The Element of Fire: You Are Invited To Shine

This is the element of fire speaking.

You are cold. So cold. I wished you were warmer.

You are cold towards other people. You are cold towards yourself, towards your own bodies and actions.

Fire is life. I would love for you to live, fully, without inhibitions, so that you may laugh and dance and kiss and roll through the grass without any worries in the world. That is what I, fire, would wish for you.

I wish for you to be free, as I am, as fire is. Who could shackle fire? Indeed, who could shackle or control a truly self-realized man or woman? No one could, that’s who. You do not yet understand how powerful you are. Just like I can burn down forests, so too can you change the entire landscape of your world.

Do not fear your strength, my dear ones. For fire also brings light, and after a forest has burnt down, there are valuable and fertile ashes. New things can grow and be created.

If you were to walk through the fire, you would not get burnt. Only those things that do not serve you would get burnt away. You are welcome to do so at any time. You can call on me and I will burn away everything that no longer serves you, leaving just the pure you. Or if you find me intimidating, you can call on the angels and ask them. They too can burn away all illusions, if you ask them.

Yes, you will die one day. Fires go out. But I do not identify as one individual flame. I am fire itself and I am eternal. No matter how many fires are put out, I will be. I AM. You are not this fragile meat body. You are just as eternal as I am. Do not identify with one flame or with one body, instead identify as all of it.

You fear just how bright your light would be, if you were to shine all of it. I say, let it all shine. Yes your fellow Earthlings will blink and will wonder why everything is suddenly so bright. Yes, dark things will suddenly be visible and that will be shocking. But the world needs your light. Yes, people will judge you, just as people judge me. Do not fear them. They are lost in the darkness, and they judge the very thing that they need. They need your light, even if they do not know it.

Some of you may fear me, in a way similar to how normal Earthlings may fear you Lightworkers. People always fear what they do not understand. So I say, shine your light, let all be illuminated and let all be revealed. Surrender to the fire everything that no longer serves. Be reborn as the phoenix. Let all be warmed by your truth and by your love.

I love you so very much. I love it when you embrace, when you kiss. I love you when you are emotionally warm. I love when you live, fully, when you accept the fire and excitement of life within your belly. I love when you bring light to the world. I love when you light a fire.

I am Fire.

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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4 Replies to “The Element of Fire: You Are Invited To Shine”

  1. C

    I can appreciate this message, thank you for sharing it. One aspect of my job is fire tending; I’m directly at/interacting with fire for up to 10hours at a time some days. I realized pretty much immediately that the position is intertwined with the spiritual work of transmutation – personal and collective – it is physical manifestation of that.

    As part of the ‘clean up / set up’ crew, transition team – I recognize the beauty, benefit and importance of both fire and water in these unfolding processes. I utilize my time at the job in full service to the Highest Good – by continuously “throwing in” energetically all that needs to go, needs to change, shift, uplift, transition, dissolve, etc.

    Being ‘at the fire’ as my ‘day job’ for the ‘paycheck’ is the illusion part; there is a Higher Purpose, and I’m grateful to recognize (at least) part of it. As a conduit, I’m able to consciously intend to transmute – ‘for everyone and everything’ – in a very directly physical way, for upwards of 30+ hours a week.

    This comment is a container – it will receive/gather that which is to be discarded, surrendered, turned over and let go off; it will receive/gather all dense, lower vibrational, outdated, decayed, decrepit, used, worn, old energies; it will receive/gather all that is misaligned, misguided, misunderstood, malignant, malevolent, misused. All is being received/gathered, contained and immediately directed to the Purification Fires.

    Thank you, each and ALL for your service. Thank you A.S. for the message.

    peace, love and blessings everyOne 🙏🕊

    1. A.S.

      Happy to hear from a conscious person who works with fire! Thanks for your transmutation contributions.