Archangel Ariel: Can a Soul Truly be Lost?

Is there a hell?

I embrace you in my light! I come to you from the love of God – which you once have sprung from this love.


You have questions, Jahn?

JJK: Is there a hell?

INCENSE ANGEL ARIEL: The place where souls can experience themselves outside the light of God, there is. In that place, the entities are completely separated from the love and light of the Creator. These entities have a very intense experience.

JJK: I am thinking now of those who cause so much injustice and cruelty on Earth. I’ll spare the names, but whoever stands out in Corona or is responsible for all this destructiveness on this earth is meant.

CORONA ARIEL: These people are cut off from their souls and they live without this inner compass.

These people have chosen a destructive, parasitic path and not the creative one. This does not absolve them from responsibility, but explains their ways of acting.

JJK: Don’t these people simply worship the satanic principle? Don’t these people also believe that they are doing the right thing, or do they know that they are evil and destructive, acting in blatant contradiction to creation?

INCENSE ARIEL: Those of whom you speak know what they are doing – and they do it with full intention. That is why, after they leave this world, it is so difficult for them to return to the light. Many of these entities remain for thousands of earthly years in this in-between world where there is neither light nor love.

JJK: What leads these entities back to the path of love?

INCENSE ARIEL: Opportunities of reflection are given to every being. Often it is a small light shining somewhere, then it is difficult life lessons on earth that herald a turning back.

People, who by harmful and disgraceful behavior load themselves with great karmic burdens, find their way out of the circle of destructiveness and darkness only when they seize one of the opportunities for repentance.

JJK: From Saul to Paul, then?

INCENSE ARIEL: So it happens that, in the end, every soul that does not give up completely finds its way back to itself and to God.

JJK: So can a soul be completely lost?

INCENSE ARIEL: Nothing is lost in the creation of God. However, a soul can dissolve in order to be reassembled.

Restructuring of the soul

When there is no more progress and when a soul is completely lost in darkness, it is restructured and it begins a new cycle on earth or on a planet similar to earth. The responsibility and karma are perceived in a different way.

An entity that has been in the service of the destructive principle for eons needs eons to return to the creative path. The sudden awakening is always preceded by a long period of awareness. If this conversion is hopeless, then God intervenes. The soul is degraded, is restructured and begins a new cycle.

In the end, every aspect of God finds its way back to God. That is how it is.

I bless your pure heart. The love of God and HIS light are your faithful companions in this time saturated with fear.

Everything is changing because you are changing, and every person will soon have the opportunity to do the same. For the day when the sun rises in the west is near. The grace of God will be poured out on mankind. That is how it is.

In the love that I am, with the blessing that I give, and from the light from which we all come!


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation from German by


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