Establishment Set To Blame Trump For Deadly Covid Jabs As Adverse Reactions Become Unavoidable

The House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis issued a report Wednesday claiming the Trump administration pressured the FDA to fastrack emergency authorization for the experimental Covid vaccines.

The complaint alleges Trump staffers strongly urged health officials like former FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn to authorize the jabs as well as other “unproven” Covid treatments in a hurried manner.

The document begins by claiming the Trump administration “coordinated pressure campaigns to reauthorize hydroxychloroquine and expand its use after it was shown to be ineffective and potentially dangerous.”

Democrats are specifically upset about Trump assistant Peter Navarro communicating with White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, Dr. Jerome Corsi, and the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) to work on a petition hoping to generate support for hydroxychloroquine.

Next, the report says the Trump team “strongarmed FDA to deliver misleadingly positive news about convalescent plasma as a coronavirus treatment on the eve of the 2020 Republican National Convention (RNC).”

Finally, the House subcommittee claims Trump “blocked FDA from issuing guidance on coronavirus vaccine authorizations for weeks in an attempt to ensure that the first vaccine could be authorized before the 2020 presidential election.”

The 45th president allegedly “expressed his desire for these [vaccines] to be approved as quickly as possible to save lives,” the report states.

According to Politico, “White House officials said they would not sign off on emergency use authorization language that required a 60-day safety follow up for late-stage clinical trials. Ultimately, the FDA went ahead with the 60-day follow-up plan without an explicit blessing from the White House, though the White House later cleared it.”

Some of the communications revealed in the report show individuals in Trump’s circle were hip to the notion that if hydroxychloroquine was proven to be effective at battling Covid-19, the emergency use authorization for the experimental vaccines would never have been passed.

While the establishment tries to paint the narrative Trump was attempting to prematurely get the Covid jabs approved for purely political reasons, the same group of people have been blatantly political throughout the Covid pandemic.

For example, the video compilation below shows a plethora of Democrat politicians and talking heads displaying extreme skepticism about the Covid shots during Trump’s final year in office.

The very same individuals went from being suspicious about the jabs to promoting mandatory vaccinations as soon as Biden got into office.

Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec accurately noted on Twitter that Infowars founder Alex Jones predicted the establishment would use Trump’s promotion of the vaccine against him when it could no longer keep the lid on the adverse reactions people have been experiencing.

In fact, Alex Jones predicted in December 2020 that Trump would be blamed for the harmful clot shots.

“Notice they try to hedge their bets, they go, ‘Oh! If there is death, it’s because Trump sped it up.’ I think Trump’s been setup by this,” he said.

Jones again issued the dire warning to President Trump exactly one week ago.

During the live broadcast, Jones suggested Trump follow the political lead of Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis regarding the experimental “vaccines” and tell the truth about the potential dangers of getting the injection.

The next day Jones responded to conservatives who thought he was too critical in his warning to Trump by explaining he was doing it in a supportive way, and that he ultimately wants the 45th president to wake up to the scam.

Jones did maintain he cannot see himself supporting Trump in 2024 if he does not come clean about the medical establishment’s mRNA shots.

Again on Saturday, Jones posted a video directed towards Trump.

This time, Jones provided examples of how Trump can correct his past mistakes concerning the deadly Covid vaccines while revealing life-saving information that would shoot a hole in the globalist agenda.

“Mr. President, you have been set up by Big Pharma, you have been set up by the Deep State,” Jones told Trump. “Your former White Houser coordinator admits they knew the shot would never work and that they lied to you. The current head of the CDC has now come out and admitted this. The rats are leaving the sinking ship and are preparing to set you up. But there’s still time to get on the right side of history and save a lot of lives Mr. President.”

On Wednesday, Jones spent nearly an hour explaining how the trap is being set for President Trump to take the blame for the dangerous shots.

“The crowing thing they’re going to blame on him [Trump] is the shot, but they did it worldwide. It was all coordinated by the UN and the WEF. They ran it, they get the blame not our populist movement,” Jones said.

Continuing on Wednesday, Jones called for Trump to “release all his communications with these people. How they came to him, how they recommended Warp Speed, how they said this would get the country going.”

6 Replies to “Establishment Set To Blame Trump For Deadly Covid Jabs As Adverse Reactions Become Unavoidable”

  1. Emma

    Alex Jones is controlled opposition.
    Alex Jones is trying to make Trump sound stupid and easy to fool. Btw… look it up, Trump has a pretty high IQ and studying him, one can see his EQ is also high.
    Trump had access to more intel than Alex Jones will ever have.

    I too find it strange that Trump are happy with the vaccines, but I see all the other things he did for USA and for the rest of us in this world.
    I choose to believe there is something I dont know about that vaccine thing, that he knows. I will keep believing that, until proven otherwise.
    I have not taken the vaccine, so his endorsement doesn’t matter to me. Those that took it, did they take it to please Trump?. Many are left-wing, so I guess not.

    And very important!, Trump NEVER mandated the vaccines, but Biden did. No jab, no job. No jab, no flying, and no many other things.

  2. derek

    The Lancet had to pull that report that said hydroxychloroquine is dangerous. It was obvious the report was bogus, but the damage was already done.

    It is very confusing as to why Trump was so pro-vax. After watching this clown show the last 2 years I am sure of one thing. Trump is setting traps NOT falling for them. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

  3. Bill

    “For example, the video compilation below shows a plethora of Democrat politicians and talking heads displaying extreme skepticism about the Covid shots during Trump’s final year in office.

    The very same individuals went from being suspicious about the jabs to promoting mandatory vaccinations as soon as Biden got into office.”

    I’ve had to remind people over the years that trump was originally the one pushing the vaccine, since they’ve sort of mixed up the fact that most ‘trump supporters’ were still against it. He often got boo’d at when he brought it up if I recall.

    It’ll be a little sad seeing who conveniently forgets that the media/politicians have been reenforcing the idea that it’s completely safe and that anyone who says otherwise is a conspiracy theorist… To turn into “it’s entirely trumps fault” while excusing the former groups.

    1. Emma

      Trump said, ” I prefer therapeuticals “.
      Some say he is the father of another vaccine, but as soon as Biden got in, they switched it. But I do not know enough. Also I dont care.
      What fool would rather have Biden as leader of USA and the “free world”?
      In my book a man is allowed one or a few mistakes, but not as many as Biden has done in 18 months.
      I live in a socialist-capitalists country and has always been happy with that, until I saw the corruption in my own country (Scandinavia). Covid opened my eyes. Before covid, I though we had hardly any corruption, is was all in USA. Now I know it is everywhere.

  4. Gustavo Frein

    Trump is incredibly stupid and a gross narcissist.. He has called himself the “Father of the Vaccine” and said it should be called the “Trumpcine”.

    I say he deserves all the credit for handing over this instrument of death and suffering to an even bigger clown.

    The cast of evil characters are running from the vaccine now as the carnage this thing has wrought will become apparent to even the most brainwashed.

    He walked right into a trap. He is a clownish orange Buffoon.

    To all those who thought Trump was a light worker and was part of a plan…he’s not. He is dog chasing cars. There was no plan.