Master Babaji: Unite and Build Communities

Freedom, power and strength

Beloved humans,

Unite, build communities that are self-sustaining, and generate power and strength from that. Regaining a life of freedom means generating power and strength and courageously stepping up for your own wellbeing.

The split in society and the division of people are the cause of all upheaval.

In this day and age, the unity of men is the key to success and to victory over darkness. All living beings shall unite so that what is dead shall die and what is not vital can be dismissed.

So, take heart and gain confidence: confidence in your own power and strength, because that is what is needed now – and love God. Love God, because all that is exists through God and you are under HIS immediate protection.

All your endeavors are bound to succeed as long as they are dedicated to God. As long as you walk through life hand in hand with God, you will be unharmed. This time can only be mastered with God. So, get inspired and allow yourself to be guided to the right path.

Carry God in your hearts so that the fruit of your labor is blessed.

Come, take heart and love life! Because the great shift is in process. It will not bring you doom but will turn out to be for the good of all life.

Inspiration from God

The success of any endeavor depends on the inspiration you draw from God and on the power and strength you generate through a vital relationship with God.

This era is ending, nothing will stay the same.

In the middle of the biggest dispute, right when it seems like one side has won and all is lost for the other, that will be the moment of truth – and in a moment of divine grace, the veil and the separation will be lifted.

You will see yourself in the divine light and recognize the unity of mankind. Human beings were prophesied this resurrection, and it unfolds with the precision and love of God. Humans as divine Beings, each unique in their soul’s signature, will celebrate resurrection. Everything will become alive, joyous, peaceful and divine. Humanity rises and finds its way back to itself and to God.

The path is paved with courage, drive and stamina, pursued with dedication and mastered with God’s help.

I am with you each and every day.

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl