The Great Quantum Transition: Operation 4th Universe Part 6-1

The final conclusion of the Operation is the construction of the 4th Local Universe. So far, only a place is clearing for it, the foundation is being laid, tests are conducted.

Yes, so far there is only one such Eon, built for the Absolute, four Pleroma’s Hierarchs, and Monads with the same vibrations. To be free of karma is an important condition for access, but not the only one. One has to have frequencies similar to the Absolute’s.

At this stage, the main takeaway is to know that at the level of the Absolute and Co-Creators, all decisions have been made long ago, and are executed as they think fit. There will be no turning back.

The majority consists of individuals. Everyone HAS THEIR, AND ONLY THEIR incarnation program. Someone is already ready to enter the mentioned Eon, someone will need many lives and lessons to reach this level.

For example, having passed the inner Armageddon and completely annihilated the negativity in self, former Black Co-Creator, got the opportunity to restore the Absolute’s substance in himself, sufficient for returning to the Pleroma and work on the Light Side. The same can do any of us.

This Eon is created ONLY for those who, in their development, strive to reach the level of the Absolute. Who doesn’t try their best to stay where they are now.

The Local Universe and Earth are energetically transformed very quickly. But slowly enough so that EVERYONE calmly and without haste finds the best place for their survival and development in accordance with their vibrations, whether it is Earth, the Absolutized Eon, or another part of the Greater Cosmos.

Laying the foundation of the 4th Local Universe is accompanied by simultaneous testing of all its components and participants. In 3D, this is the Earth and men. In 13D, are the Pleroma’s Hierarchs In 14D, is the Absolute Itself.

The betrayal of the former Co-Creator, the deepest split of the Pleroma and the Local Universe into two irreconcilable camps, endless cosmic wars for eons of years have left an indelible mark.

Absolute builds its 4th Universe taking into account all the mistakes and shortcomings of the previous project, starting from Itself. Now It has a dipole, moved to a higher level of Hierarchy. But remembering past failures, It periodically subjects Self to tests, sometimes very cruel.

The purpose of the tests is to be sure again and again that It, all Co-Creators who help It, Higher Light Hierarchs and their ground team now CAN build an Absolutized Universe. And every Intelligence forms, from atom and cell to the Pleroma, would be exact Absolute’s manifestation, not distorting Its Essence one iota.

Recently, Absolute conducted the first ever Self-Testing and Absolutization. Previously, this was impossible, because both for the first and for the second, it is necessary to have in the Universe a sufficient number of Absolute-like Monads’ carriers.

The Absolute can act in the world of form only through Forms similar to It, but not by Itself. The saying is appropriate and true here: “God has no other hands than our own.”

How went the Absolutization op?

At the moment and immediately after Self-Birth, the Absolute radiated the Primary Vibration, which was the Reference for Its entire Local Universe.

Since then, a lot has happened. These are the differentiation of energy, matter and the appearance of Primary Carriers of Intelligence, the formation of the Pleroma and its Supreme Hierarchs, the one of the Co-Creators’ betrayal, the Anti-Universe, duality, karma, space wars… As a result of these and many other factors, the Absolute’s vibrations have changed slightly.

The changes, that is, the decrease in Its Luminosity, were so super-small that not only Co-Creators, but even the Absolute Itself did not feel it.

Then how did it was discovered? With the help of the Absolute-like Intelligence, that is manifested in the world of form.

The scheme of Self-Testing was very simple: it was just necessary to compare Its Primary Vibration with the Present One. The main task was to create something that the Absolute no longer had – Its Natal Vibrational Matrix.

Co-Creators entrusted this mission to the leaders of the ground team, whose Monads are in the Absolutized Eon on 13D’s top two sub-levels (see Operation 4th Universe, Part 5-3, Disclosure News, August 27, 2022).

After the Lightwarriors assembled the Matrix in their Monads, Co-Creators and Karma Lords introduced into it the Matrix of the Absolute’s Primary Light, which they had in safe custody.

This part of the operation was carried out in the Temple of the same name, on the Power Place on one sacred mountain.

The culmination was the ascension of the finished Matrix to the Pleroma, its Supreme Hierarchs. In a few hours, Lightwarriors had to make a train to catch a flight the next day to the place of another scheduled op. But that’s not how it turned out …

What Lightwarriors assembled was only a frame, but not a Crystal capable of emanating the Absolute’s Primary Light. To do this, it was necessary to activate the Matrix so that it radiated similar Primary Vibrations at the moment of the Absolute’s Birth.

The team members assumed that the Pleroma’s Hierarchs, perhaps the Absolute Itself, would do it, but it was not to be.

Co-Creators instructed one of the Lightwarrioress to activate the Matrix, so that the necessary impulse would come from her Absolutized Monad.

So, an hour later, after the completion of work on the sacred mountain and the ascension of the Matrix into the Pleroma, Co-Creators returned it to Earth and installed into the Lightwarrioress’ Monad.

Activation started immediately. For the emission of the Primary Vibration of Light and its transformation into a Crystal, an inner explosion occurred in the Monad, a mobilization reboot, a powerful core’s vortex, Absolutized Synthesis in it, and much more.

The Lightwarrioress’s temperature jumped to 40.9 degrees, her blood pressure reached 210 to 110. She was shaking all over, was crying, her lips were trembling, she couldn’t even say anything. When the team members saw her in this state, they were very scared. Nothing could reduce a fever and high pressure.

But the result of the torment was the generation by the Matrix of the Absolute’s Primary Light. Using it, the Pleroma’s Hierarchs built a Crystal, which Lightwarrioress immediately transferred to the Absolute.

To deliver it, her Monad ascended into the Absolute and briefly dissolved into It. At this time, on Earth, Lightwarrioress was unconscious.

Shortly before leaving for the site of another operation, she regained consciousness. Her condition was very serious, but she did not refuse to participate in the expedition. The team had to load her into the train in this state, and hit the road.

But it wasn’t over yet. In the evening of the same day, the Absolute introduced into the Lightwarrioress’ Monad another Matrix of Its Light, which exists now. She also turned it into a Crystal and generated the corresponding vibration, again experiencing all the previous overloads.

Then the Absolute compared both vibrations generated in her Monad and found a tiny discrepancy. The current Absolute Light indeed turned out to be distorted compared to the Primary One.

The next step was the Absolutization of the Absolute – that is, the restoration of Its Natal Primary Vibration. Here is briefly how it happened.

A week later, Co-Creators rebooted the Earth’s Logos. In the next two days, the Absolute began to mobilize similar Monads on our planet, forming a Single Continuum. But its formation did not take place in the Local Universe, but in the Absolute Itself. Therefore, first there was a flash ascension of the Absolute-like Monads into the Absolute and their dissolution into It.

Lightwarrioress and other carriers of alike Monads, which are currently embodied on Earth, had the worst of it. She felt that she was leaving, disappearing, having managed to text message so that the group would keep her in 3D. This allowed her to return to her body after descending from the Absolute.

When viewed clairvoyantly, it all looked like a hurricane convolution of the Monad’ manifestation body, its instant reboot, then, a bright flash, like fireworks, and the Monad disappeared from the third dimension.

In Absolute Lightwarrioress stayed for about a day, being unconscious on Earth.

The next day, everything happened again, but according to a different scheme. It was the slow dissolution of the Monad in 3D and its new, gradual lift into the Absolute, simultaneously present here and in It. Then, the Monad slowly disappeared from the third density, melting like a piece of ice in boiling water.

Before the ascension to the Absolute, each of the Monads took from the 3D for purification and restoration a part of the Primary Light that Black Co-Creator once distorted, building his Anti-Universe and anti-matter.

At the same time, being in the third dimension, the Monads were brought to another completely new state – the Radiant one. It was as if their physical body suddenly melted and turned into fire.

Then, as a result of the Ascension, which each time took place according to a new scheme, the purified segments of the Primary Light were delivered to the Absolute and assembled as a Crystal to restore Its Reference Vibration.

After its complete assembly, the Absolute, for the first time in history, performed an internal reboot of Itself, and started a stable emanation of Its Primary Light.

During the reset, the Absolute-like Monads were dissolved in It. This means that now they are also carriers of Its Reference Vibration and can Absolutize selves.

The descent of these Monads in 3D also occurred in a new way. At first, they appeared in the form of a light mist, which, later, as the Monad emerged from the Absolute, became more saturated and thicker.

Such a mist-like descent helped to explain the phenomenon of the Shimmering Presence – a completely new state when the Monad seems to be shimmering here, then, in the Absolute.

That operation had enriched the cooperation between the Pleroma’s Hierarchs, Co-Creators and earthlings with the Absolute, and make a giant step forward in the difficult task of Its study.

**By Lev