Tunia: Ringing In My Ears

Question: Hello Hakann and Tunia. I’m in Louisiana and I’ve been experiencing ringing, buzzing in my ears for a couple of years now. It doesn’t hurt or bother me just wondering is this a higher frequency coming in? When I meditate or just remain quiet it really amps up. On 8-08 the lions gate it was stronger than usual. It is constantly there. Why is this always with me? Thank you.

Answer: Dear questioner,

This is Tunia speaking. I appreciate the opportunity to connect with you today. I love you very much.

When Light workers ask about ringing in their ears, this is generally related to their body adjusting to higher energies. You can think of it as leveling up spiritually.

In the previous Q&A we received a similar question and we told that person that no action on their part was needed. In this case however, we are going to gently advise you to find a spiritual healer. You do not need to be concerned, we just think you would benefit from this.

As a disclaimer to protect the channeler, this is not medical advice. If you feel you need medical attention, go to a doctor. If you have received advice from a medical professional, follow that – spiritual healers are not a substitute for medical treatment.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let us continue. If you know of a spiritual healer whom you resonate with, great. We advise you to go there. We are always in favor of people following their intuition.

If you have no idea what kind of spiritual healer to look for, then we will offer two suggestions. The first is a quantum touch practitioner. You can google “quantum touch” and find one near you, or find a quantum touch practitioner who offers online healing. Quantum Touch is a bit like Reiki.

The second option is to go to the website completionprocess.com and to find a practitioner there. The completion process was developed by Teal Swan, who is a controversial figure. We do not personally agree with certain things she says or does, but we do think that some of her teachings and methods are excellent and way ahead of where most of Earth is. We wholeheartedly recommend her completion process. It is a bit more intense than quantum touch but can also potentially offer deeper healing.

If you can afford neither of these options, feel free to send us another email and we will offer a budget alternative.

Finally, suppose you are not the questioner, but you also have ringing in your ears and you wonder if you should undertake some kind of action. Well, you’re always free to ask us, but you may also be able to answer your own question. Hakann has an excellent piece called “Hakann: How do I know what is true?” that gives some suggestions on this.

We hope this helps. Despite the harshness of Earth, you are doing amazingly well. We love you very much and long for the day when we can physically offer you a hug. Keep up the good work!

With all my love,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.

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5 Replies to “Tunia: Ringing In My Ears”

  1. david k gates

    Remember…you CAN heal yourself. The knowledge is already inside you.
    My ears have been ringing NON-stop for many years, I’m even listening to the ringing as I type this message =)
    My intuition isnt concerned about the ringing, although it does get annoying at times.
    Concerning the person they mentioned above. I read several of her messages many years ago….and ….it wasnt for me. Something wasnt quite right when even looking at a picture

  2. Florian

    I am always noticing ringing in my ears of changing frequency. So when I read this article, I received a message from my I AM Presence that my ears wanted to open to higher dimensions, and immediately after the ringing stopped. A short period later it subtly returned again in totally different quality.

  3. scotth9510

    I’d take a hug than I can find a Pleiadian or two to teach me more about showering with other people.

  4. Amie

    I would like to find a healer. During times that my soul and physical body needs healing. I keep getting ignored. I have heard stories of people getting healed.


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