The Group: Wake Up

Greetings, dear ones.

I am Observer and I see from afar to bring forth visions of empowerment. I see only heart energy, light and love. I see the energies that you work with every day, but are usually not aware of.

The whole idea of all this, dear ones, is to blend. Yes, it’s very difficult, because as you blend you feel like you’re losing part of yourself in some way. Especially for empaths, it can feel as if you are losing yourself. But we tell you that’s not the case, for you’re actually creating more beauty in your blending. As you start working in those ways, you create forms of beauty that were never there before. Absolutely amazing! Watch and identify those things that tend to keep you apart from others; most of these will turn out to be your belief systems. You’re sharing a planet together with all these other spirits that have tried to play this game of pretending to be human. See them as exactly that, dear ones.

Healing Circle

So, let’s open the healing circle now. In the very beginning, open your heart and bring all the energy in that you can carry. Excellent. And now let’s first focus on planet Earth herself. She is changing very rapidly and, of course, all humans are feeling the effects of that change. What you call “global warming” is part of an evolutionary process. It’s something that will continue for a while and worsen, but this part of the evolution does not mean the end of anything. It does mean there are next steps and new connections, so let’s get started.

Time Bubble

First, let’s all hold hands and create a wonderful time bubble, so anyone who wishes to can join later. The time bubble will hold open that space to allow their energy to add to yours, and to what is taking place right now. So, take a deep breath and extend your hands. Energetically take the hands of others doing this healing circle in different parts of the globe. Blend that light and love, blend all of it and work in harmony.

The Earth

The human heart balances the Earth more than you may know. Now take that blended love that you just created and send it to planet Earth. She’s changing at a very rapid rate, which is causing situations that are very difficult for you to live with. The redistribution of water is a significant problem. Some areas are receiving way too much water and other areas aren’t getting enough, as we’ve spoken of for many years. These water distribution challenges, along with rising temperatures, will spread wildfires where they have not occurred for a very long time. And that will continue for a while until the Earth finds a new balance. But if you take your time right now and go deep into your being, you can make that same connection of blending with the Earth.

Feel the grounding of the Earth in your own physical body. Touch your feet to the ground and draw the energy up through that essence into your physical being. Let Mother Earth be a part of you during that moment, and know the changes she’s going through are ones that you’ve gone through as well. By simply holding her hand you can make her journey easier, but it will also make your lives much simpler. Take a breath, dear ones, there is magic at hand. We tell you, there’s much taking place that you do not see behind the veil. Alignments are happening and some will reach a critical mass. We also tell you, there is help at hand and that’s now underway.

Master Healers Are Gathering

You see, quite some time ago we told you that there would be many leaving the planet early. They have now gathered on the other side of the veil, to help the Master Healers create things that very few humans can. Now that these Master Healers are on the other side of the veil, they are connecting and blending their energy to make these next steps of humanity much easier and more comfortable for a spirit pretending to be a human. Take a breath, dear ones. Well done. We tell you that you are never alone, we watch you every moment of every day. Yes, we see you step in the wrong direction and misdirect energy. And we see you step in a mud puddle once in a while, too. But the main thing about stepping in a puddle is don’t let it stop you, keep moving. There’s so much more to this than you know. Even though we watch you make what you call “mistakes,” the love is always there. And in truth, there are no mistakes except in your mind. Every step can take you into a further evolution of your own humanity. Even with all the difficulties, you have ample opportunities on planet Earth right now to experience that in many ways. Stretch out and let them find you, draw that energy to you. And when it comes to you, just know that all you have to do is focus on it and the problems will dissipate.

The Main Ingredient Is Love

The strength of your love will dissolve many of the challenges, even on planet Earth. And with enough of you focusing on that love, you will change this planet again. Welcome Home, dear ones. We have been waiting for you and now you are here. It is with the greatest pleasure that we ask you all to treat each other with respect, nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together. That’s one of the key elements of where you’re going, learning to play well together. Espavo, dear ones. I am Observer. . .  and I like to watch.
Greetings, dear ones. I am Merlia.

The Masculine Power Game

I join you with such pride today, for your connection with Earth has risen and you have shifted much of the energy already. It’s like a big freight train going down the track at a thousand miles per second. When you turn, at first it takes a while to see the effects of that change in direction. But we’re very excited to show you that you are moving into the feminine energy. Although that’s taking place on a daily basis, it isn’t what you’re seeing in your news. Instead what you’re watching is force, which is typically the masculine energy, and right now you can see that in Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Please understand we’re not talking about the Russian people, although they do have the only real power to change it.

Of course, we are also not talking about men versus women here. Thankfully there are many men who carry a beautiful blend of masculine and feminine energy. And there are also women who are not afraid to carry the power of the masculine, as well as the feminine energy. But for the most part you could describe the masculine as FORCE, because that is what it was all built up to be. Young boys are told that they’re going to be big, strong and powerful; it’s the first body suit that young men are given to try on.

It is a paradigm of the male energy that has been passed on from the beginning of this game: Who is the strongest? You’re finding that many of those in charge of your world right now are carrying that exact energy, and Putin is one of them. Quite simply, there are 11 million displaced people right now over a masculine energy. Putin wants to forcefully take over land and call it his own, which is not new for him. This aggression has been planned for some time, but originally his plans included taking over the entire country of Ukraine. He’s nearing the end of his life and is aware of it, so this was Putin’s big play in the masculine force. He feels that he has the upper hand, with Russia’s nuclear arsenals and defense systems that will protect his country if others step in. The United States was originally to play a part in the takeover, but a new president was elected who would not allow that. China and Iran were also to take part if needed, but now too many eyes are upon them. They do not like to be seen out in the open using force, unless they can sell it to the Russian people as defense systems. Clearly, none of this is a feminine energy.

What about Guns?

Another interesting thing that you see is what’s happening in the United States. It grew out of the Wild West, where the fastest gun was always the most respected. Even though nearly 75% of Americans want to take those assault weapons created for mass destruction off the market, you can’t because your Congress has been bribed. Yes, plain and simple, it’s all about money. The vast majority of you want some sort of control, but you can’t get those changes through your systems. Watch closely those who have voted in certain ways, because ultimately you do have control with your votes. Right now, the United States is having two mass shooting per day. Yes, that is hard to believe. I tell you this day, none of those mass shootings were done by a female, not one.

The return of the feminine energy is helping to balance many of the energies of planet Earth, bringing them back into harmony. Not balancing through force, but through harmony. Yes, it’s challenging at best to be able to do that, breaking those boundaries that were put down with force. But it’s time now, and you don’t have that much longer. If you play the game of ‘winner takes all’ then no one can ever win. You’re seeing how difficult life is becoming with the rules that you currently have in place. We’re not only talking about guns or war, but about the masculine energy of force ruling your planet. When you’re finally finished with that, there’s another energy that’s ready to take over and not by force. And that’s the interesting piece, it’s there now. Simply stand and raise your hand up as one of those who’s there. It doesn’t make any difference whether you’re male or female. You are ready for a change, dear ones, and it is clearly overdue. Not long from now the Earth will be making decisions about her next steps. Re-member, when humanity hits the 8 billion mark decisions will be made.

Call to Action

These changes won’t happen overnight, nothing does. But the feminine energy has been in the background for far too long, dear ones. It is absolutely time to stand up and take your power in the feminine energy. And whether you’re a male or female doesn’t make any difference. The masculine energy is completely out of control on your planet. I’m here to tell you it’s time to awaken from the dream to hold your power, so that your children and their children’s children have a place to actually grow up with similar freedoms to those that you enjoyed.

Share some of the beautiful energy of the planet that you were given as you came to this magical place. The time is now, dear ones, to awaken from the dream. Take your power and simply focus. Now, does that mean that everything’s going to change? No, it’s a freight train moving at an incredible pace. But these will be some of the last opportunities you have before that feminine energy is capped off. It’s time to hear the call to step into your power, whatever that looks like, and to speak your truth. Many don’t speak their truth because they’re afraid of what others will think. But now it’s time to open your mouth, because nothing happens if you’re quiet. Are you always right in your truth? No, of course not. You’re evolving just like everyone is.

Welcome Home, dear ones. You have been here before, and we say that because you are a multidimensional planet. There are basically 11 of you existing in this moment, all doing different things and even going by different names. All 11 carry part of your spirit and are have a different experience; different relationships, connections and jobs. There are also parts of planet Earth in other dimensions that have made that shift, so they are not completely controlled by masculine force. But it isn’t about controlling with the feminine energy either. Why? Because that would be just as out of balance as you are right now. A true balance is possible.

The Feminine Energy Is in Play

This shift that we are talking about has already happened in one of your dimensional levels of planet Earth, and it’s about to happen in another. Will you be the third dimensional level to move, and where will planet Earth be in your dimension? Will you fall in line as the 11th one? Or will you be one of those to awaken early from the dream and pull a balance into your reality, one that you may not have considered before?

We tell you that the feminine energy has so much more power, but it is not through force. Now it is time to connect with others, speak your mind and heart, and share everything from your fears to your wins. When you lay the fears out there, you can dissolve them. Follow your heart and your own harmonies, and apply them in the world around you. In every moment of every day, and you’ll start to see planet Earth changing, shifting toward a gentler place and no longer fighting for survival. There are parts of your planet that have already made that switch. It’s so beautiful and calm. I tell you in your dimension, you don’t even know what peace looks like.

Yes, it’s been a long time. When you’re ready, simply follow your heart. It’s all there waiting for you, because you are the greatest angels that have ever lived. And with that, we leave you for the time being, and it’s now in your hands. Dear ones, take this energy and create the highest potential that you can create. And know that you are a greatly loved, for the Master Healers are now standing behind you with their love and guidance. There are billions of souls on this side of the veil right behind you, encouraging you to step into your magic.

Welcome Home, dear ones. And with that, we now leave you. It is with the greatest of honor that we greet you in this way, ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together. I am Merlia, the feminine aspect of Merlin, and I love you dearly. Come up and see me sometime.


The group.

**Channel: Steve Rother