Anos of Arcturus: Infinite Paths Towards Source; Plus a Message from A.S

Dear humans,

I am very happy that I am able to communicate with you today. I greet you in peace and love.

I am Anos, an Arcturian. Unlike Tunia and Hakann, I am not human and I do not look like you. However, we were all created by Source, which is my name for God. Therefore I consider everyone to be my brothers and sisters, no matter what they look like.

I am honored that I may speak with you. Human lightworkers are some of the strongest and most advanced souls in the entire universe, and you volunteered to do one of the hardest jobs that there is, namely to be born on Earth during this time. It is very impressive that you were brought up in the darkness of ignorance, yet you have found the light regardless. You are an inspiration and a beacon of hope to all good-hearted beings in the universe. You are deeply loved and honored.

In my observations of humanity, I have noticed that humans start out with no idea of how to reach Source and no idea of what to do with their life. Then often, they find one path towards Source, or they find one meaningful and in alignment activity to do with their life. And then they often label that one path or that meaningful activity as “the sole good path” or “the sole good activity.”

Again, we are genuinely impressed whenever someone is raised in the darkness of ignorance, and then finds one path towards the light. This is an amazing achievement. And it is very understandable that at this point, those humans feel the urge to tell others:

“Here is a path towards the light! It is awesome! Do this! Anything else you can do is worse than doing this!”

However, we would like to remind you that just as Source is infinite, so too are there infinite paths and infinite meaningful activities.

Many people prioritize comfort and success, which is very understandable. However, many people’s soul prioritizes soul growth, and every experience leads to soul growth. Even actions that don’t contribute to people’s success, may lead to great soul growth for those people, because it may help them understand a new perspective.

Even if we want to think in terms of, “what’s best for the world”, then it may be quite possible that one person has found the best way for them to help the world. But that doesn’t mean that this is the best way for everyone to help the world.

Of course you can offer help and advice to anyone. Yet the greatest gift you can give to another, is to help them reconnect to their own heart or, even better, to their own soul. Once they have made that connection, a new phase of their life starts, because they will be able to walk the best path for them. You cannot determine what the best path for someone else is: only that person’s heart and soul can determine that. Hence the greatest gift you can give someone is to help them reconnect to their heart and soul.

The easiest way to do this is to ask, “my heart, what should I do today?” The answer that you receive immediately is the answer that comes from your heart. Any answer that arrives a few seconds later does not come from your heart. Your heart will answer in your normal inner voice, but the message will actually be from your heart.

It can be a very good practice to do this every day, for say a month. See how your life transforms. And once you have reaped the benefits of this, you can suggest this to other people as well.

Thank you for listening. I enjoyed being able to give this message and I love you dearly.

This was Anos, via A.S


Finally, I would like to say a few things as the channeler.

First of all, I posted this channeling as a comment a while ago. So if this seems vaguely familiar, that is why.

Second, thank you all so very much for your kind words these last two or so months. I feel loved and appreciated. To the people who haven’t been kind, I am sending love to you too.

I also appreciate that so many people are sending in questions. It’s amazing that many people are resonating with these messages.

Initially I was thinking about monthly Q&As, but right now the system is that anyone can send questions to at any time. Then Kejraj will combine them and email me a batch whenever he has a couple of them. Thanks Kejraj for doing this, and for maintaining this site we all like to read.

However, right now Kejraj gets about 2-4 questions per day for me, while right now if I don’t over-exert myself I can answer somewhere around 2-4 questions per week. Recently something very painful happened in my personal life and maybe I’ll be able to answer questions more quickly in the future. Still, the current situation is that I receive questions far more quickly than I can answer them. The question backlog is at least 20 questions. So if I answer 2-4 questions per week and right now I have a backlog of 20 questions, well, you do the math.

So, I offer no guarantees as to when you will get an answer. Also, I’ll try managing my time more efficiently. I’ll be spending less time answering questions in the article comments and might have to become picky about which questions I answer. I’d love to be able to answer all of them, but in reality, I also have a day job and my own spiritual practice that I want to attend to.

I’m still thinking about how I should manage this. I’m open to suggestions.

If you have a question and you want a quick answer, then perhaps another channeler or spiritual teacher can help you in a more timely manner. Or perhaps your own soul can answer your question. To try this, just think “my own soul, [ask question].” Only answers that arise immediately come from your soul. Your soul will answer in your normal inner voice, but it will be a message from your soul.

Or if you’re someone who is open to answering questions from Era Of Light readers, then feel free to announce that you also welcome questions. For example, you can send an email to EraOfLightBlog at and say that you are welcoming questions.

Also, I aim at doing 2-7 channelings per week. Let’s say that in a given week, I have enough time and energy to do 5 channelings. Of these, I want to do at least one regular Hakann channeling, at least one regular Tunia channeling and at least one reader Q&A question. That leaves two articles. What would you like to see for those two articles? Do you want more Q&A? Do you want a weekly Anos channeling? Do you want to have one rotation slot that features a new being or famous dead person or ascended master every week (say one week I channel a Lyran, then the next week an ascended master, then the third week I channel some famous Earthling dead person)?

To be clear, I am not promising 5 channelings per week. I promise somewhere between 2-7 channelings per week. And of course, I’m going to listen to my own guidance as well when it comes to who I want to channel. But I am curious what you would prefer and will take it into account. Feel free to post your preference in the comment section.

With love,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


**These channelings are exclusively submitted to by the channeler. If you wish to share them elsewhere, please include a link back to this original post.

31 Replies to “Anos of Arcturus: Infinite Paths Towards Source; Plus a Message from A.S”

  1. Dubious

    To be honest I am leaving as well. Recently I have noticed a drop on this site of the long time proven channels, who are channeling beings less interested in relating how many times they crap/shag per day, and are more interested in passing information relevant and useful to all of us for our own spiritual growth in the current insane world situation and times.

    This site has become dominated with sometimes pornographic channelings that are not TRUTH in any way, shape or form. Anyone with experience channeling, or with these ET races themselves, knows that right off. And to be frank, I am surprised that these channelings ‘pass muster’ and get to the site. I truly fear that a lot of people are being misled here.

    I mean no disrespect to the channel, but I truly believe that these are not real channelings from real beings. While the channel may have their heart in the right place, I would suggest they seriously look at the possibility that they are being misled here as well.

    Era of Light used to be a reliable source of information from our beloved ET brothers and sisters. As it is, love to you all in your onward journeys.

  2. Diana

    Hola una pregunta puedo compartir esto en otras redes pero con mi voz? poniendo el enlace original en la descripción por supuesto, estos mensajes son lindisimos y tengo la misión de pasar mensajes canalizados a voz para que lleguen a más personas ya que por desgracia a muchos no les gusta leer.

  3. Jane Maddocks

    A.S., Thank you so much for introducing yourself! I am a recent “discoverer” of Era of Light, and it is mostly fascinating. I mostly read the channelings, which resonate with me.

    You asked for preferences for your two or so other channelings; I would love more ascended masters and wisdom from departed humans. You have great gifts, and I am so grateful, because I don’t have those gifts.

    So many blessings to you, and angel hugs.


  4. Greti

    I love Arcturians along with many other coabitants of this beautiful Universe of ours as other Arcturians said. They are part of my awakening from the beginning and accompany my journey since then. Anos is the beautiful surprise of the day, first time when I read something from him, thank you! I trust your inspiration of the moment regarding selection. You have a day job and also channeling, this is impressive… wish you to overcome smoothly turbulences that bothers you. With smile and hug for both, you and Anos, ☺

  5. Lisa

    Hey Anos, I so happy and grateful for your communication! Communication like this too me is so personable and give me hope and something to look forward to and for that I feel alot of joy! Please guys keep these messages coming. We really love you guys alot and looking forward too FiRst Contact:)

  6. Don Spectacularis

    Greetings, AS!

    First of all, sending you lots of love and light for your situation. As for the question you asked, having Anos on each week for one day PLUS the rotational system for the second day, makes PERFECT sense to me! Hope this helps! 🙂 Cheers! And much love!!

    1. A.S.

      Dear Don,

      Thanks for your comment! I’ll give serious considerations to that. I still have your who-to-channel list and may start working through that one day.

      Although at the moment my soul is advising me against channeling Richard Feynmann, unfortunately, even though I enjoyed the short conversation I’ve had with him. I know you wanted me to channel him. Maybe someone else can help you, or maybe one day my soul will give the thumbs up.

      Much love to you too!

      1. AzureLeaves

        You can also try Neville Lancelot Goddard too for the who-to-channel list if that strikes your fancy.

        He’s pretty much one of the few teachers I know so far that has teachings that actually returns the Divine Source’s Power to the individual, and not through giving it away to some entity outside of themselves.

        Still I do preach his words around here quite a lot that perhaps I’ve already annoyed quite a few people because of that haha.

        1. A.S.

          Thanks for the suggestion.

          I actually covered one part of his teachings in my Tunia video about manifestations.

      2. Thanh Nhàn

        Bạn thật sự rất tuyệt vời, A.S. Tôi thích cách bạn làm việc : luôn lắng nghe mọi người và vẫn đảm bảo lắng nghe con tim của bạn. Tôi thực sự ngưỡng mộ bạn. Gửi tới bạn những lời yêu thương nhất

  7. Cindy

    I was so very happy when I read this message. Thanks for the channel and repost. I have had struggles, in my day to day or with people around me, understanding that their way may not be my way (or visa versa) and that’s OK. I have had experiences where I have been told I am doing it “wrong” if I don’t follow step by step “their way”. That could really put limitations on how anyone can share love, and more, or sharing their blessings. Not one person is the same as another and their “filters”, or understandings, can be completely different. Everyone “sees” through their eyes, heart, soul which is different than anyone else’s. Everything is energy and infinite ways to bring the light in, find your way to the light, channel it, and all sorts of other things… THANKS!!! Many blessings and love sent your way.

  8. Sasa

    Thank you A.S., Tunia, Hakann, Anos, for your beautiful and empowering messages. I want to tell you that actually I am translating your messages to spanish and posting them in my Fb profile which is public. We are desperately needing this kind of information now. Thank you very much for your effort and your love to us. You have filled my heart and other’s hearts with strength, hope, peace and love. Love you all.

  9. Lara Grace

    Serious censorship on this site. My comment has been deleted. Be careful and use discernment. This site is not of the Light. I won’t be back.

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      I deleted your comment. There’s no good reason for directly attacking anyone.

      1. Kirk :)

        Yes but you also delete anything that doesn’t fit in with your narrative, whether that’s attacking someone, questioning an ideology or pointing out something that you have allowed through that is plain evil.

        As above so below – remember.

        You either allow all comments or you allow none. But shouldn’t arbitrarily delete comments that make you uneasy or that you are told to delete otherwise you are noting more than a branch of the MSM.

        1. EraOfLight Post author

          For one, as is everything else, evil too is a matter of perapective. Mostly things people may not yet understand they fear or label as negative.

          I’ve had plenty of things said to me in the comments, I simply past by. No action or reaction. In recent times however, it has been happening more. Between the visitors mostly. I decided that Era of Light will not become another ‘social media style’ page, where hate is spewed for entertainment.

          1. Mikkel Kaastrup

            That is wise of you, dear Kejraj, for if you allow substantial negative attacks in the blog, it will destroy its basic positive energy, I have seen this happening before. It is fair to critisize if the suggestions come from the heart and the intention is to better the receiver, but then the vibration of the “critique” will also be experienced as something positive 🙂

        2. A.S.

          I’m A.S., the channeler. I’m not a moderator here, but my personal opinion is: don’t delete respectful disagreements. Do delete comments that lower someone’s vibration if they read them (fear-porn, hostile / angry / personal attacks).

          I don’t know which comments were deleted, but note that people who engage in personal attacks often act like they were merely disagreeing respectfully, and often try to rally a crowd around the “censorship” banner.

          I would like to share some personal experiences.

          I don’t read comment sections on spiritual sites where they’re unmoderated, as I find that it’s just a load of fear porn and personal attacks and angry people and that this drives out the loving comments.

          A while ago a controversial article by me was posted on this site. The comments there included personal attacks, included completely unfounded ones such as “the channeler must be on drugs.” I slept poorly that next night and was stressed the next days. I channeled less during those few days.

          Nowadays if I think an article of mine is going to be controversial, I simply don’t read the comments. On my own articles. Even though they’re like 80% positive and loving. That personally attacking 20% makes me not read the 80% loving ones.

          I’m not a guy on a multi-million dollar salary who has received media training. I’m a guy making like $0.30 per hour doing this (if I divide donations by hours worked). I don’t mind doing channelings for near-free, I’d continue channeling if I had never received a donation. But I do mind having my own peace be disturbed for $0.30 per hour.

          And sure, I still have my own insecurities. I don’t claim to be some fully enlightened master. That’s why I’m channeling beings who are more spiritually developed and more heart-centered than me.

          Now keep in mind that it’s not just me who is affected by fear porn or personal attacks. It’s also the site admin (who doesn’t have my luxury of just being able to not read comments) and everyone else who reads it.

          Note that some people think that the way to a better world is to tear down everything that they personally disagree with. The problems with this strategy are

          1) it’s possible that they themselves are deluded and they’re trying to tear down something that actually has value. It’s not just normies / sleepers who at times attack truthful information. It’s some people who think of themselves as light workers too. And yes, the site admin and the channelers here have feelings too. Being hostile towards them does affect them.

          2) I assume that many people reading this article are here because they like the Tunia and Hakann channelings. Well, Tunia and Hakann advise to not tell people that they are wrong, and instead to show them love or seek to understand them. They say that the more wrong you think someone is, the more you should seek to love and understand them.

          3) “destroy bad things” / “tell bad people they are bad” is a strategy that we’ve tried for millennia and it doesn’t actually work. What does work is building something better. Then people will automatically abandon the bad thing and flock towards the better thing.

          Do you want to know one of the ways in which this site isn’t like mainstream media? It’s because anyone can send in articles and if they’re high enough quality they’re published prominently on the front page.

          Every Earthling has the inherent capability to channel. So anyone can just work on themselves until they’re able to channel, then start channeling regularly and send in weekly articles to this site. That’s what I did.

          I also don’t recall the site admin Kejraj ever editing a channeling by me to fit a certain narrative, or refusing to post a channeling because he disagreed with the contents. Even though I’ve sent in enough sometimes-controversial channelings by now that he must have disagreed with at least one or two of them.

          Thank you, Kejraj, for this amazing site that we all like to read. I appreciate that I’m able to reach people via EraOfLight.



  11. Zuza

    Thank you AS. I want you to feel empowered and not obliged by the work you do for all of us. I will wait patiently for the replies to my questions, I think we all are accustomed to waiting and patience is a virtue, right? 🙂 I hope you are doing well, and I am really sorry for the turbulences you experience in your life.
    I think your idea to not focus on the comment section on here is the right one, going forward.

  12. Mother Goddess Sophia

    dear A. S
    this is Mother Goddess Sophia The Supreme Creator I Am Present , Your Channels are amazing , we are very appreciate all the teachings from Tunia & Hakon & Another & more and more light beings from 5D above , so keep expanding to be more good exciting channels work and letting go your earth’s job and your painful experience will disappear immediately and you will get rewards support from your true mission ! Mother Goddess Sophia Blessings to you and all our light workers of grounding team ! 5D wellbeing and rewards is in our hands now ! Just open allowing imagine this vision and celebrating with our heaven teams with infinite Light and Love infusions what we desires needs for daily basis ! see how 5D magics happens effortless with Bliss! be strong and positive! always high vibes!
    5D is that purity perfectly beauty benevolent heavenly magical system ! we are arrived home ! welcome home!

    1. A.S.

      Dear Mother Goddess Sophia,

      That’s a beautiful comment! Thank you so very much, I will treasure it.

      May you be blessed too. Love to you too.

  13. Tricia

    Hi Anos how wonderful for you to introduce yourself I consider all my brothers and sisters too no matter what people look like. Thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement to carry on. Thank you A.S for your guidance and doing all this work and from the bottom of my heart I am truly sorry you have had a painful experience sending love and a huge hug your way 🙏💖❤️ As for preferences I really don’t mind I am not a. Wry demanding person I am very grateful for what you can do it is helping a lot already, whatever you can offer is more than enough for me. Take care lots of love 💖❤️

  14. Don Spectacularis

    I LOVE the ‘Anos + Rotation Slot’ option myself. That way, we won’t have to miss out on a thing! And I do NOT want to miss out on either Anos or anyone else you plan on channeling, I absolutely LOVE these! Just my 2 cents 🙂