The Ego is an Existential Void

Beloved Ones!

The closer we get to the end of this Third Dimensional Cycle, the more understanding we have of who and what we are. This is good, for it frees the consciousnesses, as they awaken and rise. The Divine Plan is fulfilled within all the Universal rules that govern each Planet and each Star.

Humanity is now taking its last steps within that space that still corresponds to the frequencies of the Worlds of Trials and Atonement. As each incarnated soul begins to cross the interdimensional bridge, all the knowledge accumulated through hundreds of incarnations on this Planet begins to be remembered.

It’s amazing how fast this all happens! As we have already said here other times, what was yesterday is no longer today. You can also notice that in previous incarnations, everything that was planted in one existence was harvested in the next existence. Now it is different, because everything will be harvested immediately, that is, still within the current existence.

The revelations will bring humanity’s entire history, both of the individual consciousnesses and of the collective. An example of this is the increasingly lucid dreams, and also the countless sensations and symptoms that everyone is currently feeling.

All the fears accumulated in this present existence, and also in previous ones, will now manifest in order to be dissolved. So will the anger, the guilt, the hurt, the resentments, and all the negative emotions that every human being has gone through over the millennia.

The decisive moment is now. If in the years 2019, 2020 and 2021 the healing was restricted to the ancestry corresponding to past lives, now this year, especially in this second half of the year, the healing is being done in what corresponds to the past within this current life. This is the reason for so many symptoms today. Pay attention to your dreams and see that they have a close relationship to something you have gone through in this current existence.

This is the energetic cleansing that we must go through in order to adjust to higher frequencies. If this were not done, no one would be able to withstand the flashes of photonic Light that arrive on Earth, each day with more power.

We are also going through a necessary physical cleansing, as our DNA is being updated. It has already been said that the new human DNA will soon have 12 helices activated, whereas until now only two were active. This upgrading is only possible as the physical bodies are able to detoxify themselves of the chemicals accumulated in their organs and their cells.

But there is a myriad of changes required, and each person will face his or her own demands. Everyone has his or her own individual history. And it is in your beliefs and your emotions that the work is being done most profoundly. It is the famous cleaning out of your basements. As the Light enters these basements, all the dirt is exposed. Thus it facilitates the work necessary to dissolve such energies and such shadows.

Today’s theme brings a piece of soul baggage that still needs to be sorted out and left behind.  Unnecessary and useless, it should not be carried beyond the bridge mentioned at the beginning of the text. Let’s talk about the EGO. The inflated ego, that is, an emotion, a belief or even a need that many believe to be beneficial, but that when exaggerated in the dose, is tremendously harmful to the evolution of the soul.

The ego is an empty space that needs to be filled. Not by egoic attitudes, but by something altruistic; by something that elevates the soul. The uncontrolled ego is a treacherous guide that digs the abyss, where it throws its follower. The ego builds nothing; it only destroys what little its bearer achieves by hard work. In fact, the ego is a certificate of incompetence.

When we say inflated ego, we could understand that it is nothing more than an empty bubble, like a balloon filled with air. The more it grows, the closer its collapse is, because when it bursts, nothing useful will be left.

Many feel an existential emptiness so big inside themselves, comparable to an intense hunger. They urgently need to fill that space in order to be free from the discomfort of such emptiness. So they create an illusion in order to satisfy this need. This illusion is the ego that grows in proportion to the existing space.

However, as the days go by, the bearer realizes that all his attempts have been fruitless. Just like a balloon that deflates with time, that space filled with ego also dissolves and the need for more ego arises. The more the ego is enlarged, the more space is occupied, and more and more need arises. This becomes an endless vicious circle.

The ego produces nothing useful. That is why it never satisfies the one who holds it. It is only a deceptive appearance camouflaged in the mind of its bearer. It doesn’t even deceive someone, whether it is the one nearby, or even a stranger. The inflated ego doesn’t even hide a despicable attitude from the one who carries it, because since it is a growing thing, it shows itself more easily to everyone.

The ego also reveals something that nobody likes to show: the difference between a winner and a loser. It only identifies among so many, those less fit for great deeds. Yes, because he who really does something good does not need this artifice, because he already feels full all the time. He doesn’t feel the existential emptiness that the egoist feels. He who is competent does not need to prove anything, because his achievements speak for themselves. The bearer of an inflated ego, on the other hand, tries to show something he can’t have or accomplish. The ego is a void that needs to be filled; not with illusion, but with edifying things. So, the ego is something that still needs to be understood.

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!


**By Vital Frosi


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