KaRa of the Pleiades: The Gates of Heaven on Earth are Opening

I am KaRa. I come to be with you at this time, at these special times that you are in. For indeed, everything is changing rapidly.

Truths are coming forward from many different directions, from many d8ifferent sources. Light is coming in everywhere. Starseeds, Lightworkers, Light-Warriors, all of you are spreading this light, bringing the truth forward, bringing down the old paradigm of the third-dimensional illusion.

For as you know, as the vibrations continue to increase on the planet, the old vibrations of the third dimension must cease. That is what is happening now, causing great confusion, causing much tumultuousness across the planet as the end times continue to be revealed more and more, the end times of the old third dimension. Or, as Archangel Michael said recently, the game, the game is coming to an end. You certainly, all of you, are the catalyst to bringing the end to the old and for bringing on the new.

We, here in our ships, have been watching over you for quite some time now and preparing for those times that we indeed can be there with you in a physical nature. Those times approach more and more in what you call ‘disclosure.’

For even those ‘powers that be,’ soon to be the ‘powers that were.’ Even they know that those times are approaching. They will not be able to hold back our forces, our forces of light, our forces of love. For these are those special times that you have all been working for, all have been preparing for, preparing for your own personal ascension, yes. But also preparing for the collective ascension with man here on this planet.

For as there have been many wars across the galaxy and beyond this galaxy, Star Wars that you have heard about, seen and turned into a movie, all of that is real. It has been kept from this planet up until this point.

But the gates of heaven are opening now, gates of heaven on Earth are opening. Not to battle, not to wars, but to the Light streaming in from so many different sources. So that all of you will finally reach your destiny and be able to go about your mission as you are meant to. And I speak now of the final mission here on the Earth.

For as you know, after all of this comes to an end, and you begin the new beginning, you will have the choices to proceed as you will from there on. Whether it is to remain here in this beautiful new Garden of Eden, you on this planet, oi to find yourselves on your way back home to your long ago lost family. Whatever it might be that you chose. That will be up to you, and no one else. For no one holds power over you unless you give them that power. All of you know now that the power within you is greater than all of the power as it is endless. Rather, it is equal to all the power within the universe. For you hold that power. You hold that Source power within you. It is being released for you more and more now. You are coming closer and closer to remembering who you are, why you were here, what this is all about, and how you, yourselves can continue to spread the light, spread the love to all areas of the planet, and bring this entire saga through to the end.

I am KaRa. And I leave you now in peace and love. And soon, very soon, we will find ourselves together once again. Many of you will realize your connection with myself, many of my brothers and sisters, our brothers and sisters of the many different civilizations that are here to assist at this time.

**Channel: James McConnell

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