Global Mafia Ring is Broken Up

Final Wakeup Call articles are thoroughly researched, and written in understandable language, but not promoted. The truth presented is only recognised, understood and disseminated by the truly awake.

Finally, the time has come to present some revelations that many have been waiting for. The wait has been a difficult, but absolutely necessary decision, as the emerging revelations will shock many in the population. Especially those who are still deeply asleep. If they wake up from their illusion, they will not even understand the true reality.

For those who are awake and aware, important changes are afoot. Here is a look into the near future, to confirm that we are on the right track in our lives. Be assured that everything is going as originally planned by our higher extraterrestrial helpers, the Galactic Federation. This time all the parameters are in place to ensure success. That is about to begin.

It brings us the light for higher levels of action to remove all negative forces and completely purify planet Earth. To then, enter the new positively polarised world. This is a formidable undertaking, but in the end the triumph will be ours.

Most of the people have no idea what happened on planet Earth and have not understood or do not want to understand, or what the elimination of the Deep State means for the whole Universe.

They will not and cannot follow the ascension, because they have stayed in lower vibrations and at least not developed their 4th Dimensional consciousness in order to be ready for their ascension to 5D. There are also those who do not want to believe in this shift on planet Earth and still live within their comfort zone. It is their choice and no one can question it because it is their soul that has decided it needs more time to develop spirituality for ascension to higher vibrations.

Phil Schneider, a geologist and engineer with the US government with more than 17 years of experience working on black projects, is undoubtedly one of the most important whistle-blowers in modern history.

Phil toured the US in the 1990s, educating the public about aliens living below the surface of our earth. He even had a close encounter with a 2.15 metre tall alien Grey and barely survived.

He has put a number of videos on the Internet that mention the Dulce Massacre in 1979 in which we lost 60 people and the Greys lost 35. It was then that the powers-that-be decided to start an active programme to eliminate these alien races and eventually tell people about their existence.

With the help of friendly extraterrestrials such as the Pléiadiens, Arcturians, Andromedines, this battle was recently won. A war against some 20 million interdimensional beings, some of whom disguised themselves as humans to mingle with the people. Phil Schneider was eventually was killed in 1996 and has left videos for us to watch and learn.

The Deep State Cabal has broken down on all levels, the cleansing is in full swing.Great changes are on their way, to guide people into the higher consciousness of the 5th dimension as the light progresses. The past time has not been wasted. Earlier actions were needed to put everything in the right place. In order, to bring our planet to a higher resonance frequency, and to encourage people to continue.

The battle of the Global Mafia against the Light is definitely lost. They will have to answer all questions eventually. No one will escape until justice is done. They literally have their backs against the wall. This time the victory is ours.

There is a monumental task ahead of us to prevent hidden cabal mafias from wreaking havoc when they have to accept defeat.

Looking back, much has been done in recent years. Life on Earth has been seriously threatened until 2012.

We can get extraterrestrial help, but we have to make the changes ourselves, because it is our planet. There is no more fear psychosis. Planet Earth will become a peaceful problem-free world, where everyone can be relaxed. Be assured that our new era has already begun. Better things are coming; our new lifestyle will be very different.