Saint Germain: You Are Far Beyond the Illusion

I am Saint Germain. I come at this time as things continue to move along. And as you continue to understand that everything is indeed the bigger picture, more and more of you, more and more of the collective you, are beginning to understand that.

That this is the larger picture. This is the part of the larger plan here, and everything is indeed happening for a reason. So even as you look out and see those many things that are occurring, many things that are occurring within the 3-D matrix, the matrix of illusion, knowing full well that this is an illusion. It is a movie. It is a show that is being played out in front of you. And for those of you that have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, you know exactly that. You know it is part of the plan, and just an illusion for you to watch over, become aware of, but not become a part of. Because you are not a part of this. You are far beyond this illusion.

There are those, of course, that are attempting to hold on, hold you back. But they know they cannot hold you back any longer. So they only reach out to those that are yet unawakened, trying to hold them to their cause, trying to hold them within their control. But they know they cannot do that much longer either.

Have they given up? No. They have not fully given up, for they will certainly not give up until the last one stands. But that is not for you to be concerned about. All that you need to be concerned about is moving ahead, moving on. And letting go of all of those past illusionary understandings: those fears, those hatreds, those jealousies, all of those things that have held you to the illusion, held you to the 3-D matrix up until this point, but no longer.

And not only is it no longer for you, it is no longer for us as well. Because we are seeing what you might call ‘the writing on the wall’ here, that there are many out there that will not awaken. They will not awaken unless they are jarred free. Jarred free, jarred into their freedom. And they will not go into their freedom until they fully realize that they have not been free. They do not understand that as you understand that. You understand what freedom is all about. But many out there do not understand that. They think they are free, but they realize deep down that they are not, and there is nothing, they think, that they can do about it. But indeed they can, and indeed you can, and indeed we can.

So understand that as things continue to move along, there are going to be those times when we are going to step in more and more. When I say ‘we,’ I am speaking of all of the Forces of Light: the Alliance, those of the Galactic forces, all are coming together in this and are ready to step forward. You have been hearing this from those of the Galactic ones that have been speaking with you. They have been saying that they are ready to jump at the slightest cause where they can begin to intervene more. And those times are coming where this can indeed happen.

Will it happen? I cannot say for certain here in terms of what the time frame is. But I can tell you that they are prepared. I can tell you that we, as the Ascended Ones, are prepared. I can tell you that all of the Forces of the Alliance are prepared, those of your White Hats, are prepared. They know what is coming, and they have been planning for this for some time now. Even back to the early ancient times, to Atlantis and Lemuria, it goes way back then.

And from then it goes back even further, to lifetimes and systems and galaxies and planets before this, where those of you, those System-Busters that you are and continue to be, you have come from there, and you are here now once again. And we are all working on this together. So when we are ready to be able to step forward, and that time is coming more and more here when we can indeed step in and assist you more. Because you are asking for it. Those of you, the Forces of Light, and all of you that are the lightworking Light-Warriors, the System-Busters, have been asking for us to step forward more and more. And the more you ask, the more we can do it.

And the more we see that those across the planet are not awakening in time here, then we can begin to intervene more as well. Because they cannot do it for themselves. Once again, they need something to jar them free.

And that is what this is all about: freedom. And the rebirth of your Republic. The Republic, not only of The United States for America all coming together. But for all of the countries across the planet. All of the people across the planet coming together once again as it was meant to be, and as it shall be, as more and more do awaken. Whether they awaken on their own as you have, or whether they need something more special to awaken them, that time is coming.

I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. That you would continue to understand that you are free. You have always been free. You will continue to be and that time is coming.

**Channel: James McConnell

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7 Replies to “Saint Germain: You Are Far Beyond the Illusion”

  1. Roberto Notte

    I wonder if you could suggest us the best way to awaken the 60% of not awakened population. I am currently fighting dark entities presence (on earth): task completed to 2% using TRUST/NOT-TRUST method.

  2. Izzie

    Sorry, St. Germain. a lot of typing mistakes in my message. I want to ask how long more do I have to leave the light on my windows as you ask us the other day. Did many did it ?

    Thanks, Izzie

  3. 💥

    ALL Awake on Sacred Crystal zSoLite

    I 💜🌀🎯💥🌀🌈 ALL SCOURCE

  4. Izzie

    Thank you St. Germain and also to Daniel. That advice is very reassuring. BTW bong more do I leave my light on the window ? Thanks again.