into the 5th and thus go through this process and now need to see this into completion, as we agreed to.

They are assisting in all ways they can and that I can attest to and with great love.

There are of course others who are not of their Ilk.

**By Judith Kusel


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