Lyra: We Hold Hands With You

I am Lyra, I am someone that loves you. I live very long way from your planet.

But the distance is not a problem, why?

Love is a very strong energy, it goes very far, it is unstoppable!

Do you believe in love?

Do you know in your heart that love will heal everything?

Can you fathom that love will set you free?

How strong is your faith in the fact that you are love, and that you do not have to find love, or chase love, you are it already, and you always have been.

But the thing is: You have forgotten about love, how miraculous love heals everything, including every illness, every sadness, every sorrow and every loss.

You are living under a dark cloud, that for now tries to increase your memoryloss, of love and its healing abilities.

Dark powers try to make you forget about love, over and over again. They seem to have a lot of energy? They are powered by negative energies that are very bad.

But I just want to make totally sure that whatever you go through in your life, know that there is always sunshine above the dark clouds, and over the chemtrails.

The sky is always blue and the sun is shining above your head, so please always trust in that love will awaken once again within you, because it is there, you just have to have FAITH in it, and trust it. Acknowledge it, make room for love, please!

The love resides within your heart, your body and spirit, just don´t let go of the faith in love, do not throw away your light, the forever important knowledge about the eternal ray of love, it is your legacy.

It is within you, not on the outside. You can close your eyes and just allow yourself to be, to exist for a little while each day, and have faith in yourself.

A picture says more than a thousands of words? Yes, so when you close your eyes for a moment, you ARE!

You do not see me, you can feel me, with your heart´s love.

We are Lyrans and we work only through the channel of pure love and we are right by your side!

We love you,


**Channel: Kerstin Eriksson