Archangel Uriel: You Are the True Gems of Earth

I am Uriel and I am a very old archangel and Earth is my workplace.

I will not rest until every little part of Earth is fully secure in the realm of love.

My work is constant helping and guiding and also supervising other angels in their work.

Now there are many angels in the ground crew of Earth and you are the true gems of Earth.

If you have gone through a rough time, thinking what is really going on, `why does this or that happen`, it may very well be that it has to do with your job as a Lightworker, as the angel you are on the ground.

If you light up a room in the middle of the night in the summertime and also open a window, you will notice that little insects are attrackted to the light indoors and they fly in through the window to the lamp.

You too are a light! And you attract different beings. This is actually a part of your job as an angel on the ground.

But it can be difficult. Very difficult. Some of you meet challenges that are hard. Some of you are assaulted, in different ways, by beings.

Well it may seem very hard of me to say this but:

you are never alone, and,

you grow from the experience.


But the problem is:

You are not really in-sync with WHO you really are!

As a lightworker, you work where it is DARK and that is exactly where you are, on the ground.

All sorts of beings look around for light, because they are attracted to it, naturally.

But the worst thing about you not understanding, and that you don´t know WHO you are is that you think that you are alone.

No, you are ABSOLUTELY NOT alone.

You are safe! Always! You must have faith in this! Always!

You are a part of a team! Angels NEVER work alone! NEVER!

Angels Always Work In Team! So this means that when you feel safe in this knowledge you make yourself even safer! Just by believing this!

A strong FAITH in LOVE creates your strongest protection!

As a team member as an angel in the groundcrew you will do rescue jobs.

You will take the fall for aiding children and innocent beings. It might sound hard but it is so.

If a child is being tortured or worse angels help always to ease the pain. And the crew gets it too.

Just know who you are, and then you will understand!

You aid, you ease the pain, you heal by your existance.

You are no further away from your own closest angelguide than a heartbeat.

Just know how valuable you are to the power of love and to all the good hearts of other dimensions and realms.

You are never alone, you are actually a part of a angel ring of eighteen angels.

You work where it is needed. You work with sad matters of Earth where it is very dark.

You are the heroes and the true gems of Earth!

If you have any question, just ask me!

I love you

Archangel Uriel

**Channel: Kerstin Eriksson


One Reply to “Archangel Uriel: You Are the True Gems of Earth”

  1. Zuzanna

    Dear Uriel, so you are saying that everyone reading this message is an angel? This is something new 🙂