Anos of Arcturus: No One Is “Not Good Enough”

My beloved brothers and sisters,

I am glad and feel privileged that I am once again able to speak with you.

Today I would like to speak about something that confused me when I first learned about it.

It is the concept of “not being good enough.”

When I first learned about that concept, I thought: “What does ‘good’ even mean in this context?

Also, who here claims to be wise enough to judge either themselves or someone else as not being good enough? Source doesn’t think that anyone is not good enough. Who here claims to be wiser than Source?”

I have since learned what Earthlings mean by this concept, but it still does not make a lot of sense to me. From my perspective, everyone who is, is automatically good enough. I have observed millions of beings and not once has the thought “is this being good enough?” ever crossed my mind. The same goes for my Pleiadian brothers and sisters.

After all, you can think of this life as the movie that your soul is currently directing. Your soul is a bit like a film director, who has a large but not total influence over your life. If your conscious mind chooses not to go to Japan, then you won’t go there, no matter what your soul wants.

If your soul wanted you to be a virtuous and so-called faultless Pleiadian, then you would have been born into that culture. Instead, your soul wanted you to be born here, in this messy world. And yes, it’s understandable that you do not always act with love when the rest of the world doesn’t treat you with love either.

But that has nothing to do with being or not being good enough. All experiences are just lessons and divine fractals of the majestic glory of Source.

It is also strange to me that you judge yourselves based on one specific point in time. You have all been both murderers and loving altruistic people. Why would the immortal part of you, your soul, be “good enough” during a life where you happen to be loving but not good enough during a life where you happen to be a murderer? Or do you try to judge a particular movie, a single life, instead of someone’s soul? That would make even less sense to me. After all, souls who aren’t very old yet intentionally choose to experience a variety of lives.

I have been a murderer in past lives too. Would you say that I, Anos, am not good enough because in a distant past life I murdered someone? Probably not. Now suppose that you were alive during the life where I murdered someone. Would you then say that my soul is not good enough? Would it make sense to only look at my current life?

I understand that there’s an idea on Earth that if you tell people they are bad, they will behave better. But I do not agree. I think that if you tell someone they are bad, they will behave worse.

I do not judge you for thinking that you are not good enough. I understand that this is a message that your society drills into you. Yet I can wholeheartedly say to you: your good-hearted galactic brothers and sisters do not consider anyone to not be good enough. You are all loved and appreciated. At most we will disapprove of certain actions, but we never label people as bad.

You are very much loved and respected.

In unity,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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