Great Quantum Transition: Operation 4th Universe Part 4

Laying the foundation of a new, 4th, Local Universe, clearing and preparing space for it continues in all its 100 Constellations and on 3,840,101 inhabited planets.

This includes the Earth. There are 618 more habitable planets in the Constellation where it is located. In the new Local Universe, their number in this sector is planned to increase to 1,000, and the total number (with different forms of life) – up to 10,000,000.

To one degree or another, each of them is involved in the overall restructuring and elimination of the remnants of duality that influenced evolution. One of these legacies was a giant energy clot in the form of a Perfect Power field, which was controlled by the Black Archons and their Dark Hierarchs. How did they get it?

Initially, the Pleroma radiated not only the purest Perfect Light of the Absolute (see – Part 1, 17 August 2022), but also It’s Perfect Strength. It accumulated and distributed in space through a Crystal in the Core of Its Abode.

The carriers and guarantors of both fundamental components of the Local Universe were all Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchs, who used it to build new worlds and civilizations.

After one of Co-Creators betrayed the Absolute and the Source, a split occurred in the Pleroma. Half of it remained under the rule of Christ, and the other half came under the control of his elder brother, a traitor.

Both were the Supreme Entities of the Pleroma, and as such shared the Perfect Strength equally. Only one used it to build eons of Light; the other turned it into a Dark tool and created his Empire and races with it, hoping to capture and subjugate the entire Local Universe in the future.

The war that broke out between them dragged all the spaces and dimensions on the Subtle and physical plane. Over time, it reached Earth. But even today, Co-Creators and their ground team use the Perfect Strength of Light in operations, and Black Archons use the Perfect Strength of Darkness. Some State egregores are also divided on this basis.

There was only one way to eliminate the separation – by creating a New Pleroma (see – Part 2, August 18, 2022). However, the unification of the divided Absolute’s Perfect Strength did not happen by itself.

The main reason was the multitude of irreconcilable Dark Hierarchs, who were carriers of Crystals of the Perfect Strength of Darkness. They categorically refused to follow the example of Black Co-Creator and switch to the Light Side.

After the failure of all attempts to negotiate with them, the Council of Higher Light Hierarchy decided to forcibly withdraw the Absolute’s Perfect Strength from Black Archons. This meant the end of the existence of the entire Dark Hierarchy, because it knocked out of their hands the last potent instrument of power in the Local Universe and on Earth.

The first crushing blow to the Dark Empire was inflicted by Christ. His ascension into the Pleroma passed through its half, which was ruled by Black and Gray Archons. Flying through it like a red-hot fireball, He took away from them a third of their Perfect Strength, and at the same time sterilized their eons with the Absolute’s Perfect Light.

To many Gray Archons, Christ disclosed their true origin from the Light, as a result of which they repented and left the Dark Hierarchy. That has significantly weakened its former effectiveness and advantage over the Light Forces.

If Christ had not performed his feat, not a single human Soul would have been saved. His heroism created the prerequisites for the full restoration of Perfect Strength’s Single Crystal, and the deposition of the Dark Hierarchy in all dimensions and spaces.

The creation of a New Pleroma deprived Black Archons of another third of their Perfect Strength. In total, they lost 66.66%, that radically changed the balance of power in this part of the Greater Cosmos.

But even the remaining third had enormous power, which gave the Dark Hierarchy the ability to run world events, prevent purification from karma, transformation and Absolutization of the Local Universe in its new, fourth version.

The operation to restore a Single Crystal of Perfect Strength was carried out in several stages. All Light Hierarchs, including those incarnated on Earth, as well as their ground team were involved.

As mentioned above, before the split of the Pleroma and its division into the Light and Darkness parts, the Crystal was one and was located in the Core of the integral Pleroma.

After schism, the Light Hierarchy’s Perfect Strength was concentrated in the Crystal of the Local Universe’s Central Spiritual Sun, and the Perfect Strength of Darkness was stored in the Crystal consisting of Black Co-Creator’s Logos aspects, and was located in the Central Anti-Sun of his part of the Universe.

The Perfect Light was divided in the similar way. But, unlike the Perfect Strength, it, having fallen into the hands of Black Archons, quickly faded and became unsuitable for their purposes. Therefore, for thousands of years they have unsuccessfully tried to extract its Sparks from the Souls of people (see – The LFs Ops in Israel Parts 1 and 2).

At the beginning of the operation, the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs stopped the work of the Central Anti-Sun. Then, from it its basis, they extracted the Black Co-Creator’s Logos aspects, which ensured the existence of the entire Dark elite and their eons.

After that, the Perfect Strength was withdrawn from the Anti-Sun and laid into Single Crystal.

It consisted of the Hearts, cores of the Monadic and Causal bodies of the Light Hierarchs and other Higher Entities.

The ground team members also participated, as their Bodies of Perfect Light are part of the New Pleroma’s Crystal.

But first, before this op, under the guidance of Melchizedek, the extracted Perfect Strength of Darkness was passed through a filter created from the above structures.

Always and in everything using someone else’s experience, Black Archons built their system that existed in parallel with the system of Spiritual Suns. And if the latter transmitted the Perfect Light and the Perfect Strength, the Anti-Suns were accumulators of the Perfect Strength of Darkness, which tried to gobble everything created by the Pleroma’s Hierarchs.

The removal of the Perfect Strength from the Central Anti-Sun (the Crystal of the Dark Hierarchy) led to the self-disintegration of the entire cascade of these anti-luminaries.

A strong panic began in the ranks of Dark Hierarchs.

They have completely lost their power, without which they have become nothing. In terror and confusion, they ran chaotically through their eons. It had to be seen. Many, but unfortunately not all, Black Archons were detained by Karma Lords and placed under arrest pending trial.

Technologically, the return of the Perfect Strength to a Single Crystal was like an IV drip. In the process of filtration, it was purified from Darkness and filled with Light. The extracted karmic substance was crystallized, and its conglomerates were distributed for processing among the participants of this op.

Lightwarriors also took part. With the consent of their Higher Selves, such a “dropper” was connected to the group members. And in the same way, the crystallized the Black Archons’ karma was dosed into the nuclei of their Monads and Causal Bodies, where it was partially annihilated, or transformed by the Radiant Synthesis.

The process turned out to be extremely painful, and the reaction of the physical body was different. Some had severe pain in the appendix area, others – in the heart, from which Lightwarriors almost lost consciousness.

But they toughed it out, and, overcoming the pain, together with other participants of the operation, bit by bit cleared the Perfect Strength, differentiated it by renewed Feminine and Masculine Foundations (see – Part 3, DNI, 20 August 2022), and placed it in a Single Crystal. Then, it was reloaded in two Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs’ Hearts, and singled out again in Absolute-like form.

Lightwarriors assisted this op from one of the local Temples of Shambhala, which after this historical work was re-named the Temple of Perfect Strength.

Then, in that Temple, taking advantage of a unique opportunity, the ground group together with the Higher Light Hierarchy and personally the Spirit of Mikao Usui, Absolutized the Reiki Logos.

For this, they singled out segments from their Monads, formed by them a Creator’s Heart Mandala, and installed it into the Reiki Logos core.

For everyone who practices Reiki, it will increase the vibrations and healing power of this spiritual practice, and processing karma as well.

As a result of the conducted ops, more than 97% of the Perfect Strength of Darkness was returned to the Absolute.

After the reboot and the activation of a new Single Crystal, fully controlled by Co-Creators, Black Archons and their Hierarchs, as a cosmic force, ceased to exist and were officially deposed.

Now, Higher Light Hierarchs are the only evolutionary force in the Local Universe. This is a great victory for which they selflessly and self-sacrificially fought for so long.

Unfortunately, in different Constellations and Galaxies, there are still scattered Black Archons and their Hierarchs. Many could break through the Earth’s protective barriers and join their demonic order.

They still have a small part of the Perfect Strength, but can’t use it as before. Its critical mass is concentrated in Higher Light Hierarchy.

To compensate for the missing energy, some of Black Archons incarnate in human bodies, the other settle in men as possessors.

It was not possible to eliminate them immediately. For a long time they were elusive, constantly and unpredictably moved among different people, fueling by their vital force.

Egregores serve as an additional energy source for them. Many national egregores (especially of large States) are supported by different space races.

The total removal of the Perfect Strength put the Dark egregores, supported by it, on the verge of death due to a lack of Subtle energy. That’s why they need so much new wars and all kinds of confrontations, even with allies, as a powerful source of suffering, agony, distress, misery, and pain.

It is amazing to observe how this energetic vampirism of the strongest egregores is being helped by the victims themselves, by the governments of such countries, from whose national egregores everything is being sucked.

The Third World War is a war of a completely new motivation. It is conducted for the invisible Subtle energy resources of national egregores. Now, the behavior of the most dominant among them resembles either the withdrawal of a drug addict or the death agony of a suffocating person.

WWIII has brought into clear view the new geopolitical realities of the modern world, a new confrontation in it. Two opposing camps were clearly outlined: Light and Darkness.

The struggle for dominance is carried out not only between national egregores, but also within them, between the Lights, Darks and Grays. And it depends only on people what kind of energy they will fill the egregores of their countries.

On August 19, 2022, at 05:54 PM CET, via a Single Hierarchical Channel was received new info about how the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe, and now the Pleroma’s Hierarch, is conducting an operation to destroy his Dark legacy.

Recall, for this, he periodically restores his former self, and by attracting like to like, annihilates the Darkness in all the eons and dimensions where it still remains.

He has almost terminated his mission, and has trained many assistants who have joined this op using even more powerful energies.

From the planet he removes many Black Archons and Hierarchs who terrorized earthlings. The parasitic madness is coming to the end. All the secrets of the main and backup 3D Matrix and crystal network, the Power Pyramid and all its rulers have been disclosed.

Their time is up. The Dark beings, who could not be cured by Light, will be split into elementary particles. In the new Local Universe, other life forms will be created from them, completely free from negativity.

**By Lev