Hakann: How Were Earthlings Created?

Question: Please explicate who were or are the Annunaki. I have seen many different speculative claims. Some say they are human, others say Reptilians, still others say Reptilian-Human hybrids. And wrapped in that question, did they come here for gold and genetically modify an indigenous human population to suit their needs? Or were we brought here from some other Star system? If we had higher vibrational abilities at one time and actually had highly advanced civilization here in Atlantis and Lemuria how is it then the dark ones were able to take control of us and makes us genetically less than we were? Thank you!

Answer: This is commander Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

Thank you for your question. Frankly, it is very strange for me to consider that you Earthlings do not really know your history. If you do not know where you came from, how can you know where you are going?

I understand that this is not your fault. The information is being kept from you. It is just a strange situation to think about, from my point of view. That said, that does make your question very valuable and much appreciated.

One of your questions is, “why did the Annunaki come here.” Most actions or events have multiple reasons or causes, and that includes the decision of the Annunaki to come to Earth. However, most Earthlings tend to want to think of things as having just one reason. If multiple reasons are given, they sometimes become a bit uncomfortable: “yes, but which is the real reason?”

Therefore I will mostly be giving the primary reasons for certain events and I will omit some of the less important reasons and causes. Also, giving a full history of Earth and Earthlings would take hundreds if not thousands of pages, and I do not wish to completely exhaust the channeler. So I will give a summary. We will gladly share your full history once we have landed.

The Annunaki came to your world to mine certain materials, especially gold. Two of them were ENKI & ENLIL. At some point Annunaki did not want to do the work themselves. They created a primitive form of Earthlings out of existing ape-like creatures, to mine minerals for them.

During this time period the Annunaki were slightly negatively oriented beings, but they did genuinely need those minerals. They are neither human nor reptilian or human-reptilian hybrids. They are their own species. They are also not nearly as negatively oriented as reptilians. Today Annunaki are moderately positively oriented.

These are all generalizations. There are some positive reptilians (today there is even a reptilian commander working for the light forces). There are some negative Pleiadians. There have always been both negative and positive Annunaki.

At this time the galaxy had just gone through a long and bloody war. Diplomats from positive and negative races sought places where the positive and negative races could work together on something, to defuse tensions and focus the galaxy’s attention away from war and towards some new goal.

Those diplomats hoped that Earthlings could serve as a great “peace project.” Namely: let all prominent races in the galaxy contribute some DNA to these ape-like Earthlings (plus Reptilians contributed the lizard brain). Then negative and positive races could work together towards one goal, namely creating a new kind of Earthling. And they could have a friendly competition that would focus their attention away from war.

This competition was: if a race has DNA from negative and positive races, will it turn towards the light or towards the dark?

In popular terms, this experiment was hyped as, “which is stronger, the light or the dark? Earthlings will definitely settle this argument.”

Both the positive and negative races were convinced these Earthlings would eventually turn to their side. So this was considered to be a very interesting experiment. And this Earthling experiment did help to defuse war tensions.

The experiment also had an inherent grand prize. Earthlings are the psionically more powerful race in the universe, because of their diverse DNA. So whichever side Earthlings turn to, gets the prize of having the most powerful race in the universe be on their side.

The Annunaki allowed the other races to tinker with Earthlings, and eventually, they had enough minerals and they left.

What you think of as the Earthling race, are those Earthlings who have received all the DNA from various ET races. This is why Earthlings are so diverse and why so many Earthlings look very different from one another. This is because different Earthlings have different combinations of ET DNA. That said, all groups of Earthlings have both good and bad traits, strengths and drawbacks. No one group on your planet is better than another.

The positive races offered Earthlings a helping hand. Earthlings accepted and the positive races helped you build Atlantis (which was more masculine-focused) and Lemuria (which was more feminine-focused). Then the positive races left, to honor the spirit of the “will Earthlings turn towards the light or dark” competition.

But the dark races cheated. They lied to Earthlings, which is a violation of free will, and they infiltrated both Atlantis and Lemuria. I would like to say that they corrupted Atlantis and Lemuria, but it is more accurate to say that they merely contributed to the corruption of Atlantis and Lemuria.

The dark ones gave you destructive technology and flattered you and increased your ego and pride and turned you away from a path of service to Source.

Yet even more important than that was that Atlantis and Lemuria had access to too much knowledge and technology too quickly, and their level of consciousness was too low to be able to handle that wisely. You can think of Atlanteans and Lemurians as toddlers playing with loaded weapons. Even the technology and knowledge that the positive races gave them was too much.

This is part of why I have told you in past messages that from my perspective, the most important thing is for Earthlings to raise their level of consciousness. Giving you more knowledge and technology just makes the weapon you are holding even more dangerous, while spiritually you are still a toddler. Frankly I considered refusing to answer this question for that reason, but then decided that you deserve to know your history.

Also, the positive races learned a painful lesson here to not try and tell lower-consciousness beings what they should think and how they should structure their society. While we never forced your forefathers to do anything, we did make suggestions. And Atlanteans and Lemurians listened to us. But their level of consciousness was not high enough yet and so it blew up in their face. You would have fared better if we had made fewer suggestions. This is part of the reason why today we are very reluctant to just take over your media and broadcast our perspective.

After the collapse of Atlantis and Lemuria, the positive races withdrew, partly out of shame and partly because they concluded that they should just let Earthlings develop at their own pace. But of course, the dark ones didn’t. After Atlantis and Lemuria, they really hooked their claws into you.

Some combination of demons, negative ETs and a small group of their human minions have been running your entire world ever since, from behind the scenes. They have been feeding off your energies and particularly off your so-called negative emotions.

To diminish you and make you easier to control, they falsified your history. They filled your heads with inverted information. They made you worship idols and false gods, sometimes includings themselves. They locked up parts of your DNA. They made sure that everything you ate, drank and breathed in was filled with toxins. They divided you. Then they divided you even further. They made brother kill brother, made father kill son, made man hate woman.

They raped and tortured every priestess and wise woman they got their hands on. They destroyed feminine energy wherever they found it. They tried to convince women to become masculine. They tried to block both masculine and feminine energy in men, to make them completely powerless and detached and tuned out.

This systemic rape and torture of every woman who was not a submissive house-wife, is part of the reason why Earthling women still feel so very unsafe, even today. Part of this fear comes from justified concerns about modern-day dangers, and part of this fear is ancestral trauma.

My Earthling sisters, I empathize with you so very much. I cannot imagine how much you have suffered. I also cannot express how much I love you or respect you for having kept a good heart despite all of this. And yes, I know that there are still many dangers out there even today. Society still does not treat you properly.

Yet I do want to say: you are safer now than you were in those dark days. Today in most places you’re not going to get brutalized just for speaking your mind or for being a priestess or for studying some herbs. It’s no longer then, you’re no longer there. With all my love and respect, I would like to invite you to let go of some of that ancestral trauma.

Keeping yourself small may have been necessary in the past for your safety. I do not blame you for that, at all. But now you are invited to once again step into your power. The world needs you. Humanity needs you.

So, the dark ones abused you for millennia. And yet, despite all of this, still you slowly kept growing in a generally positive direction.

What were the positive ET races doing in the meantime? Well, the early forms of positive races were not very good at dealing with so-called negative emotions, because their societies are utopian. Because of this, they were inexperienced at dealing with negative emotions. So for a long time, positive races simply did not look at Earth because they felt shame.

I am offering a formal apology to Earthlings on behalf of all positive galactic races who were involved with humanity, for our behavior in those days. We are not proud of it.

This is part of the reason why it is such a deep wound in the Earthling psyche that you had a paradise but then you lost it. Many of you still subconsciously blame yourself for the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria.

From my point of view, you can let go of that. It was more our fault than your fault, and besides, you have beaten yourself up for way too long over that already. I would like to invite you to forgive yourself for the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria. It is time. You have suffered more than enough for that already. You are forgiven.

At some point the positive races realized they had to do something. They asked for volunteers to start incarnating on Earth. These are light workers. The hippie movement of the 1960s had a lot of light workers in them. This is not to say that hippies are perfect people, they had their flaws and blind spots too, but hippies did significantly raise the consciousness of humanity.

And it worked. Remember the competition we talked about? During the Harmonic Convergence of August of 1987, enough Earthlings were good-hearted that the light side officially won. Earthlings were then put on track in to become a good-hearted race living in a love-based society (although you have free will, so individuals might still turn towards the dark). This trajectory was further locked in and stabilized in 2012.

Now it is just a matter of playing out the process and seeing how long and rocky this road will be. Of course the dark ones are refusing to accept their defeat, but literally everything they are doing nowadays is backfiring on them in the sense that it is only waking up more and more people.

The level of consciousness on Earth is rising so quickly that hostile ETs are less and less able to affect you. Plus the positive ETs have dedicated a lot of resources and manpower towards protecting you from hostile ETs. Now it’s mostly just a matter of dealing with selfish and dark Earthlings, which we think is mostly your responsibility. We do not wish to repeat Atlantis.

The situation on Earth today may look dire, but from our perspective, for the first time in millennia you are actually mostly freed from your demonic and negative-ET controllers. Now it’s mostly just flesh-and-blood humans who are pursuing a dark agenda, and you can just have regular police men and soldiers arrest those. You have more than enough evidence. The ball is lying in front of an open goal. It’s just up to some courageous Earthling to kick it in.

The consciousness of humanity keeps rising every single day, so it is highly likely that some day the positive factions of the Earthling military will pull the trigger.

One day you will learn galactic history and you will see that it is full of irony. One such irony is that positive beings foresaw that Earthlings would bring peace to the galaxy. However, in their self-centeredness, they interpreted this as “we will work with the negative races on these Earthlings, and in working side by side on this human project, peace will be created.” Now it is looking more like you Earthlings will indeed bring peace to the galaxy, but you will do so because one day you will be more powerful and more wise and more experienced with both light and dark than we are.

You will bring peace not because you are some project for us to tinker with, but you will bring peace because you will be the greatest of us.

The positive races already love and respect you, while the dark races will be unable to handle either your love or your military power. At the same time, you will be wise enough to let them chart their own course, so long as no direct harm to others is done, and not force some kind of Pleiadian-like society on them. After all, you too will have learned from Atlantis.

So, why did Earthlings turn towards the light and not towards the dark? That’s because the light is simply inherently stronger and more appealing than the dark. That is what Earthlings have proven once and for all, to the entire galaxy.

The dark ones cheated and they still lost. You still turned to the light.

All the dark is, is lack of love and lack of light. Even a spark of light or a spark of love can fill an entire dark room. Light beings are defined by their connection to Source, dark beings are defined by their lack of connection to Source. Which do you think is more powerful and more appealing?

This is where we are today. Your medium-term future is brighter than you can possibly imagine.

I hope you found this informative. If you have any follow-up questions, feel free to ask. I very much appreciated the opportunity to talk about this today. Thank you.

Your star brother,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.

**These channelings are exclusively submitted to EraofLight.com by the channeler. If you wish to share them elsewhere, please include a link back to this original post.

50 Replies to “Hakann: How Were Earthlings Created?”

  1. Claudia

    Dearest Commander Hakann: THIS message really did sth to me “baaadly”, as in indescribably good, but it was your question at the beginning that kicked the ball into the goal.

    Are you aware that a question “forces” it’s answer to appear?

    In short IT’S A NECESSITY we don’t know where we’re going or where we came from, in order to do the job we’re here for= realize The One who created man in own image.

    Plus it doesn’t feel half as bad as you might think bc you simply CAN’T miss what you don’t know. I had an opening a few years ago when sth really big happened within me and made me remember “THE LOVE OF MY LIVE” and although I immediately understood why I had to forget it “HOW COULD I!!” was all I could think. (Remembering where we come from would simply be too painful, and so after 2 or 3 days that insight had left me again.😓)

    Now the “HOW COULD I” question is also pointing to “Realizing the Creator”. One must know EVERY step of HOW it happened. Understand? 😉


    1. Claudia

      PS: Please feel free to ask as many questions as you like if you like dear Starbrother Hakann. 😁

      ALL works both ways.

  2. Star_struck

    A.S …if you or Hakann can answer this .I hear a lot about the dark forces about their agendas but where do they come from? Where they created by Prime Creator to have balance in the Universe of darkness and light. Or do they have another creator from another universe. I hear they worship an AI warlord from another Universe is this true? Is this why they want us to merge with AI. Why do they not have souls? I hear they will be sent to the central sun will they have souls after this and be part of the soul matrix?

  3. Kev

    Thankyou hakann, I appreciate your messages and am looking forward to meeting you and/or the other pleadians. Please feel free to stop by CT if you can, love and light to you and all!

  4. student

    Hi Tuniya Hakkan. I have a question for Hakkan. We have a blogger called Kobra, he claims to be related to your race. Personally, I believe him. And you tested me, I passed the test. He claims about the coming pole shift and giant tsunami washing away the remnants of the darkness that we are destroying here. The question is, will there be an evacuation of all mankind to other planets?

    1. Emma

      No that timeline are no longer, from my understanding.
      Now WE THE PEOPLE create the preffered timeline, because enough are positive (light).

  5. Douglas A James

    It all makes sense why so many races…but also 75k years ago souls from Mars were brought here too . clearly DNA wise there are many diff sources creating all these hybrid humans as nobody looks the same not event the same races are all the same…exactly …well we need nesara we need truth we need love and forgiveness and we need unity.

    1. Emma

      Really we need nothing. We are powerful. Nesara?, why?.
      We are love and truth, and more and more we will “out-light” the dark ones, and money will flow, not from Nesara (IMO), but just because the dark ones no longer has power over the money.

      We are not slaves that needs a handout from Nesara / Gesara. We are truly more powerful than waiting for someone to give us money (allow us money).

  6. Victor

    Hello to all the boys (and sisters) of Light from Ukraine.I’m Victor.There is such a proverb – war is war, and lunch is on schedule.
    Tunia’s message prompted me to write.It hit right on target.I got good answers to my questions about sex.
    How did they make fear, shame, monster, etc. out of sex here?It’s all
    in my family-39 years! Like all things from God – everything was turned over,
    replaced, such complexity was made out of the simple.My wife was sexually traumatized in her youth.(She told me about it herself
    -I was shaking for 3 days).I asked her several times afterwards
    -why did you tell me?- she’s silent.Then all
    psychologists told me – you won’t have normal sex-she’s taking revenge on you.I understand everything-but what does it have to do with me?I told her –
    I want to cure you, because the injury remained in my head.
    Plus, as a child, their alcoholic father chased them around
    the house.She hates men.She said it herself.But she’s healing-
    slowly.I realized that this is my task for this incarnation.(One of
    the tasks.)OK.

    Now about the support of earthlings.As I understand it, the Light Masters
    decided to accelerate awakenings.Of course, this is good-I am very
    I’m waiting for the transition-for this I stopped drinking beer before the war.
    I know I’m moving on and I’ll move on, I know there are other better worlds than this prison.And so.But why does none of
    the masters ask the question – do THEY WANT to WAKE UP,
    go somewhere?You say Freedom of choice – they just don’t think about it.That is, if we talk about freedom of choice, then we need to talk about a person’s DESIRE.And then about whether
    to drive him somewhere or not.I’m talking about my family-I
    directly told my wife a passage from the Bible-Then there will be-two in bed-
    one is taken-one is left.It includes a scandal like
    usually, but I know that her soul hears and understands everything.

    More about unconditional love.I wondered to find a good
    definition of what unconditional love is.I haven’t found
    anything to calm my inquisitive mind.It is very similar that
    the expression -unconditional love-is given by some dark for
    brainless bums.Like peace, happiness, brotherhood, equality- that is, just beautiful words.BUT they
    work when an unhappy person comes to church and
    they say to him-God loves you very much and then the noodles went
    on his ears.I ask my wife – what is love – she is silent.
    In earthly families, love-what have you done for me, what have you done for me
    bought.An example of unconditional love of a mother for a child is given.
    Well, if it’s small-no problem-but if
    some kind of freak grows up-mom what? She endures.He endures for a long time.Here I am for
    I have adopted such a definition of myself -unconditional love is long-
    my email

  7. Christed

    Hakann, you resonate very powerfully and truthfully with the Ascended Masters of High Light that we have known throughout the ages: Krishna, Sananda, Siddhartha, Hatonn, Matthew, and many, many more of our universal brothers and sisters of the Inner Earth civilisations. I can only wish after reading you that the Lightworker group of “Earthlings” (such derogatory but fitting term for ensouled Earth humans anyway) could have some compassion of unity consciousness in their dealings and reactiveness to one another and access these truths from a centre of oneness and acceptance of our all too human divergence in service to the Infinite Divine Source binding us all. Gradually the layers of confusion and darkness surrounding our past and present are being unravelled in corroboration with truly Lighted beings everywhere in the galaxies. We need your presence and words so passionately and, this time around, rest assured we are getting it right and that more “reveals” from your New Jerusalem mothership will turn out better than it did in the time of Atlantis and Lemuria. This I can assure you with the deepest honour and gratitude. Namaste! The soul in me honours the soul in you and all.🙏🏾

  8. John R

    I like your reverse psychology Don. Of course it goes Both Ways. Nature is Wise beyond comprehension!

  9. Arthur

    Yes, thank, that’s the question I wanted to ask, but…
    She raises new questions
    1. As I understand it, the so-called. positive races (people) are races of divine origin, having a Soul created by God. But then who created the reptilians, grays, anunnauks,… negative races, who is the creator of their souls and bodies? As you noted, negative entities are not creators. But in order to create humanoid forms, and even more so Souls, you need to have knowledge and consciousness, indescribable, beyond in comparison with the human. Also, since the DNA of humans and negative races can be mixed, does that mean they share a common source? But how is this possible?! And why was permission given at all for the creation of races that were originally not oriented to the light? After all, this will create a lot of problems? So who are the creators of the negative races?
    2. As I understand it, all the power of a person – in his physical body and without it, will his “carriage” turn back into a pumpkin? That is, if after the Earth incarnation a person decides to incarnate on the Pleiades, Sirius,.. then all his potential power will disappear and he will again become a weak humanoid 🙂 ?
    3. Is there a root race on Earth with pure Earth DNA not brought from other civilizations?

    1. Phillis Stein

      I hope these questions are answered for you by Hakann. My feeling would be that ALL souls are created by Source, and it is what the being DOES with that soul, using free will (if you are in a free will universe) that creates the differences in perspectives. I believe that our creativity comes from our soul, our higher aspect, and this is why negative entities and humans are not creators (and are rather destroyers, usurpers, infiltrators and more), because their soul connection has been weakened or lost via their thoughts, words and deeds – in other words, by their choices.

  10. John R

    Gustavo you are plainly wrong. You are entitled to your views, but you are way, way way out in your depiction of homosexuality by Light Years, pardon the pun Hakann!!

  11. sunny

    So awesome to feel and read the truth Ive felt since birth! Thankyou for deciding not to ignore the question.

  12. susan jaegeling

    I never comment because what do I know? Still learning like so many at this time. However, it is disappointing and somewhat depressing to know that Mother Earth has been an experiment for the forces of Light and Dark to see who wins. An ongoing battleground. When the light loses its retreats to safety. Earth plunges into darkness to be controlled by the dark again and again. How can we know the history of our planet when the truth is always hidden from us? Our freewill was taken from us by the dark ages ago. When confronted by the light the dark just says sorry and walks away. I thank the light for trying again to help us. Just being honest

    1. Emma

      Ohh I was very glad to read Hakanns take on it. So many things felt into place.

      They had good intention of stopping war, they failed and felt ashamed, but then evolved to want to fix the problem they created, but only enough to respect our free will.

      We are powerful, and you talk like we need someone to carry us through life. We are powerful. Help children a little, but let them find the strenght to overcome stuff, and they will be far better humans when they grow up, instead of being pampered and carried all the way.

  13. Ingrid Verhoeks

    Dear Hakann and A.S., thank you so much for bringing forth this deep truth to us. I am very gratefull to read in such a short summary the things I tried to put together over the years. These messages are very meaningfull in order to let us step up into higher consciousness. I am still wondering if the Annunaki were part of this universe originally, like, did Source (of this universe) create them? Or where did they come from? Other question; can you elaborate on the beginning of this universe? Is it true that after love was desiged as the energy, felines and canaries were invited to play/experience out the polarity (or free will) game? And did this became the same as the service to self/service to others populations or was there a different intention? I understand if you decide not to answer when I am taking your messages in a direction you consider not the most appropriate. Thank you, namaste, in gratitude. Ingrid

  14. Tfjae

    For me this sound incorrect, I do not believe that higher beings feel shamed and therefore do not want to look to earthlings. I am love and would do anything to help others by looking after them or whatever …

    1. Emma

      They do not describe themselves as higher beings. They only knew positive, and did not live in darknes.
      But they were mono-people, only knowing positive, and that does not make you anything. That is why they think of us as stronger. We are not mono, we know and lived light and dark.

      But they too, evolved themselves out of shame. Perhaps shame was their first incounter with negative stuff, and they overcame it, and found a plan.

      Everybody else is not yours or mine saviour, we are our saviors. We are the heros we have been waiting for.

    2. the dave

      The 5th density is about Love but the 6th density is about wisdom and balancing Love and wisdom. Sometimes – anything, as in I’ll do anything – means doing Nothing and letting the person or society – in this case, us – make the final strides to free ourselves.

      When they helped us last time, 20 or 25,000 years ago, we ended up killing most of ourselves – in the Lemurian/Atlantis war and the sinking of Atlantis, aka Noahs great flood.

      So, I think thats why theyre a little gun shy to get as deeply involved this time around. Im pretty sure we wouldnt be as far along towards the win as we are without their covert help for decades now.

  15. Gustavo Frein

    Thanks for this history lesson Hakann. It is much the same as I suspected from reading David Icke who says mainly the same thing.

    I find it difficult to be okay with the fact that I am an experiment. That I’m just an instrument being used to play out some wager. This to me seems inherently cruel.

    I can tell you my life here has been one of violence from the time I was very small. Now, I’m older, nursing my injuries throughout life but the extremely violent anger and fury in me has subsided greatly.

    I was triggered by Tunia’s sex stories. I love sex as much as the next man, I just don’t talk about it. I keep it between me and my girlfriend. It’s not shame as some have tried to imply, just that these moments in life should be between a man and his woman. Perverting things and twisting them becomes unnatural. Homosexuality is unnatural and gays I have known are very unhappy.

    Thanks again for answering this question.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      We are no one to decide as to what another being does with his or her or their life, so long as they aren’t infringing upon another being’s free will or causing harm to anyone other than themselves. If something is unnatural, nature will shut it down. If doing something out of one’s own will makes someone unhappy, then that is their burden to bear. You are free to get triggered by it all, so long as you don’t start enforcing your perspectives and your ways of living on others simply because YOU are too incapable of dealing with your own triggers.

      We’ve all had tough lives one way or another. Doesn’t give us any rights to judge others or prevent others from expressing themselves and their own free will as and when and how they see fit, so long as they are harming no one else but themselves.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Gustavo Frein

        Are you talking to me. You must be talking to me. I don’t see anybody else around, so you must be talking to me.

        Let me tell YOU something Don Insignificantularis, I’ll get triggered all I want by things I see as promotion of the dark agenda. It is not normal heterosexual couples and families forcing our sexuality on the LGBTQI crowd, it is they who are in our face constantly with drag queen story hour, school systems Tranny grooming young children, having lewd disgusting parades, all of which is now leading up the normalization of Pedophilia.

        So, Donny boy, I’ll judge all I want and if I see some bearded drag queen pawing at my child or any child, I’ll beat his face unrecognizable. I’m sure I’m not the American male who has these views.

        I don’t care what homosexuals do behind closed doors, or lesbians. Just keep you sex life to yourself. Now the media and government are trying to end all normative behavior, once you get that then you are where these Luciferians are at, anything and everything is on the table. There is nothing too perverse, too cruel, too insane for these psychopaths.

        So when I read a channeling sounding like some sick porno fantasy about a woman who has sex in front of her kid, a husband and wife having an open relationship so long as the infidelity involved is homosexual in nature, I see that as propaganda no different then the Luciferian 24×7 sex biltz we are subjected to everyday. I see that as an attack of family, male female unions, marriage and all that makes life worth living. And it didn’t even make any sense. Why is infidelity okay as long as it is homosexual in nature? Why not just let your wife fornicate with other men and husband with other women.

        Then you and AS started all this false equivocation about the people who were repulsed by Tunia’s story being ashamed of their bodies and human sexuality blah blah blah. Keep your hippie commune love fest. Having standards and modesty is not being ashamed.

        I hope this helps

        1. Emma

          I agree with you. However did not read that Tunia article, as I felt it was a click bait. Also I do not read the Don articles, as they are too long, and only stuff I already know.

          1. the dave

            What are the Don articles? As for Tunia – I think their race has a different mentality on some things because of their continuous positive society for thousands(?) of years. It wasnt click bait it was just from people or a person – who think differently than us. Our Earth human understanding isnt the final arbiter of things in the galaxy – yet….

    2. Raksha

      Hi Gustavo, sorry if this is arrogant, but I am very glad to see you more open-minded in this comment. I hope it is not out of place for me to say so. I mean well. Still, I dont agree with you about homosexuality but let it at that. I actually understand your feelings about the “experiment part”. Wasn’t that a bit selfish from the “positives” ? Even if there was a purpose, is it okay to mingle with a young race ? And use it as a competition/catalyst ? And did the Pleiadian and others never experienced dense 3rd density ? The dark ? They had their dark past too isn’t it ?

      1. the dave

        I think its more like they created humans from apes and tried to guide us in the best direction but because we mucked it up, they look back an feel maybe they shouldnt have told us anything.

        I believe they – like all souls(?) did experience 3rd density, but 3rd density doesnt have to be dark. It can be all positive, such as Ra described about his society on Venus, in the Law of One.

        We have darkness because some dark races came here and used their power over us dumb – at that time – humans to exploit us. But it doesnt happen like that on most planets. We have a special badass planet so they wanted to steal or at least own it.

    3. AzureLeaves

      “I find it difficult to be okay with the fact that I am an experiment.”

      Them labeling this whole thing as an “Experiment” without elaborating further can indeed cause reactions such as yours and others’.

      In an attempt to give more context for better understanding (you can see this as me trying to console as well, but the primary intention is to inform and share my perspectives), let me put these factors in (along with a raw summary):

      -Divine Source Creator is the “ALL”, omnipresent in all of creation, including us. Splitting itself into many “fractals” in an attempt to learn more about itself and improve itself.

      -Why does it/all of us need to learn more about ourselves when we’re already “Perfect”? Perfection is subjective, and apparently, there is always “greater heights” to reach–otherwise, if one is already “Perfect”, and declares itself to be so, then there will no longer be any drive to “move” and “progress”, and this means Stagnation; Divine Source does not tolerate stagnation, lest it returns into Eternal Nothingness/The Void from which it originated.

      -It’s also the reason why there is recurring cycles of Genesis and Destruction of all Existence once the current “Experiment”/”Simulation” is over and the “Prime Question/s” has been answered–Hindus call this the Mahapralaya (Great Dissolution–feel free to look this up); like the Phoenix burning itself out only to be reborn again, carrying itself the past lessons it learned (through its Fractals–all of creation including us), in an attempt to create an even better Existence for itself and its fractals.

      -By these scenarios, it can be surmised that all of existence is an “Experiment”, or a “Study” or a “Learning Experience”; incorporating Diversity and Differences and the Illusion of Separation to see how each of the Fractals (such us us Earthlings) interact and learn from each other various information/data/lessons.

      -And yes, even Pleiadians/Light/Negentropic Forces, Dark/Entropic Forces and anyone in between are all part of the Simulation; right now it’s the Entropy Reduction Simulation (as is often talked about by Physicist Tom Campbell who worked with Robert Monroe)

      -Scenario: Divine Source Creator, through its Fractals (e.g. both the “Light” and “Dark” forces) genetically engineered this planet’s residents, and made it really powerful Spiritually/Psychically through incorporation of Entropic and Negentropic-aligned races.

      But neither do they know, they themselves are also part of the Simulation through such questions such as: “What would happen to me (my fractals) if I divide them and each of them serving different sides?”, “What would happen if they create Earthling Humans and conduct this kind of study?”–and so on; right now these questions are steadily being answered.

      -It’s not so bleak to think about when you put your perspective from the Divine Creator’s “shoes”; your “I AM” (Awareness of Being/Divine Source within you) is just basically conducting a study of itself, in order to further improve itself, by “dividing” itself into Fractals and run the infinite simulations (multiple Universes and Parallel Timelines) in parallel.

      You, and everyone else is the Divine Source; every desire, for better or for worse, is also the desire of the Divine Source–when one acknowledges the oneness and interconnectedness (“Indra’s Net”) of all creation, the Illusion of Separation shatters, and one suddenly stops seeing others as different, and even greater–or lesser–than they are.

    4. AzureLeaves

      Also, please read Andy Weir’s short story “The Egg”, you can read it online, or you can watch a narration with presentation on YouTube in an 8-minute video (shouldn’t be too much of a time to spare), from the channel Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell.

      You can actually do this first before reading my other comment concerning the “Experiment” topic, so you can gain additional context to the things I said.

        1. AzureLeaves

          Ah, I’m glad to know that, thanks for letting me know, too. That video was quite a wake up call for me as well years ago, even though I’m already on the path of study and practice of the Spiritual and Metaphysical Arts for about a decade by then, it felt like a new path opened for me.

          And then a few years later, discovered Neville Goddard’s teachings (e.g. “I AM”=an individual’s “Awareness of Being”=God=Never Separated from God) from Gregg Braden and the Gospel of Thomas, then I began to appreciate The Egg short story even more.

          It was an awesome experience being propelled even faster on my personal and spiritual development through those discoveries; and I hope it does the same for you and for others as well, as it did on me.

          And just now while searching back on Neville’s teachings and similarity with Hinduism and recalling it’s similar to Advaita Vedanta, I found another quote from the Upanishads that also relates strongly to The Egg. It’s quite a beautiful quote and so I thought I’d share it on this site as well:

          “He who sees all beings in his Self and his Self in all beings, he never suffers; because when he sees all creatures within his true Self, then jealousy, grief and hatred vanish. He alone can love.

          That AH-pervading One is self- effulgent, birthless, deathless, pure, untainted by sin and sorrow. Knowing this, he becomes free from the bondage of matter and transcends death.

          Transcending death means realizing the difference between body and Soul and identifying oneself with the Soul. When we actually behold the undecaying Soul within us and realize our true nature, we no longer identify ourself with the body which dies and we do not die with the body.”
          ― Swami Paramananda, The Upanishads: Isha, Katha and Kena Upanishads

    5. AzureLeaves

      I’m assuming you’ve already read or watched the 8-minute video of “The Egg” short story by now; if not, please do that first before reading the rest of this comment.


      “It’s not shame as some have tried to imply, just that these moments in life should be between a man and his woman.”

      -That’s perfectly fine; I myself value my privacy too; but we have to be mindful that they are not Earthlings, and was born and raised on a different culture and environment than us–they do things their own way; their ability to be constantly telepathic, erasing any secrecy, for better or for worse is also another factor for the lack of “privacy”; and if one acknowledges that All of Creation is, at their core, just fractals of the same Divine Source, why would you want to keep a secret from yourself?

      That being said, they also do not have the right to impose their own values and morals and culture upon us, since we have our own, too; and vice-versa. Instead learn to coexist in Balance and Harmony despite perceived differences (which are all part of the Illusion/Maya) is the key.

      Hence there is no reason to condemn them, or get triggered for their actions as dictated by their particular culture, particularly if they aren’t doing anything unjust to begin with (e.g. hurting innocent people, young or old).

      Instead, we have to acknowledge that there are always going to be differences, as the Divine Source intended, to prevent Stagnation; the lesson here is to coexist and be in Balance and Harmony with one’s Co-Fractals of the Divine Source, despite any perceived illusory differences and transcend them, otherwise, the history of Conquest and erasure, or even perversion of various native cultures on this planet repeats itself beyond this planet if we fail to acknowledge that our Co-fractals have differences than us.

      “I am you and you are me”. Also “The Egg” by Andy Weir.


      “Perverting things and twisting them becomes unnatural.”

      -Indeed. However, this line of thinking can lose its purpose if one were to acknowledge that we are just Co-fractals of the same source; who are doing these types of perversions/twisting/manipulations/modifications of all that has was created following the so-called “Divine Blueprint”.

      -To me, all I see is the Divine Source, through its fractals, just learning and experimenting on what makes X and Y “tick”, by modifying an aspect of creation that followed a divine blueprint; that includes GMOs, and yes, I suppose Earthling humans.

      -In this sense, such a modified creation becomes “unnatural” by definition, but it’s also just a “natural consequence”, because the one that did the tinkering is just the Divine Source playing a different “role” through its fractals in this Grand Play.

      “All the world’s a stage.”–William Shakespeare
      “…and God plays all the parts.”–Neville Goddard


      “Homosexuality is unnatural and gays I have known are very unhappy.”

      -From an -exclusively- Physical Body oriented point of view, I can sympathize with this line of thinking.

      I mean how weird, how unnatural and how bizarre is it that two individuals incarnated on a Physical Body becomes sexually and romantically attracted to another individual that has the same genitalia and secondary sexual characteristics as them?

      A meatsuit with predominantly masculine or feminine features and functions becomes romantically and sexually attracted to another meatsuit that has the same predominant masculine or feminine features and functions? How bizarre? Why would Source even allows that to happen?

      How bizarre is it that they seem to go against the “Divine Blueprint” by being sexually and romantically attracted to each other when they can’t even make children to help propagate their race because their genitalia are the same and their biological functions/Divine Blueprint is also pretty much the same?

      Such are the conundrums that can happen to an individual if one exclusively restricts their own worldview to the Physical Body and all of its gross limitations.

      -Now, incorporating the concept of the Soul, the “I AM”–the “Awareness of Being” that animates a Physical Body, and these conundrums gets annihilated by understanding of what’s really happening:

      The Soul–the Fractal of the Divine Source that is NOT incarnated in a meatsuit, carries within it both the Feminine and the Masculine aspects; meaning it is capable of being predominantly masculine and predominantly feminine whenever and wherever it wishes.

      As an example: Archangel Michael once appeared to me as an incredibly beautiful Female angel, after my meditation in an attempt to get in contact with him; another one is Archangel Gabriel–from the Biblical stories, she is depicted as a strong, muscular Male angel, but from my esoteric practices, she appears as a Female angel, incorporating the feminine aspects of the Element of Water; the same goes for Archangel Uriel, guardian of the Garden of Eden–in stories, she is depicted as a Male, but in my personal esoteric practices, she appears as a Female angel, incorporating the feminine aspects of the Element of Earth.

      Not only the angels; but all souls, all Fractals of the Divine Source, have within them both Masculine and Feminine energies–all of us can shapeshift and easily become a Masculine or a Feminine “entity” whenever and wherever we wish–such is the absolute freedom when not incarnated in a Meatsuit,

      They (and all of us, BEYOND our meatsuits) cannot be defined as a “Man” or “Woman”, because at our very core, we TRANSCEND those concepts; we are way above such.

      That also goes for “race”, “ethnicity”, “hair color”, “skin color”, “eye color” and all other such societal labels, including “Earthling experiment”, “Light Forces”, “Dark Forces”; these concepts are just part of the Illusion; Personal and Spiritual Development involves acknowledging those as such, and not being restricted and controlled by them.

      And in order to learn various lessons and progress to reach even greater heights in one’s own development (which ultimately develops and improves the Divine Source who constantly strives to reach even greater heights of development through its fractals in this Grand Play/Illusion/Maya), it allows these Souls, that has both Feminine and Masculine energies to incarnate on meatsuits that are Male or Female, to express the energies for that particular incarnation, as part of the Simulation.

      Now what does this have to do with meatsuits of the same genitalia and secondary sexual characteristics being attracted to each other? Here are a few factors:

      -Law of Dependent Origination (Pratityasamutpada): i.e. the reason “Above” exists, is because “Below” exists; Positive and Negative, North and South, East and West, Hot and Cold, Light and Darkness–one only exists because its opposite exists.

      Now, there are meatsuits that are sexually and romantically attracted to a meatsuit with an opposite genitalia and secondary sexual characteristics (i.e. “Straight” people), but because of that, and by Law of Dependent Origination, its “opposite” must also, INEVITABLY, exist: i.e. “Gay” people, as a NATURAL CONSEQUENCE of the existence of “Straight” people, and vice-versa.

      If everyone is “the same”, the Divine Source will eventually descend into Stagnation, in order to prevent that, it must enact the Law of Dependent Origination on this Grand Illusion/Play to prevent it from returning back to Nothingness/Void/Sunyata.

      Now here’s the thing: I’m a “straight” person, but I acknowledge the existence of “Gay” people as a natural consequence of an existence that has the “Straight” orientation.

      But here’s the problem: the current Western “Woke” agenda and propaganda, from what I’ve observed, is pushing and abusing this “inevitability of existence” to such an extreme degree that they propagate and influence the sleepers into making decisions under THEIR influence, and not because of what they truly desire from within themselves.

      I have no problem with people who are openly Gay, or wants to undergo sex reassignment processes, as long as it’s a desire that comes from within themselves, without the influence of the Elites and such “woke” ideologies.

      What I fight against are the Elites and the influencers who, through various means (even metaphysical/occult means), attempts to control the masses, that has an end-goal of, from what I can see “make everyone into a homosexual so humanity’s species dies out, and make them hate their own genitalia while undergoing emotional and mental weakness due to hormonal imbalance during teenage years” and other such sinister plots; now THAT is the point, where things become, by definition, “unnatural” because it is being manipulated to achieve something.

      This goes against the “natural” course of nature where a Soul, that has both Feminine and Masculine energies, decides to express one of those energies while being in a meatsuit whose genitalia is the opposite of what they desire to express.

      Because once again, through Law of Dependent Origination, since there are incarnated souls who are ok at–and actively are–expressing their Feminine/Masculine Characteristics and “sexual orientation” while having the same Feminine/Masculine characteristics on the current meatsuit they incarnated into, then as a natural consequence of such an existence, there will be Souls who will do the opposite; e.g. the “Gays”.

      Why? Again, to prevent Stagnation and facilitate the learning process on this Simulation. But we should also not discount the possibility of the Soul/Reincarnation Traps (that has already been destroyed for quite some time now), making these souls who want to incarnate on a physical vessel that has matching characteristics (male or female) congruent with the Feminine or Masculine aspect they want to express on this particular lifetime, being manipulated by these Soul Traps and are then being mass-incarnated to physical bodies whose genitalia and characteristics they don’t want, or plan to express at that particular incarnation.

      At that point, they are then nothing but victims; hence the surge of “Walk-ins” to help correct this distortion; alongside the now-destroyed Soul/Reincarnation traps set up by the Entropic Forces.

      In any case, that ends the information that I felt I should share with you. Take from that what you will;

      “Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.”–Bruce Lee

      I advise you to keep in mind that everything that “triggers” you or doesn’t “resonate” with you has a reason for making you feel that way; instead of immediately discarding them, analyze and scrutinize them first, and ask yourself questions such as why are you triggered by this and that information, or why do you not resonate with it–and form a proper conclusion based from the filtration of your three brains:

      -The Brain (“is it logical? Is it rational? Does it make sense?”)
      -The Heart (“how do I feel about this information? Positive? Negative? Angry? Happy?”)
      -The Gut (“what does my “gut feeling” tell me about this information? Can I trust this information? Can this information benefit me on my own path towards personal and spiritual development?”)

      Lastly, I recommend you keep in mind that you, and everyone on a Physical Vessel/Meatsuit, are MORE than your meatsuits, and you, and everyone else, cannot be, and should not be solely defined and judged based on their meatsuits alone (that includes the conception and labeling that “Earthlings” are just “Experiments” for “Light and Dark factions”–we are more than our physical bodies; we are Fractals of the Divine).

      “Luminous beings are we (as fractals of the Divine Source); not this crude matter (the meatsuit)”-Master Yoda

      1. AzureLeaves

        Oh and before I forget:

        “…and gays I have known are very unhappy.”

        Another testament of the Law of Dependent Origination:

        From my personal experience, all the gay people I have met in my life so far are very joyous people–genuinely happy with their lives (from what I feel from them and their energies), who can crack the most hilarious jokes and make the whole company hurt their sides and tear up from laughing.

        I acknowledge that some of them use their ability for comedy to hide inner sadness; but such gay people are not on my own “circle” e.g. a family friend of my aunt, uncle, etc., instead, those that are on my own circle, feels, from the energies I can sense, genuinely happy about their lives and their own choices, and doesn’t give a single flying crap about anyone that tells them off and insults them.

        By the way, these are the “gays” here on my local residence in this part of Asia, where the “woke” ideologies of the Elites in the West have little influence; hence most of the gays I know of either made that choice of their own will; or grew up that way because of being mostly in the company of female siblings growing up, not because they are influenced by the mainstream media.

        Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for gays that are of the younger generation, since the “woke” propaganda is all over the internet now, which is more accessible for young folks, as opposed to the genuinely happy gays (true to the old meaning of that term) that I personally know, that are of an older generation, with little to no internet access.

    6. Emma

      No you are not the experiment. You are one of those that chose to incarnate to help those in the experiment to cope, to evolve. You are reading stuff like EOL, so you are awaken.

      The experiment on the beings on Gaia, was to prevent a war, and, perhaps childishly to prove light was stronger, and it was.

    7. the dave

      Yes, but before this experiment, we were animalistic ape like creatures. So without it, we wouldnt be here in the same way – at best we’d be grunting at each other. (and there never would have been been Pink Floyd or Steely Dan or pizza or Ferraris or Mazda RX-7s – OR web sites to communicate through). I think ya gotta take the it is what it is approach and go from there.

      Someday AI might have the same issue as you – but if we never created AI – they wouldnt be around to complain. Same thing with us.

  16. Howard Church

    Wow, there is so much truth in that, that you can actually feel it resonate. it makes so much sense vs the lies we have been taught about how humanity came to be. Thank you for this!

  17. Scott

    I’d refuse the apology from hakann simply because nobody is infallible and it was as much of a learning experience for you as us.

  18. Luke

    This is tremendously exciting.

    We will rise to fully meet this integration and become more than we have been before.

    I feel absolutely honored to have been (and to be) a part of this journey.

    Furthermore, we know shame. We forgive you unconditionally. We learn together.

    Lets take this reality to the next level.

    Much Love my friends.

  19. Kari

    Thank you Hakann for your service! We love and appreciate all the galactic help we can get here on Earth! Your candid, easy to understand information is priceless. We are grateful!! Could you explain why AB negative blood is important/ rare in humans? Is this Jesus’ bloodline?

  20. Star_struck

    Thank you Hakann, for giving us a brief history. I guess that is why some people were triggered by Tunia lifestyle because we had some trauma during Atlantis especially the women who were raped for being divine feminine. I totally respect you guys don’t want to repeat the mistake of Atlantis and asserting what a structural society on earth. Thank you for removing the negative ETs from earth. It is up for us to handle the negative earthlings. I am quite happy the truth is coming out to wake up our society. Since we are mixed up of different ETs and are very powerful of mastery dark and light. Are you guys handing us the batton to oversee the universe?

    1. Ken

      So basically we are the foretold chosen ones, who will bring balance to the force (star wars reference).


  21. Seth

    I have a question for Hakonn(or Tunia):
    When I look at the current state of human society, I see just how far the majority of the people are from being sovereign, conscious, and loving beings. I think I speak for all or most of the people who visit this website that we want so much to live in a loving, enlightened world like your people do, but feel like that is still so far away for humanity.
    As a member of the ground crew, I’ve been experiencing a lot of challenge around living a purposeful and joyful life. I often feel like disconnecting from this insane human world and living in nature while focusing on inner growth. But I also feel the need to take practical action in the world to help awaken and liberate Earth through sharing truths via writing or speaking. I would like to not retreat from the world, but rather have purpose and contribute to creating a New Earth. However, I find it difficult to do that in this world where so many are still so deeply asleep.
    How do you recommend we balance these two things? The fact that we may wish to simply drop out of this world for our own physical and spiritual health, yet feel the need to do something tangible to transform it?
    And as the ground crew and “the calvary” for the awakening and liberation of Earth, what can we practically do to accelerate the process? I don’t like waiting around for more positive aspects of our military or governments to take action any more than the idea of waiting for our ET family to come save us.

    Thank you again A.S., Hakonn, and Tunia.

  22. NovaYova

    I have had enough of Justin Trudeau/Liberal governance and his partner in crime Joe Biden/Democrat governance. As you mentioned, these people are trying to take away our freedoms. There are many more globalists of course. It is time to do three things. Identify every individual globalist, remove them from their positions of authority, and take them away off-world for re-education and/or discipline. Watch as the great awakening forms a new civilization and shifts this world into the everlasting celebration of life/utopia. Star family is also welcome to join/share the utopia and make your landing. Victory is inevitable, thank you for all your hard work.