Cleansing The Auric Field

The auric field around the physical vessel can often be seen by psychics, but to most people, it is invisible.

According to levels of consciousness, it can stretch out for many feet as it surrounds the body, but for most people, it stretches out and around only for a few inches.

There are, however, twelve auric circles—each one coming in closer to the body.

Like the magnetosphere surrounding our planet, it is a protective shield.

When chaotic circumstances or stressful people (personally experienced or global issues) or energetic imbalances occur, the auric field can be pierced with invisible “holes”, but these are “sensed” or “felt” either physically, emotionally, or mentally.

When the “holes” happen, then further disharmonious energies can soar into the auric field and eventually into the pores, meridians, chakras, muscles, glands, tissues, cells, etc.

A person can feel energetically depleted, anxious, depressed, irritated, angered, etc.

Even those these same “symptoms” mimic the “activations” of incoming LIGHT, it is wise to clear our auric fields daily from being out in society where there is so much turmoil being exhibited in so many ways.

We want only SOURCE LIGHT to enter into us.

This is the reason why anchoring to the LIGHT daily and reciting the protective affirmation “I am blessed by SOURCE LIGHT” is so important.

It is still, however, wise to cleanse the auric field when we return home, especially if someone has forgotten to anchor to the LIGHT before leaving their home earlier.

Here is the process of cleansing the auric field, and this may require obtaining the items mentioned to make them a part of your SOURCE APOTHECARY.

1.) First, make sure that your home is always clean and neat. It should symbolize a sacred ashram or temple. This invites angelic energies to reside there. Allow fragrant incense to often waft in the air in order to create a calming spiritual atmosphere.

2.) When you enter your home, have a SELENITE wand handy near the entranceway. Take three deep breaths. Move it around your entire body temple from crown to feet several times as well as below the soles of your feet. Relax. Take three more deep breaths.

3.) Have either a Tibetan singing bowl or a tuning fork also available which plays the “528” miracle tone. This tone assists in the transformation of DNA and is very healing and protective.

Some people carry the tuning fork with them in their vehicles to play it when they encounter heavy stressful traffic or are about to go into a meeting at work or before teaching classes for the day.

It is a good idea for teachers to have a tuning fork at work, and between classes, to play it in the faculty lounge.

Such teachers who are elevated in consciousness in this way must not be reluctant to play it and not feel embarrassed by their colleagues who may not be so elevated.

Some teachers arrive at their schools early and play the tuning fork in their classroom prior to the arrival of the students to create a calm atmosphere.

Those who have private offices (such as university Professors) encircle their offices with a “528” Hertz tuning fork or singing bowl.

I had an altar in my office before I retired from university teaching, and students often came to meditate there—even those who I did not have as students but who heard about me.

One student brought fresh roses each week for the altar.

When the fork or the bowl is played, an inner vibration will be felt.

This is the “tuning-up” of our inner being and the re-establishment of “prana” or “life force”.

We also should be receiving “prana” from the oxygen in the air.

However, with mankind having tampered with Nature in so many ways making the water, soil, and air toxic, we must do all that we can to cleanse our environment.

SOURCE is sending LIGHT to clear and cleanse this realm (as we are always being reminded of) and is also inviting humanity to rise to HIGHER KNOWLEDGE.

The LIGHT is arriving more intensely.

As we care for our auric fields, we are showing that we are welcoming the LIGHT and making room for its entrance.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali