Seeing the Unseen Forces

Humanity’s true destiny is to evolve as Unified Caretakers of Mother Earth within the Universal 5D Galactic System.

However disconnected humanity may now appear towards progressing from its former sojourn through the 3D world, humanity is still within a process of evolution. The next transition for humanity to complete will be the evolutionary process required to adapt our human minds and bodies for Life as 5D Galactic Beings!

Humanity’s destiny as the Caretakers of the 5D Mother Earth will require humanity to expand and integrate 5D Consciousness and Awareness – the Consciousness and Awareness that ALL THINGS are connected through the Life Force of Unity Consciousness! All of humanity may not recognize this yet but when one only understands LIFE experienced as isolated and separated from the whole, Life becomes much like an experience of Life through a pinhole lens of perception –Life becomes survival and existence.

In understanding our destiny as the Caretakers of the New 5D Mother Earth, dear Ones, always remember: the physical world is below the mental world and the Spiritual World is above them both! Without understanding the hierarchy of worlds, many would simply transfer their 3D existence, habits, and conditioning into 5D lifestyles, as if 5D Life is basically a continuance of 3D Life without integrating the concept of Unity Consciousness!

Mother Earth’s 3D world has already completely concluded, for as anyone can easily see with certainty and little doubt, humanity’s 3D social structures and societies are currently in a state of collapse and disorder! And will only continue to collapse and disintegrate further! Humanity’s decisions and actions now must cease experiencing Life through a pinhole lens of perception and move on to the more expansive macro viewing lenses!

Since August 20, 2022, until November 10, 2022 humanity’s transition towards expanding with 5D Consciousness and Awareness commences through the choice to integrate the 5D macro viewing lenses of Unity Consciousness! Though we may now give credence to our Unity with ALL LIFE upon Mother Earth, humanity’s choice expands with the integration and expansion of our Consciousness with a 5D Galactic perspective!

Many advanced Lightworker Souls already have this perspective innately within them but must now seek to actively develop and progress this skill! The transition to expand our Galactic Conscious perspective is a development towards “seeing” the Unseen Forces of our world through our Third Eye rather than the sole dependence of our physical eyes and sense of physical vision! Basically humanity’s remaining 5D shift is becoming an emphasis of an internal Shift of Spiritual Consciousness!

This could never have been achieved another way! Emphasizing that the physical world is below the mental world and the Spiritual World is above them both helps us realize the limits of our physical world and our human minds! It’s a mental war we are witnessing between our mental perspectives causing negative physical results! Consciousness is Unlimited and supersedes the eventuality of physical entropy and all limits of our human minds!

Have confidence dear Ones, for you already have within your possessions the acquired tools of Conscious awareness – your Soul, its emerging pathway and direction oriented towards the Light of Purpose within the Universal 5D Galactic System! Trust and confidence will go a long way in seeing the Unseen Forces of Nature as 5D Galactic Beings of Light, Love, and Harmony!

**By Alexandrian Kosmos