The Heart Center

As our own vibrational frequencies rise, everything which is not a match of those self-same frequencies will start to fall away. This, mainly due to the fact that the higher the frequency band, the less dense form becomes. It simply means that denser forms will start disintegrating, at the higher vibrational frequencies.

Expect as The Shift continues that there will be changes in your life, in many forms, thereof. What no longer can hold that the higher frequency bands, will simply disappear, or will leave your life, and you will just not be attracted to it any longer.

You will now start drawing into your life, what does resonate, and is on the same wavelength, the same frequency band as you are.

A totally new form of life is busy manifesting everywhere now. We may as yet not be able to physically see it, but we can sense it, and more than this, tune into it via our heart center and Third eye. As we rise in frequency, all will then manifest into higher frequency forms around us in the 5th dimensional state.

It can well be that suddenly people just seem to disappear out of your life and orbit, as you are now vibrating at a much higher frequency. It could be that those places you went before, suddenly have no appeal any longer.

Not only are all your 12 bodies now morphing into the New Lightbody form, but so is everything else which is choosing to ascend and align with the New Earth.

At this momentous time, listening to your inner guidance, is of the utmost importance, and to trust whatever is given. We are being guided through this whole process, and we are entering totally new territory, a new and much higher vibrational existence, and thus our inner guidance is providing the navigational tools, the insights, the visions we need now, more than ever before.

In the next few weeks, immense energetic changes and upgrades are upon us, and we will find that we need to keep go deeper within, and seek quietude, stillness, in order to allow morphing to continue on all levels, known and unknown, seen and unseen.

I am always told that we need to dissolve into No-thing-ness in order to be reborn.


The Key to this all, lie in our heart center, in the Power of Love, and in our own soul, as One with the Divine and All That Is!

**Judith Kusel


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