Mira from the Pleiadian High Council: Resurrection

Greetings I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I speak to you today with heartfelt love and gratitude. We are pointing to the way for the resurrection of all of life on the earth.

Indeed, you are in a rapid ascension process this has been accelerated because you have passed many of the tests and are now ready for your beautiful New World. We also know that many of you clamored to be on the earth at this time and it has taken its toll. You are weary and you deserve so much better. The old rules are no longer apply and you will be living by new rules and principles of higher consciousness that will heal your hearts and help you to live in joy and abundance.

Life in the light is uplifting. Living this way makes your heart sing and your body is soaring every minute you are on the earth in the new reality. It is as if your soul is effervescing in joy and bubbling up in new creation filled with surprises and magic. You will be communicating on many different levels internally and externally. The answers to everything will flow to you and you’ll be guided in the realms of truth, love, and light.

Needless to say you are releasing the old and the old is releasing itself from you. In all practical senses you no longer need the old. Your back up is always your faith in Source and your trust that all will be taken care of. In many ways life is going to become easier and more in a natural flow. You’ll be stronger and more powerful than you ever knew you could be. You will stand for the light, love and truth which will be unwavering. No one will dictate your lives in the New World. It will all flow from your heart because you will be living in the light.

You have made powerful advancements, and this is what is allowing you to become who you truly are. You should be proud of yourselves and all of the work that you’ve done to get you to this place right now. You are respected and loved. You have many followers from all the Light Realms, including the Galactic’s, the Angels and Archangels, the Masters and all of your spiritual family. Many are here now, and celebrations are already occurring. That should tell you something about how close it is.

We ask you to trust the process, know that the Creator is in charge and that everything is part of the Divine Plan. You are in for some surprises. It is all for the good of life on the planet and for all of creation.

I love you and send you magic, gifts and miracles,

I am Mira

**Channel: Valerie Donner


2 Replies to “Mira from the Pleiadian High Council: Resurrection”

  1. AzureLeaves

    “We ask you to trust the process, know that the Creator is in charge and that everything is part of the Divine Plan.”

    If I may add my personal realizations (take from these what you will; if it helps, feel free to adapt the paradigm, if not, leave it):

    -Don’t just “trust the process” solely and become laid-back; trust also your own intuition and “inner calling” on the things you should do because;

    -“all is part of the Divine Plan”, and any spiritually-inspired urges, “inner calling”, “inner-guidance”, and intuitive messages of “what you need to do”, are also messages from the Divine Source, and are also a part of such a Divine Plan; so try following them (if you don’t, it’s ok–it’s your personal choice), because everyone has their own ROLES to play in this whole scenario–everyone has a part; everyone must play that part.

    -Being complacent and laid-back while “trusting the process/plan”, and not doing anything on your end (e.g. working on one’s personal and spiritual development and growth, helping and guiding others who are close/important to you to become their greatest version as well), won’t do you any good while hoping for things to get better. You need to act as well, and try follow the suggestions of your inner guidance/intuition.

    -” know that the Creator is in charge”:
    Don’t just see the Prime Creator/Divine Source as an entity that exists outside of yourself, instead, also acknowledge that you are also one of its many Fractals, and that, at the very core of your existence, outside the confines of your temporary and perishable Meatsuit/Physical Body, is a Divine Being, directly connected to the Divine Source, as one of its “extensions”–this is your “I AM”-ness; your “Awareness of Being”; hence, technically “YOU” (your I AM-ness) is also “in-charge” along with your other Co-fractals of the Divine Source.

    The Divine Source is Omnipresent; both outside of your Meatsuits and both WITHIN your Meatsuits; which is YOU, your “I AM”/Awareness of Being; and any spiritually-inspired desires, urges, inner calling, inner guidance and such, can also be interpreted as the Will of the Divine Source; for it is you, and you are it; at the “very core” of your existence, thus:

    “All the world’s a stage”–William Shakespeare
    “…and God plays ALL the parts.”–Neville Goddard

    (Bunch of readers probably getting sick of me posting that quote over and over and I sincerely apologize, but I will continue to preach that either way, for those new and old folks who will see this message and perhaps cause new “doors” of realizations to open for them that can perhaps help them in their own Personal and Spiritual Development, as much as these paradigms helped me as well through the Realizations that came from these. I just wanna help.)


    To have better grasp at concepts and paradigms mentioned above, feel free to peruse:

    -“The Egg”; a short story by Andy Weir (also beautifully illustrated and narrated on “Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell” YouTube channel)

    -Teachings of Neville Goddard (r/NevilleGoddard at Reddit has a good Wiki Index to begin learning the concepts and techniques)