Climate Wars

Is Modern Environmentalism a Pagan Religion?

The God that many worship wants us to create peace, prosperity, and light. The god of radical environmentalists will deliver darkness, despair, and decline. The modern environmentalists worship the created, not the creator.

It’s about ruining the economy as a sacrifice to their god they worship. Will human sacrifices be next to appease their so called angry Earth gods? These psychopaths create human sacrifice by imposing even more suffering from energy deprivation, supply chain issues, goods shortages, inflation, debt, and bad science.

The suffering that will occur from this assault on American energy security and reliability could be profound—and it will be the lowest-income people who will be hurt the most. Inflation will rise as energy prices soar. The shortages of energy will cause hardship for many consumers, including food shortages.

Europe, which got hooked on the green energy fad, is now rationing energy. In Spain, there are new restrictions on using air conditioning to set the temperature of your store or home at less than 80 F—during a heat spell. Nancy Pelosi makes it quite clear with her statement. “Mother Earth gets angry from time to time, and this legislation will help us address all of that.”

These psychopaths know what’s coming and I’m talking about our binary solar system that people are seeing in our skies all over the world. This is ripping our planet apart, so to speak, hence all the earthquakes, flooding, droughts etc etc etc. (Pole reversal) These psychopaths want humanity on their knees they don’t care the more suffering the better. Hence, sacrifices…

There’s nothing we can do that will stop this and they know it. They want complete control of humanity when shit hits the fan. They want to remain in complete control and hold onto their empire as in the scenario of Atlantis. We will not repeat Atlantis! This is why they’re are pushing their extreme fear propaganda concerning the radicalization of our global weather.

They want humanity to believe they are the ones to blame. They want the boot to remain on our necks. This Awakening that is happening to the human race will squash that. We know about them now and their cynical ways and that’s what makes them dangerous. When you hear the saying “we have to go through the dark to get to the light” it couldn’t be more clear. The Golden Age is right around the corner and this time the light will steer the ship.

**By Teri Wade


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  1. Celestial Terry

    Yes, your talking about the globalists/kazarians/deep state. They are the most corrupt and vile of all. That is why the first, second, and third waves of volunteers came to this earth. We are effectively removing them from this civilization. The divine everlasting celebration of life is just around the corner. 5th dimension is what were entering into also.